– short immersion in ice water or swimming in it for short distances, this occupation is a kind of winter swimming. During the walrus, the body quickly loses a lot of heat.


This activity is popular, as it allows to strengthen immunity, improve blood circulation and thermoregulation of the body. Walruses are often looked upon as eccentrics, and winter swimming is generally accompanied by a large number of myths.

It is interesting that many myths are generally mutually exclusive. Consider the main legends about this unusual, but useful lesson.

Walruses never catch cold.

This is not true, walruses are also susceptible to colds, although they are much less common than ordinary people.

Walrus helps to develop the muscles and improve the figure.

Walruses do not necessarily have to be pumped up and tightened. After all, this activity improves the work of many body systems, but it does not influence the amount of muscle mass. To increase it, you must, together with the walrus, engage in motor or power exercises.

необходимо Before and after the walrus drinking strong spirits.

This rule does not apply to real walruses, which are not drunk before the walrus, as this leads to a violation of the natural thermoregulation of the body, which leads to negative consequences. Some people immediately after dipping into icy water use “for warming up” strong drinks, but this has nothing to do with true warming, it’s their own business. By the way, it is extremely not recommended to drink cold drinks at all, because it will cool the airways even more.

When swimming, you must dive into the water with your head.

Or, on the contrary, another myth says that in no case should you dive into the water with your head. If you have just started to practice walrus, it is still not advisable to douse your head in water. But the experienced walruses, in accordance with the degree of their hardening, can already completely dive.


Before entering the ice water, you have to steam in a hot bath.

Or the other extreme – before entering the water you have to undress and cool a little. It is recommended before the beginning of winter swimming to make a charge, even a small one, which will warm you, run, and poprised. You do not have to take a hot bath. But specially to cool before swimming in the hole is strictly not recommended!

Winter swimming is permissible only in places where next to the ice-hole there is a warm room so that you can change clothes or bath.

If the frost is not strong, and the wind is weak, then it is quite possible to change clothes in the open air. A warm room next to the ice-hole is needed for winter swimming in severe frosts.

In Siberia it is impossible to engage in walrus, as there are severe frosts.

In Siberia, the possibilities of winter swimming are more difficult than in the center of the country, since it is difficult to maintain an ice hole in the open state. However, for experienced walruses this is not an obstacle – the experience of walruses of the Urals, Altai and Krasnoyarsk testifies.

Before beginning the exercises, one has to prepare the body – to pass a course of hardening, taking a cold shower.

It turns out that the action of a cold shower can be even stronger than ice water. This happens because the person is motionless under the shower, the internal heating does not occur. Just the body does not have time to heat the cold water around itself, as it immediately leaves, giving way to another portion. Thus cooling is more intense. Therefore, do not go through any special training, swimming in the ice hole can be started immediately, first limiting the time spent in the water, and for the first experiments choosing the weather with thaw and a gentle wind.

Do not have contraindications.

There are a number of diseases, the owners of which are not recommended to dip into a cold hole.This primarily applies to diseases of the cardiovascular system, broncho-pulmonary diseases, thyroid gland diseases, genitourinary system. Doctors say that even for healthy people, walrus can become dangerous due to spasm of blood vessels, the appearance of seizures, excessive heat loss to the body. Walrification can cause excitement, which muffles reasonable care. Therefore, if you experience discomfort and discomfort, it is better to suspend the sessions and consult a doctor.


Real walrus – this is swimming in the ice hole in the winter.

Due to the cold impact, water with a temperature of 4-8 ° C is analogous to ice water, so it can be drilled from fall to spring inclusive, even in regions where there are no freezing ponds at all – for example, the Black Sea, the south of the Baltic Sea , The North Sea and so on. And if nearby there are reservoirs with cold spring water, then winter swimming is possible even in the summer!

In a hole, water is always at a temperature above zero, usually it is + 4 ° C.

Indeed, water has the highest density at 4 ° C. In frozen water bodies, such water, relatively warm, sinks to the bottom, and on the surface there are layers colder, with a temperature of about 0 ° C. This is where the walruses are plunged. During the preparation of the hole, the layers can be mixed, which can increase the temperature on the surface layer by 1-2 ° C. But the sea water can be cooled to -2 ° C.

Walrification is a native Russian occupation, there is no such abroad.

Walrus clubs are scattered all over the world, they are in Belgium and Finland, Canada, the US and China.

Walruses are spontaneous and unorganized people.

This is not true, in Russia, for example, there is a whole Federation of tempering and sports swimming, which popularizes this lesson, unites people. On numerous sites on walrus you can get to know experienced people and get valuable advice.

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