Wooden houses

Wooden houses

, or log houses, today become very popular, enthralling potential owners. But in addition to good reviews, there is also a certain amount of rumors that simply pose confusion to specialists who are directly involved in the construction. I must say that such myths can present an unpleasant surprise to the landlord or hurt the wallet. So let’s try to separate the truth from fiction.

Wooden houses

For the construction of a private house it’s hard to get land.

The days when the land could not be obtained into private ownership have already passed. Especially in the market there are many firms that provide services for the registration of land, it remains only to choose a reliable intermediary. By the way, in some cities there are state programs for allocating land for private construction, for this it is often enough to provide a certificate from the BTI that a person does not have his living space.

Wooden houses are much cheaper than houses of other types.

It is this popular misconception that pushes many to build a house out of wood. Probably this belief arose even from when the house was a small one-story building with three or four windows. But today some people want and have the opportunity to build residences in 500-600 m2. If you want to know the real cost of construction, it is better to visit the office of a well-known and proven construction company. Ask to calculate the cost of the chosen house, just do not forget to clarify your requirements – plating with natural wood, using quality varnishes or stains, natural railings, spans and floors … Many want to have a veranda and a fireplace. In fact, even an ordinary wooden house already has what looks like a luxury in brick. All wooden components made of natural wood are not cheap. Of course, you can take into account many factors – how the tree is treated and dried, where it comes from, how much the project costs, how much the quality finish. So it turns out that the quality log cabin is not cheap at all. Therefore, it is better to weigh the pros and cons and to calculate in advance – whether the financial situation will allow you to build exactly what you want.

The construction of wooden houses is very difficult.

If a rounded tree is used in construction, the construction of a house can become much more simple than using other materials. Today, many manufacturers perform shaft calibrations using modern equipment, logs are of ideal size and shape. On the logs, even cuts and grooves are cut out below and above for better connection with each other. Therefore, the assembly is carried out quickly and simply, that any qualified carpenter or builder can do. But the use of brickwork is much more difficult, especially near the openings – door and window. In the case of a wooden house, you can bring round logs already cut in length, taking into account the windows and doors – it will only be necessary to assemble them in the right order. Naturally, the structure of the roof is much more complicated, but it is also applicable for brick houses. At this stage in both cases can not do without the help of cranes. When building a log house, it is enough to use the manufacturer’s instructions, as there are various different ways of making wooden houses – this will avoid the effect of this myth.

It is very difficult to insure houses made of wood.

The first thing that comes to mind is how well and quickly the tree burns, and hence the insurers will treat this house with caution. The reality is a bit different. Firstly, the log buildings are often placed not in the city, but in a remote picturesque place away from the bustle. This situation increases insurance premiums, but in a similar condition are the owners of other buildings. Insurers do not usually single out the log buildings in a special group. Secondly, thanks to the use of solid logs, log houses very well resist ignition.In frame houses cavities inside the outer walls are hoods, strengthening fire, and in wooden houses logs are only charred. To cause serious damage to the frame, a very strong fire must develop.

In order to heat wooden houses, more energy is needed.

Studies have shown that log houses are superior to energy saving conventional brick houses, as logs have their own thermal mass. During the day, the logs are heated by the sun, giving this energy at night, leveling the house temperature fluctuations and helping the work of heating systems. To some extent, it can be called a frame, to some extent, a passive solar house. Of course, one should not expect from any frame without a project of sharp energy saving. If you decide to take advantage of natural opportunities, then you need to use the same principles that exist for solar homes. Today, construction companies offer interesting options for insulation of log buildings. Between the sawn half of logs is placed a heater. Outwardly, such a house does not stand out from those who are built on a solid log. Nobody interferes with finishing the log cabin inside any materials. Thus, in the winter in a wooden house you will not freeze, and you do not need to apply for this titanic effort.

For a wooden house, a more solid foundation is needed.

Many people, observing massive logs, believe that the foundation will require much more durable. In fact, on the basis of the wooden houses are practically compatible with other modern solutions. Typically, the log houses are recommended to be placed on tape monolithic lightweight foundations. For brick houses, a buried foundation is usually used, which lies below the depth of freezing, but for log houses there is enough shallow debris.

Wooden houses are susceptible to insect attacks.

And again it seems that the tree will be just a trough for insects, many of which feed on them. First of all, it is worth noting that regular inspection of the house will help to avoid damage from pests. Also, the advantage over skeleton structures in the log cabins is the absence of cavities in the walls, in which pests can settle. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that there are several kinds of harmful insects for log cabins, but the application immediately after the construction and during the operation of antiseptics and insecticides stops pests. For better preservation of the house, follow the recommendations of the contractor for the treatment of home surfaces.

You do not need to watch the wooden house at all.

So they thought for a long time, at the dawn of the wooden house-building. But today there is another point of view – the log house needs constant care. Otherwise, the house will soon resemble an abandoned barn, because the tree is an organic material. Let the requirements and low, but they must be carefully observed. First of all, even during the design, you should take into account that the lower logs are located high enough from the ground, and the roof projection should be larger than that of other types of houses. In this case it is formed like an umbrella, which will protect the wall from direct rays of the sun and precipitation. If the house is wooden, it is better to design the foundation so that it protrudes from the ground at least 40 cm – this will protect the logs from splashing rain.

Wooden houses have to be built for a long time.

Simplicity of construction leads to the fact that the construction of a log house will take no more time than a frame house and much faster than a brick house. A lot of time will be taken only by the roof, and the remaining steps are simplified and accelerated. If the construction of a frame house requires five steps to build a wall – the assembly of the frame, its casing, thermal insulation, siding and finishing, then for the log cabin this step is one. With a brick house does not compare at all.

The wooden house will look wretched.

There is an opinion that the frame can not be trimmed.In fact, wooden houses are absolutely compatible with any finishing materials – plasterboard, arches, ceiling skirting. On the walls you can paste wallpaper, paint them or apply an interesting plaster. So a homely outside house may well look comfortable from the inside.

Wooden house can not be high.

In this issue everything depends on the professionalism of the builder. The tree does not impose restrictions on the height of the house. A striking example can be considered a record case, when a man built himself a wooden house with a height of 13 floors.

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