Veganism refers to a strict form of vegetarianism, which consists in the denial of products that are associated with the exploitation of animals. Vegans do not just not eat meat, eggs, milk, honey, silk, and skin are unacceptable for them. The term itself appeared in 1944 thanks to Donald Watson. He singled out a direction in a haphazard vegan direction and quickly gained admirers. But today veganism is surrounded by some myths. People confuse this direction with raw food, and even with vegetarianism.

Veganism is the same as vegetarianism or raw food.

Vegetarianism initially meant the rejection of meat and meat, but there was no strict classification. As a result, some fans ate something that others considered unacceptable. Watson singled out a new class in which he clearly described that vegans do not simply not eat meat, but also refuse from products of animal origin, including clothing. Raw meatmen have gone even further – for them the thermal processing of any food is unacceptable.


Veganism is just a tribute to fashion.

Part of this statement does contain truth. Many young people try themselves, looking for their way of life. At a certain stage, they can become vegan or raw food, and then fall in love with exotic cheeses. But most vegans come to their views yet for ideological reasons. At the heart of such a world view is the relation to animals, as to beings in essence equivalent to man. As a result, vegan refuse not only from meat, but also from honey, eggs, dairy products. These people consider it unworthy to eat what is obtained from the exploitation of animals.

Vegans are such a sect.

Veganism has nothing to do with religion, and therefore can not be called a sect. Such a strict form of vegetarianism is a peculiar way of life in which people meaningfully chose a diet. In all the same vegan vegans are no different from other people. There are among them Christians, and Hindus, atheists and admirers of esotericism. It is true that among the vegans such oriental practices as qigong, yoga, and reiki are very popular, but in this case it has nothing to do with sectarianism.

Vegans do not get enough nutrients from food, so they are mentally and physically inferior.

But doctors do not have an unequivocal opinion on this issue. In our country recently, science quite tolerates vegetarianism in moderate form, with the use of eggs and milk. To veganism, the attitude is usually negative. But in the textbook on biochemistry for students of the Medical Academy. Sechenov pointed out that with a carefully selected vegan diet, it is possible to provide the required set of amino acids. On the usefulness of such a food, says at least the fact that among the vegans there are famous athletes. You can recall at least the names of Mike Tyson and Mac Danzig, yachtsman Fedor Konyukhov, athlete Carl Lewis and the legendary bodybuilders Jack La Lanna and Bill Perla. And among the scientists of genius was a lot of people who refused to eat animals – Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Tolstoy, Schopenhauer, Wagner.

All vegans are embittered psychopaths.

There is an opinion that vegans are literally extremists, so splashing out the lack of substances in the body and demonstrating their beliefs. They smash the shops of the bellows and pour paint on women in fur coats. But only a few radical organizations behave in this way, for example, the Animal Liberation Front. But who said that vegans are required to join some organizations? In the majority they are ordinary people who do not impose their values ​​at all. Similarly, it is incorrect to think that meat eaters are more vicious than vegans. People are different, they have their own psyche and views on life.

In a Russian harsh climate, veganism is in principle impossible.

For India, where it is very warm, veganism is the norm of life. But for Russia, as many believe, such a regime is impossible. We are quite cold and the body needs good food, which can not come from potatoes and cabbage.And we do not have a constant abundance of fruits and vegetables, which is present in the southern regions. But to smooth such factors, vegans try to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is a more active hardening, than do meat eaters, in walrus. And the poor choice of fruits and vegetables is another myth. Today, the stores already have a large selection of fruits and vegetables from other countries. True, many vegans also adhere to this view that it is necessary to eat only local products. They should grow near the place where people live. Vegans allow themselves to eat not only fruits and vegetables, but also sprouted cereals, wild herbs. It can be pied, plantain, dandelion, up to the nectar of flowers.

Vegans have a very short menu list.

In the event that the vegan does not tend to raw food or use only local products, the menu can be varied. It includes much of what lies on the shelves of supermarkets, but does not attract the majority. Find for the vegan will be legumes, cereals, seasonings, sprouts and herbs. What for many meat eaters seems to be a side dish, for vegans – the basis for an independent dish, with which you can conduct experiments. Someone likes liver pate, and vegan will replace it with hummus or guacamole. Borsch can be replaced by Indian dal, and pilaf and paella with saffron rice with lemon grass and coconut milk, spaghetti with mushrooms, basil and asparagus. It sounds so appetizing, that for the sake of such dishes it is worth trying to become a vegan for at least a day.

Veganity is for the stingy people who save everything on everything.

It can not be considered that this hobby is as profitable. Myth was born on the basis of the fact that vegetables and fruits are really cheaper than meat, being priced at the level of ordinary fish. If you think so, then the savings can be serious. Only vegans for the sake of the balance of substances have more than all the rest to eat expensive vegetables, fruits and nuts, here it is worth adding greens and dried fruits. Chocolate also has to be used non-expensive – bitter, with a high content of cocoa beans. To be a veg, you will have to buy expensive products, like soy or coconut milk. Otherwise, the required set of amino acids will not be obtained. The final food basket vegans, thinking about their health, cheap does not work.


Vegan food is healthier.

Thanks to the vegan diet, people in general are actually healthier. In particular, the body has much less cholesterol, which provides a healthy heart and blood vessels. As early as the 1920s, scientists found that vegetarians do not have the same blood pressure. Vegan diets allow you to control diabetes, and the cancer mortality rate in this group is lower than that of meat eaters. Vegans rarely have stones in the kidney or bladder. Abandonment of animal protein protects against osteoporosis. In countries where vegetarian food is respected, cases of such a disease are rare, in contrast to brightly expressed consumers of dairy products.

Becoming a vegan is easy.

It only seems that you can become a vegan in one day, simply by giving up a number of products. First of all, the diet should be planned, understand what vitamins and trace elements will be missed and what should be replaced. For example, iron is found in cereals, legumes and vegetables, but calcium can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts. Very important vitamin B12, which is contained in food yeast, multivitamins, enriched with soy milk. But how much fun it will be to re-plan the menu, and discover new recipes!

The vegan diets are poor in calcium.

Calcium is very important for the human body – almost all of it is collected in bones and teeth. This element is involved in blood circulation and muscle work. The human body constantly loses calcium, including due to protein diets. But there are a lot of plant products that are also rich in calcium.It is not necessary to believe that without milk the person can not live – some people do not at all consume products on this basis.

You can not live without eating eggs.

Many people generally do without eggs. Most of their caloric content is fat, moreover, in a saturated form. Eggs are also a rich source of cholesterol. How important are eggs in general? Usually they are part of the dish and they can simply be ruled out then. Instead, moisture can be compensated with a couple of spoons of water. There are many egg substitutes on a plant basis – a teaspoon of flaxseed, a tablespoon of soy flour or cornstarch diluted in water. For cupcakes or cookies, half of the mashed banana will do.

The vegan diet is not suitable for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the body really needs more nutrients, namely calcium, protein, folic acid. But the calorie content of food should not increase especially. In such a period, you can follow a vegan diet, you just have to choose foods that are rich in nutrients. A diet based on plant foods in general is able to provide a healthy diet. To start a healthy meal is generally better even before the onset of pregnancy. Then the body will store the necessary elements for the future development of the fetus. To get the right amount of calcium, you must eat green leafy vegetables, legumes, figs, seeds, seed paste with sesame seeds, enriched with soy milk. Vitamin D will get together with sunlight or polyvitamins. He eats in soy or rice milk. But vitamin B12 in most plant products is not found. To get the right amount, you need to introduce vitamin-rich foods into your diet. These can be cereal cereals, soy and food yeast. It is easy to find in plant diets and iron. In particular, it is contained in beans, beans, dried fruits. In the second half of pregnancy, women generally should take supplements with the addition of this microelement, regardless of the chosen diet. But the need for protein increases with pregnancy by 30%. But it turns out that this does not frighten women-vegans, who can get it in the right amount with the help of legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

The vegan diet is not applicable for children.

In fact, it is possible to form a habit from a young person correctly and eat well from an early age. For newborns, the best food is mother’s milk, it is difficult to argue with this. But if it’s not there, then a commercial product on soy milk will be a good substitute. Directly it can not be given, since children’s products are nevertheless made with special needs taken into account. Infants, especially black people, may lack vitamin D. It can be supplemented with additives, the same soy formula. At the age of six months you can start using a lure. Doctors recommend giving porridges enriched with iron. Rice porridge is less risky than all other allergic reactions. By the age of 8 months, the baby can be given vegetables transferred in puree. It can be potatoes, carrots, peas. Then the diet can include fruits – bananas, avocados, peaches, apple sauce. In childhood, kids need high-calorie and nutrient-rich foods. It can very well provide a vegan diet, which for such a tender age has developed several species.

Vegan food is boring.

The one who thinks that vegans eat one potato with a carrot is mistaken. There are many recipes for unusual, tasty and healthy dishes. From buckwheat flour and bananas it is possible to make pancakes, the chopped mixture of vegetables is suitable for preparation of enchilad, it is possible to prepare various vegetable soups, salads and even cookies.

Vegans are deficient in vitamin B12.

This replicable myth has not allowed many vegetarians to abandon animal protein. In fact, the problem of lack of vitamin B12 still exists. Its deficiency is manifested in increased fatigue, weight loss, digestive disorders.Only here the reason lies not in the choice of diet. Vegans do not need to take special supplements or lean on nutritional yeast. The fact that the only source of B12 – products of animal origin, is an invention. Doctors came to the conclusion that the deficiency of this vitamin is a symptom of some problem that has to do with vitamin deficiency. And you can not solve it simply by taking additional substances. After all, in such a situation the body is no longer able to receive nutrients from food. It turns out that the lack of vitamin B12 has to do with digestive disorders. Vegans simply need to carefully consider their diet and include in it more nuts, raw food, cereals and fruits. And in itself eating meat is a problem with a deficiency of vitamin B12 can not be solved.


Vegans are hypocrites, eating plants that are as painful as animals.

In most plants, vegan eat fruits, leaving it unharmed. And the plants themselves are clearly a form of life distinct from animals and people, without a nervous system with painful sensations generated by it. Animal husbandry also itself hurts plants, because of it nature is polluted and forests are cut down.

There are so many problems in society, people are not up to animals.

Cruelty to animals and shows the true moral level of a person. It can be said that all our problems – crimes, wars, inequality, are based on the right of the strong to rule over the weak. The most disenfranchised are the animals that have become a product. Having managed to love them, we can love ourselves.

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