Many of us have mistaken stereotypes that prevent us from living. When our misconceptions concern children, they interfere with living children. Let’s try to get rid of at least some of the delusions of adults associated with children’s walks.

Of course, for a while the kid will be happy to ride on the swing, but do not expect that for very long. Sooner or later (depending on his temperament), he will try to sneak off the site in search of more interesting places. And the interests of a small researcher may seem strange to an adult at least. Although, if you recall your own childhood … For sure you were fascinated by giraffes and cranes; worms creeping out onto the path; small wickets in high fences and, of course, puddles!

A child can not get into a puddle.

The cognitive needs of the baby are so great that they simply have to get into it. Otherwise, how does he know that it is made of water, the water is wet and splashes when it strikes? And also that the stone is sinking, but there is no stick? Coping with stress is easy for mom: it is only worthwhile to wear rubber boots for a walk after the rain. Yes, and keep an eye on that there are no passers-by near the moment the child begins to explore the splashing abilities of the puddle.

A child may not pick up garbage.

This is garbage for you, and for your baby – treasures. Instead of constantly tugging at the child and hitting the hands, select items that are dangerous, which are strictly prohibited. If the list is not large, you can agree, explaining the crumbs, what exactly is the danger of a broken bottle or syringe. Be sure to take with you for a walk wet wipes, you can antiseptic. Well, and if the easy ways are not for you, try to find in our city a site on which there is no garbage.

The child can come from the street clean.

Can not! This will have to accept. Stock up with stain remedies and assimilate what to wear for a walk the most elegant and expensive of the suits is not worth it. If the road from the park to the house requires a decent view or you are going to visit after a walk, just grab a spare T-shirt with you. And although on the green-brown camouflage jeans are not so visible spots from the grass, I advise nevertheless to put on the child things more brightly, so that it was easier to snatch a glance from bushes or a crowd of other children.

The child is always cold.

In fact, the metabolism in children is several times more intense than in adults. Consequently, in a unit of time a child generates more heat than an adult. Conclusion: where the adult is cool – the child is normal. Where the adult is normal – the child is warm. Where the adult is warm – the child is hot. In addition, you sit on a bench, and the child rushes without a break. It’s hard for him to freeze, it’s another thing to sweat and catch a cold because of this.

The child should be dressed as warmly as possible.

Observations show that children who are heavily reined in are more likely to get sick. And experts point out that it is dangerous to dress children warmly too warm already. The fact is that the movements themselves warm the body and there is no need to put on the child “one hundred clothes.” If the baby still wear this way, then in his body the heat exchange is broken and as a result he overheats. And then it is enough even an easy draft to make the child catch a cold. When a child moves a lot, then his natural desire is to bared and expose himself to the moving air. Seeing this, parents most often shout: “Zstegnis, you catch a cold!” (Not only is this incomprehensible to children, so parents also “give an orientation to the disease”). Is it not better, instead, to dress the child according to the weather and his motor activity?

The clothing should fit snugly against the body to keep warm.

Quite the opposite. The most reliable means of protection against cold is air, and in order to best protect yourself from low temperatures, you need to create an air layer around the body.Very good for this warm, not very spacious clothes.

If the baby is cold, he will definitely let it know.

Experts say that usually a child of up to 2-3 years can not say: “I’m cold,” he does not know how to pound his teeth and tremble. This is explained by the fact that the fat layer under the skin is still very small and the thermoregulation system has not been fully formed. Therefore, the only reaction of a severely frozen baby will be a sharp pallor and an irresistible desire to sleep. This should be paid attention to parents and not be touched when the child falls asleep in the sled in the cold. In such a picture there is nothing good. After all, the child lies without movement in cold weather.

You do not need to take a cold baby.

This is only true if the baby has fever. In all other cases, walks are necessary. In the fresh air, even the runny nose retreats, clears and starts to breathe a nose. Not an excuse for not taking walks and in frost. It is important only to ensure that the child does not breathe through his mouth, so that it does not blow through the wind and he does not sweat.

In winter, one hour is enough for a walk.

Children need to be in the air at any time of the year, including in the weather, which is called “bad” (“bad weather” is also a kind of myth, “nature does not have bad weather, every weather has grace,” as you know) . Many parents think that in the winter you can walk for an hour and this is quite enough. And if you walk more, it can hurt the baby. However, according to experts, there are no strict rules on this matter. Very much depends on the temperament of the child and the weather, in particular the air temperature.
Naturally, for a baby who is only a few days old, the time for walks should be limited (especially in severe frosts: below minus 10 degrees.) But with a child who has already turned a month, you can safely walk for longer – several hours. , that the maximum permissible temperature for walking with a toddler of the first year of life is minus 15 degrees, and high humidity and wind are considered to be dangerous “companions” of cold air.The specialists note and the fact that children carry the cold much better if before a walk he will eat well. The best food in this case, one that is rich in carbohydrates and fats.

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