In the life of any couple in love, the most important thing is a wedding. After all, from this moment you can be with each other always, without fear of condemnation of violation of morality. And mutual obligations strengthen the union. For many girls, the wedding becomes the most beautiful day in her life.

White dress, a sea of ​​flowers, congratulations and smiles. I would like to prepare for this unforgettable event. But the wedding requires attention to a lot of details. How to make everything better? In this case, it is important not to succumb to the numerous myths and misconceptions that go around this solemn event – the wedding. The bride must be in white dress.


In today’s world, prejudices no longer play such a role as before. Therefore, if a white dress and a long veil to the floor does not make the heart tremble, as it was in childhood, then one should not obey stereotypes. Today, the fashionable bride chooses the type of outfit and the color in which she can feel more comfortable. When choosing a wedding dress, there is no need to dwell on white. Today fashion designers offer a large number of actual elegant outfits for this solemn event. The bride can also experiment, trying on outfits of different colors and picking up the one that is like. And the veil and diadem can be replaced with hairpins with feathers, beads and pearls. Fresh and artificial flowers can be useful. Elegance of white color, no one denies, but with this can compete and tender pink or cream color. Excellent on the bride will also look dresses dusty gray, soft yellow or lavender. And the tradition of white dress for the bride appeared only in the XIX century. It was this color that Queen Victoria chose when she married Prince Albert.

It is better not to invite wedding experts, this task will be better than friends.

Often guests come to the wedding with photos and take a lot of pictures. However, do not think that their work can be better than that of a real wedding photographer. Yes, and an expert friend in fashion, and a cheerful toastmaster does not replace professionals. For example, an experienced wedding photographer can combine in wedding photos and staging, and live reporting. This person knows what important moments of the wedding should be emphasized, he will be ready to take a picture at this moment. And with friends there is always a risk that they will miss something important, picking up at that moment a toast, going to smoke or simply choosing an unsuccessful camera angle. The photographer also honed his skills at numerous similar events. Similarly, we can say about stylists, musicians, florists and toastmasters. Each of them knows his work and its possible nuances at this celebration. An inexperienced specialist in the event of a freelance situation may simply become confused. If you want to save money so much, it’s better to find a cheaper option than to ask for help from friends who never served weddings. In the end, guests at the wedding want and should rest, and not work for the sake of the newlyweds, who regretted the money for professionals.

If you were invited to a wedding, then you should call these people to yours.

To think in this way is artificially driving yourself into a trap. Only a couple of newlyweds should decide who they want to see next to each other on this special day. It is necessary to invite only the closest people who will sincerely rejoice at the event and give a smile. You can not be guided by a sense of duty and invite someone just because you were invited. If there are financial reasons to limit the circle of guests, it is worth explaining in advance to those acquaintances who have not been invited, their decision. Real friends will understand this choice, there should be no offense here. It is necessary to tell, that the finance allows to organize only wedding in a close circle of the most close and native.

Use of agency services or wedding planners is an unnecessary and expensive activity.

This myth can be very harmful, because a third-party wedding planner can save a significant portion of the budget allocated to this event. We can assume that a woman does not get married enough to know all the possibilities to save on such an event without losing quality. But the specialist in this area already works closely with car rental companies, with florists, musicians, restaurants. Long cooperation makes it possible to obtain significant discounts, which the individual client can not achieve. This is a very attractive option. In addition, you can ask the organizers to monitor the budget, clearly controlling the costs and not exceeding the fixed bar. If the funds do not allow you to hire an assistant for the entire period of preparation for the wedding, then it is worthwhile to hire a wedding coordinator at least on the day of the celebration. This will help the couple on a special day not to deal with organizational problems, but to enjoy the wedding itself.

You can save a lot if most of the wedding work is done by yourself.

Many couples decide, for example, not to buy elegant invitations, but to make them themselves. But the mistake will be thinking that making your own hands a guest book, bouquets, boutonniere will be cheaper. The same invitations with their decoration, satin ribbons and beads will require a lot of time to make. It will be beneficial if all the material and tools are already available. But the purchase of all in parts can be an expensive pleasure, only one quality paper for invitations is worth. The desire to make wedding props with their own hands can significantly increase the budget of the whole event. And how long this will take! It is necessary not only to do something, but also to learn how to do it! Probably, it is still easier or to find someone who will take on these troubles, or even buy ready-made options. After all, there are people who buy the same paper in industrial quantities, and the manufacture of invitations is the main job. If you want to make something for the wedding yourself, it’s better to choose only one or two elements. Thus, and the desire for creativity will be realized, and time is saved.


Both sides should be equally divided.

Is it normal that one side invites brothers and sisters with their families to comply with such an unwritten rule, and the other – a distant uncle from a provincial backwater that has not been seen for many years. At the wedding, one should not think about the number of guests and their belonging to one of the parties, but about the spiritual closeness of these people. After all, I want so much that on that day there were really loving newlyweds around, and it was not by chance that distant relatives turned out to be there.

It’s better to roll up a loud wedding, even if you take money in debt.

There are quite a few means of wedding saving. Starting a family life with debts is not the best solution for a young family. In this case it is important to prioritize. If the main thing for the bride – her chic dress and a brilliant photo shoot, you can give up an expensive limousine and reduce the number of guests. If the goal is to amaze everyone with a banquet and decorating a table, then it’s worth choosing a simpler outfit. It is necessary to make a list of what is most important, and then look for ways to save in other articles.

Guests must buy a gift for the same amount as the cost of their participation in the banquet.

According to this myth, young people should divide the amount they spent on the number of guests, expecting an appropriate gift from them. It is believed that the wedding should “pay off”. But today, wedding organizers consider this approach obsolete. Guests can afford and should spend as much as they see fit. Not everyone can afford expensive gifts, this should not stop a loved one from getting to the celebration.

The most successful month for the wedding is June.

This is confirmed by astrological forecasts, but if you pay close attention to them, they guarantee a happy marriage in other months. But the huge popularity of June for the date of marriage led to the fact that the cost of organizing a wedding in this month is noticeably growing. Maybe it’s worth picking another warm month – July or August, and in September is usually not cold. The most unfortunate month for the wedding is May. They say that those who marry in May, then have to constantly “toil.” Do not be so bad about this beautiful spring month. In his favor, the fact that in May it is already warm, but still not as hot as in summer, speaks. The same weather is in the fall, but the probability of rain is much higher. And about the winter and not to say – this time is the most unsuccessful for the wedding. Just imagine a wedding photo session in a snow-covered park, the bride in thin shoes on the ice. Such an event can turn into a bouquet of diseases, and not a joy from a joint union.

Until the entrance to the altar, the groom should not see the bride.

Experts believe that this is a common superstition that is not backed by anything. There is nothing wrong with young people looking at each other before the ceremony begins. They will be able to see the beauty of their outfits, get rid of stress. This will make the ceremony even more harmonious and beautiful.

The bride and groom must spend the last night before the wedding separately.

This myth should be thought up by out-of-town friends of the groom who want to spend the last evening before the wedding in a men’s company and remember the old days. It is necessary to remember newlyweds that in building their future life together and relationships everything depends on them. Therefore, do not obey external circumstances and beliefs.

For guests should make a gift – a photo frame with a portrait of the young.

It seems that this myth was invented by the sellers of the photo frames themselves. Wishing to make your guests pleasant, you can significantly diversify the set of gifts. It can be chocolates, beautifully packed cupcakes and various designer original items.

Only women dream of a wedding.

This is usually the case. After all, the view is accepted that men are impermanent and marriage is a way to keep it in a relationship. But in life there are also reverse situations – a man feels the shakiness of his situation. Then the wedding and the appearance of children then can become a tool for preserving the family.

Weddings after several years of civil marriage does not make sense, the family will quickly fall apart.

Unfortunately, statistics say this. Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that cohabitation before marriage helps to avoid many mistakes, including the wedding itself. In this case, do not delay civil marriage, because then the desire to organize a wedding in general can be lost.

Weddings must be with guests and banquet.

This view belongs usually to women, for whom and the wedding without a celebration is not a wedding. After all, everyone wants at least one day to be a real queen. But men are much more pragmatic. They believe that the money that will be spent on the celebration, you can put in the business or go on them on a honeymoon.


The first wedding night should be passionate.

It used to be that it was on this night that young people could enter into intimacy with each other for the first time. Today the situation has changed. A stormy triumph leads to the fact that at the end of the evening the newlyweds barely reach their lodge of love. The most persistent can only have time to unpack gifts and count the donated money. And it’s better to make love in the morning, after a quality rest.

Separated from each other newlyweds can not be photographed, they have to be with each other all day.

It is said that no one can even become between newlyweds otherwise such a marriage will fall apart.In fact, for a warmer and friendly atmosphere at the wedding, the bride and groom must closely interact with the guests. Do not sit still at the tables like a wedding props. After all, at the wedding, you can meet and relatives, friends who have not seen for a long time. How with them not to communicate? And in the photo album will be appropriate photos, where the photographs are made impromptu, without a classical setting. The bride can be next to her parents or a generous uncle. The groom will look great in the company of young and beautiful friends.

During registration, it is not possible for the ring to fall.

This prejudice is one of the most common at a wedding. We must calmly approach this issue and understand that the ring can fall out of the hands simply because of excitement. After all, a lot of people are looking at a person at this moment, flashes flash. This situation is quite unusual for anyone. After that, do not be surprised that the stress caused by even positive emotions, can cause a trembling of the hands? Fallout of the ring in this situation is not the worst thing that can happen.

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