Wrinkle Cream

Advertising literally bombs us from all sides with slogans – “A young man with our cream for 10 years!”, “You can get rid of wrinkles easily with the help of a cream …”. It’s no wonder that women spend time and money on acquiring such funds, trying on themselves all the novelties of cosmetology, in the hope that they will be lucky, and this new remedy will make a miracle, restore youth.

You can not refuse to advertisers in ingenuity, they perfectly know who to sell the goods to, who fears and trusts something. Advertising suggests that Cindy Crawford – a neighbor, who helped this cream.

If a person is spoken in a white robe, then he is subconsciously immediately perceived as an authoritative doctor, he wants to believe, although the mind stubbornly insists that it is an actor. What is really hiding behind beautiful words? Are the magic creams really acting or are they another myth?

Botox cream.

The word Botox sounds magically, it seems to women that using this well-known and effective remedy will certainly help them. Botox can indeed visually reduce wrinkles, but only when it is used in the form of injections. After all, its secret is that it paralyzes small facial muscles, which cease to contract, wrinkles are smoothed. The cream can not penetrate directly into the muscles of the face, so the use of Botox in such a means does not make any sense, except marketing.

Cream based on black caviar extract and algae.

Dermatologists recognize that both seaweed and caviar perfectly moisturize the skin, but there is no evidence of their effect on the depth of wrinkles. The price for using such drugs does not justify the effect from them. If you felt from the use of such creams that the skin began to smoothen, then you know, this effect was due to the fact that the cover received the necessary moisture. This effect can be successfully obtained from a cheaper facility.

Cream with vitamin C.

This vitamin is a very good antioxidant, it favors the production of collagen in the skin. However, to obtain this effect, it is necessary to use vitamin C in the form of vitamins directly, and not creams. Science contrary to advertising claims that there is no evidence of a reduction in the number of wrinkles due to the use of this vitamin in creams. It will be useful to learn that in most cases, vitamin C, which is contained in anti-aging creams, does not penetrate the skin at all. This situation is correlated to other vitamins.

Cream based on natural ingredients.

The aspiration of women to everything true, natural and natural is successfully used by marketers and manufacturers. Cream with marks “organic”, “from natural extracts” are dispersed in the first place. And to consider that natural ingredients will certainly help better than synthetic ones will be a mistake. Often it is the synthetic remedies that help you better, with more power.

Cream with collagen and elastin.

The use of incomprehensible but credible drugs in creams is another trick of manufacturers. In this case, the bitter truth is that rubbing collagen into the skin is absolutely meaningless, since its molecules are too large to penetrate the top layer of the skin. So from the medical point of view, collagen basically can not improve the skin, but it can do much harm. After all, collagen, unable to penetrate deep into the lungs, simply clogs the pores, and this is fraught with well-known consequences. But getting rid of wrinkles with the help of collagen injection is quite possible.

Cream with alpha hydro-acids (ANA).

Actually, these acids not only do not rejuvenate the skin, but on the contrary, accelerate the process of its aging. The principle of the action of ANA is that to remove the top layer of the skin, exposing the young fresh layers.The skin in this case will really look like some time freshened and young, but only now it will become very vulnerable to ultraviolet and other external influences.

Cream with 2-dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE).

After the application of such cream on the skin, the cells will begin to increase, expanding the inner cavities, wrinkles will actually be smoothed out, but the effect of this cream does not last forever. The slowing of growth will begin in a few hours, the rate of division of skin cells decreases. An unpleasant moment is that some of the cells will die from such an impact. For a short-lived effect you have to pay a serious price.

Cream based on the placenta.

The anti-aging effect of the placenta has been known for a long time, the results of the experiments even gave an answer about the reasons for this effect. The secret is that steroid hormones, penetrating the skin, rejuvenate it. But, importantly, it turned out that the placenta has many side effects. The main thing, perhaps, is the change in her hormonal background of a person. Scientists have tried to remove hormones from the placenta, but in fact they also rejuvenate the skin. Today, most means of this kind do not have a placenta at all. After all, using the human placenta for creams is forbidden, as is its receipt in general. If mention is made of the use of the placenta of animals, then the following options are possible:
1) This placenta is really real, but it contains hormones, which will lead to a mass of side complications and effects;
2) The placenta does not contain hormones and benefits, as, however, harm from it will not be;
3) This drug does not contain the placenta at all, its composition is unknown, and the use of such cream will not do any good at best.

Cream with hyaluronic acid.

This acid is a part of human skin, responsible for its elasticity, it is not surprising that cosmetologists decided to use it as a component of external means. In fact, in order for this substance to act, it must be in a low molecular weight form, which is very rare. Otherwise, its action is comparable to the action of collagen, that is, the effect is even reversed. To the effect of hyaluronic acid, it is necessary to inject it under the skin.

Cream with liposomes.

And the effect of this cream is also a myth, despite the frequent mention of means of advertising. The fact is that for a long time there was a theory that, according to the aging of cells, their membrane thickens, but liposomes can merge with cells, restoring them, adding to them the necessary moisture. However, it later became clear that this theory remained a guess, not confirmed by the facts – young and old cells have the same membrane thickness, so that the use of liposomes does not give anything.

Royal jelly.

This myth appeared relatively recently, at its base lies, again, the desire of women to believe that they use only natural cosmetics. However, royal jelly is another myth, because this product of the life of bees, according to scientists, does not have any magic and healing properties.

Cream with albumin content.

This substance is a part of many anti-aging agents, many even notice that after using them, the skin seems to look better. But does albumin really help? It turns out that he does not get rid of wrinkles, but only creates on the skin a special film that hides wrinkles.

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