(from Latin vita – life) is a group of organic compounds of various chemical nature necessary for human, animal and other organisms to be fed in insignificant quantities in comparison with the basic nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and salts), but having great importance for normal metabolism and vital activity.
We remember the fact that vitamins are necessary, in the spring. When there is a lack of them in the form of fatigue, apathy, irritability. With these drugs, many misconceptions are associated, which, in the final analysis, reduce the effectiveness of vitamin therapy to naught.


You can not independently determine the lack of vitamins in the body.

Insufficient vitamins and minerals are fairly easy to determine if you:
feel drowsy, exhausted, irritable, diminished attention and memory; they often catch cold; Eyes are quickly tired, the acuity of evening vision decreases; the skin became dry, scaly; annoying acne, barley, boils; lips cracked, fingernails cracked, hair faded, broke off and fell hard; slowly heal wounds on the skin; notice “baldness” of a part of the tongue, bleeding gums when brushing teeth with a soft brush; you find bruises on the body after an ordinary trip in public transport.

Vitamin C can be obtained only from citrus fruits.

Indeed, they have a large amount of this vitamin. But not everyone can eat oranges and lemons, if only because they are often allergic. For us, the main source of vitamin C is potatoes. However, it is much less in this vegetable than in oranges. But we are gaining a daily dose due to the fact that we eat potatoes often, in plenty and in different kinds.

Vitamin C protects against influenza.

Proven antiviral activity does not have ascorbic acid. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that people with vitamin C deficiency are more likely to get influenza. The administration of elevated (but not repeatedly) doses of ascorbic acid during the period of the disease or after recovery is a universally recognized measure.

Vitamins should be taken only by children and the elderly.

Of course children, elderly people, and pregnant women have the greatest need for vitamins. But taking multivitamin complexes is necessary for all categories of the population. It must be remembered that constant stress, medication, poor nutrition, poor environmental conditions, the impact of harmful environmental factors today greatly exacerbates the vitamin hunger of any person.

Breastmilk has all the vitamins.

Mother’s milk, despite its uniqueness and the highest biological and nutritional value, is deficient in a number of vitamins, including vitamin D. Similarly, with some mineral substances (macro- and microelements).

To consume vitamins is not always necessary, because the body can store them.

Vitamins are not enzymes and are not practically synthesized in the human body, we can only get them from the outside with food. And many of the vitamins do not even have the ability to be deposited and stored in the body. It is for this reason that a regular regular intake of multivitamin complexes is required to maintain human health. Also, do not take vitamins in doses that exceed recommended – something that the body does not understand, he will not be able to store it anyway.

If you follow a diet correctly, you do not have to take vitamin complexes.

During the last 50 years, the products have reduced the content of vitamins in all foods by 2 or even 3 times. And even with the most balanced diet, the vitamin deficiency is 20-30%. In addition, the modern person because of the sedentary lifestyle significantly reduced energy costs, respectively, it is required to reduce the daily intake of food in order to avoid the appearance of excess weight.And when we reduce the daily intake of food, we naturally get a lack of vitamins. It should also be remembered that during cooking foodstuffs lose from 25 to 100% of the vitamins contained in them, and only 10-20% of vitamins are absorbed from food.


From fruits and vegetables, you can get all the necessary vitamins.

Unfortunately, in our time, with fruits and vegetables, it’s really possible to get only vitamin C, folic acid and carotene, and even then, using quite a lot of different vegetables and fruits. This is due to the active use of fertilizers in agriculture. Often, producers use mineral fertilizers that increase the yield of the product and reduce the period of ripening, not always caring about their effect on the content of nutrients in the crop. For example, today in apple juice of vitamin C contains only 2 mg per 100 g. That is, to satisfy the daily norm of vitamin C it is necessary to drink 15 glasses of juice a day. The content of vitamins in fruit vegetables is influenced by how, how long the product is stored, in what conditions the fruits were grown. And as we must take into account that clearing the skin of vegetables and fruits we reduce the content of vitamins in them.

Vitamins can not be taken without prescribing a doctor – they are also a cure.

We take medicines in connection with the disease and, of course, on the advice of a doctor. Vitamins are natural substances and are necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, the course of vital processes. Unlike drugs that take courses, in vitamins the human body needs it constantly. In some cases, special vitamin injections are used during treatment, but high pharmacological doses are used in this case. Vitamins, in physiological doses, can be taken independently to prevent their deficiency. To the doctor it is necessary to address for advice, what vitamins to you are necessary. By the way, in Europe, vitamin preparations are more often sold in supermarkets than in pharmacies.

With baby food, the child receives a sufficient amount of vitamins.

No ready-made baby food satisfies the child’s need for vitamins. Even in breast milk, vitamin D is completely absent, and if the mother does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients (which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in our time), then a whole range of vitamins and minerals is missing. But it is for children that vitamin hunger is especially dangerous – inadequate intake of vitamins in the body slows the growth and mental development of the child, reduces immunity. Therefore, an additional intake of vitamins is simply necessary for any child for normal growth and full development, no matter how good the baby food was.

During the winter and spring months, for lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, the necessary vitamins can be obtained from home canned food.

Useful substances, including vitamins in canned food contain very little, but salt and sugar in excess. And this primarily causes an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Some of the vitamins in frozen vegetables and fruits are still preserved, but only if they do not undergo repeated defrosting followed by freezing.

Deficiency of vitamins is less dangerous than their excess.

Of course, hypervitaminosis is harmful to the human body, but with proper intake of vitamins, there is nothing to worry about. In general, multivitamin complexes are aimed only at preventive action. Their constant reception does not lead to an excess of any vitamins in the body, but only satisfies the daily need. The doctor can prescribe the use of an increased dose of certain vitamins for medicinal purposes, but if all the prescriptions are observed, this too will not cause hypervitaminosis.

Vitamins, of course, are necessary for health, but the figure will not support the figure.

Vitamins maintain a normal metabolism in the body.And when the food is digested wrongly, there can be no question of any ideal figure. So, compulsory satisfaction of the daily requirement of the body for vitamins is one of the most important moments for those who wish to retain the figure for a long time. And those who want to lose weight should take care of natural antioxidants, for example, in green tea.


Vitamins can cause allergies.

Vitamins are obligatory participants in the vital processes taking place in the body. The allergy can be shown on any component of a complex of vitamins or biologically active additives, but in any way on vitamins. Therefore, before use, carefully study the composition and dosage, and if necessary, consult a doctor.

Natural vitamins are better than synthetic vitamins.

In an effort to provide the body with environmentally friendly drugs, many are inclined to spend unjustifiably large sums on the purchase of preparations containing vitamins of natural origin (extracts from vegetable fruits, etc.). Vitamins, which are a product of chemical synthesis, are distinguished by a high degree of purity and quality. By biological value, synthetic vitamins are not inferior to natural substances of this class. The cost of synthetic vitamins is much lower.

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