– the world’s largest video hosting. The project was founded in 2005 in California by former employees of PayPal. They used flv technology, which allowed to get a good quality of video recordings at small volumes. The first video was posted on April 23, 2005. In November 2006, Youtube was bought by Google for 1.65 billion dollars. For their few, but turbulent in terms of development years, the site has grown a lot of rumors and myths, which we try to debunk in this article.


The main content of Youtube is primarily a small-format video.

In fact, Youtube cooperates with thousands of partners, placing premium video content. On this service place their full-length video of such corporations as Universal Music, Disney, Sony. To view the users are available hundreds of films, thousands of hours of television series in “native” resolution.

Video on Youtube is very “granular” and generally poor quality.

Back in 2008, Youtube launched the high-definition movie viewer (HD video) function. Today, the amount of such material is greater than anywhere else. Monthly the site is updated with hundreds of thousands of files in this resolution. The total number of views of this video daily exceeds three million. CNET WebWare recognized YouTube as the best service offering HD video on the Internet.

The growth in popularity of Youtube entails a drop in profits, as the costs of maintenance of equipment increase.

Many experts like to evaluate the work of the project, its revenues, without knowing anything about it. Figures of annual incomes vary from 120 to 500 million dollars a year. Estimating costs has an even greater range. Company PR specialists say that analyzing the financial side of Youtube’s work from the point of view of ordinary business, its methods of models, is inexpedient. This video service is in a position where the growth of popularity and traffic to the server goes to him only in plus.

Advertisers prefer not to mess with Youtube.

Of the companies that make up the TOP-100 advertisers according to the version of AdAge, more than 70% place their ads on Youtube. Popular places on the service home page, placement of video advertising, the use of overlay programs, etc. These companies, with the help of various competitions, are encouraged by users to download video clips of certain brands. Advertisers act as advertising partners for popular users. Programmers Youtube constantly improve the control of partners over their programs. Systematically assessing the effectiveness of applications, as well as the targeting system.

On Youtube, no more than 5% of content is monetized.

The amount of monetization in 3-5% is constantly mentioned by marketers. However, it is already obsolete and does not reflect the true state of affairs. PR practitioners Youtube believe that it is much more important not for interest, but for the number of monetized views that has increased three-fold in a year.

You can not download a video from Youtube.

There are many ways to download videos from this portal. There are a number of sites on which, by entering a link to video content, you can get the desired video (for example, In addition, there are many programs that allow this procedure (Firefox plug-ins or, for example, YouTubeGrabber). Do not forget that often browsers store scanned content in their own folder (cache), so you can find the file there.

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