Urinary incontinence

Even in a prosperous America, incontinence (incontinence) affects about 25 million people. But this is a topic that is not talked about. There are data that patients on average are silent about 6 years before sharing a problem with a doctor. But in fact earlier term was generally 10 years! As a result, people remain without professional support in solving their problems. The limited information generates misconceptions and myths about this problem.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem solely for the elderly.

Quite popular is the view that such an ailment is associated exclusively with the old age of a person. Indeed, in the elderly, this problem is common, but it also occurs in young people. Urinary incontinence can be a harbinger of many diseases that are not directly related to either age or gender. Episodically, incontinence can be associated even with acute respiratory viral infections, a common cold. So the direct connection of incontinence with old age is an unproven myth.

Incontinence is a disease.

Misuse of incontinence is wrong. Rather, it is a condition that manifests itself along with various diseases. Incontinence can be perceived as a symptom. Usually it disappears after the treatment of the underlying disease, also it can be a temporary reaction of an unusual state of the body due to pregnancy or a cold. Sometimes patients are surprised that they are recommended not to get rid of incontinence, but from a completely different disease. The position of the World Health Organization recently is that incontinence is recognized as a public disease. In other words, it is very common among people and complicates their lives.

Incontinence is more common in men than in women.

This myth is debunked by inexorable statistics. In women, urinary incontinence occurs more often, especially in an easy stage, rather than in men. This fact is explained in terms of anatomical differences in the structure of the genitourinary system in men and women. It turns out that at every stage of life, every fourth woman encounters this problem, and only one in eight men. And the representatives of the stronger sex are more inclined to ignore this problem than the ladies.

The problem can easily be solved with absorbent products.

First of all, it’s worth talking about how easy it is to put on such products. Here a lot depends on their kind, and on the ability of a person who puts on a cushion. Absorbing panties or special urological pads do not cause special problems, but with other versions of the products you will have to tinker. It is worth to carefully read the rules for putting on diapers. This will help and avoid leaks, and maintain a sense of comfort in a very gentle place. The accumulated experience will make it easy to use such products.

The bladder can hold only three liters.

This myth emerged because of the banal ignorance of people of their own anatomy and the functioning of internal organs. That is why this figure is not true. Sometimes people, faced with urinary incontinence, begin to look for diapers of maximum capacity. On this they are pushed by the myth of the volume of the bladder in a few liters. Will help understand the reality of a small experiment. It is necessary to pour 3 liters of water in a plastic bag and see what volume will be filled. Is it possible that so much fluid is contained in the bladder? The negative answer is obvious. In the usual state, the bladder can hold 400-700 ml of liquid, only in special cases it can be inflated up to 1.5-2 liters.

Urinary incontinence

Urine incontinence does not allow people to travel.

People with this problem often refuse active social life. Sometimes they even hesitate to leave the house, embarrassed by their ailment. Fear of fear that in case of extreme need, there will not be enough time to reach the toilet or in general it will be impossible to detect it in an unfamiliar place.In case of incontinence, one should not become a hostage to this problem and cease to enjoy life. You can lead an active lifestyle, travel, meet with family and friends, visit cultural institutions and activities, go on nature. Modern urological gaskets have individual packaging, they can easily be hidden in a luggage or bag. The assortment of absorbent products is so diverse that you can find the necessary solution that allows you to lead a full life and not worry about troubles.

You can not control the process of urination.

Actually, special exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor will help to establish control. Thanks to such actions, it is possible to consciously control the muscles next to the urethra. The most important is for situations that are fraught with an “accident”: laughter, sneezing, coughing. There are also other exercises. They help to keep the pelvic floor muscles in tone. This makes it possible to strengthen the urethral closure system. In a situation with stress incontinence, it will be very important. Most importantly, such exercises are available to people at any age and even with mobility limitations. In just a few weeks of classes, the first results of such exercises will become apparent.

Because of urinary incontinence, it becomes impossible to follow the rules of personal hygiene.

In modern society, compliance with personal hygiene is a canonical requirement. It is no coincidence that there are so many skin care products on the world market for those who use urological diapers and pads. Necessity in this is. In people with involuntary urination, the skin is exposed to active bacteria. And the liquid itself is full of harmful substances. As a result, the skin becomes dry, inflamed and irritated. To prevent this from happening, special products will help to protect the skin and care for it. They will help to ensure the normal functioning of the cover, even in an unfavorable environment. Usually the funds are combined into a cosmetic line, complement each other. So you can provide all the required standards of personal hygiene.

Urine incontinence in children goes by itself.

In children, urinary incontinence is quite common, but eventually this problem usually goes away. Until the age of 5, parents do not need to worry about this, especially if the “accident” happens at night. But to neglect this issue is not necessary – the child is required in supervision. In some children, uncontrolled urination does not occur with adulthood. Dysfunctions of the body are to blame for this. Incontinence usually manifests at night (enuresis), but it can happen in the daytime. As the main reason is called underdevelopment of the nervous system or weak muscles.

Urinary incontinence

A child with uncontrolled urination needs adequate protection.

These can be either large baby diapers, or the smallest sizes of adult models. The child should feel the support of relatives and friends. It’s no secret that children are usually very ashamed of such an ailment and are afraid of an angry or mocking reaction of the environment. It must be remembered that incontinence occurs not through the fault of the child, it is useless to scold him for it. Because of the feeling of guilt, the situation can only worsen. It is necessary to explain to the child the cause of his troubles and try to help in such a situation.

Urinary incontinence that occurs during pregnancy or after childbirth will remain for the rest of your life.

For a woman’s body, pregnancy is really a heavy load. The enlarged uterus and changes in the hormonal system affect the performance of the entire urinary system. Other incontinence problems include urinary incontinence. And after birth, the muscles of the pelvis are weakened and do not work properly. This is why periodically urinary incontinence can occur in the postpartum period. But it usually lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. During this time after giving birth, the body restores the work of all its organs and systems.With the return of the body to its former form, some problems, including incontinence, also disappear. To accelerate the recovery can be with the help of the already mentioned exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Because of urination, people with bed rest will have bedsores.

Irritation, diaper rash and bedsores due to urinary incontinence appear more often in immobile patients, but this is not an axiom. The skin condition is affected by such unfavorable factors as increased moisture, temperature and their constant effect. With the help of proper care, constant changes in the position of the patient’s body, the use of breathable absorbent pads, complications can be avoided. And although maintaining a good state of the skin of patients in a motionless regime requires large and regular efforts, this is quite realistic.

In case of problems with the bladder, it is better to avoid physical exertion.

Controlling your weight is important, as this will help keep all organs and systems functioning in a normal state. And although increased intra-abdominal pressure leads to increased leakage of urine, the other extreme, obesity, exacerbates and provokes incontinence. But the symptoms are more pronounced. In choosing the loads and physical exercises, determining their intensity, it is worth consulting with the trainer and doctor. During the sessions it is better to use urological pads. Women, however, may need a gynecological swab of the maximum size.

Adult struggle with urinary incontinence does not make sense.

Usually, patients are ashamed to talk about their problem and for years they do not contact the doctor. But the longer you try to solve the incontinence yourself, the greater the discomfort. The very same problem will worsen. So, the weak tone of the pelvic muscles will not improve on its own, we must actively work on this.

The incontinence problem can be alleviated only through medication or surgery.

Many specialists help people with such symptoms with the help of physiotherapy methods. At the same time, weak muscles and pelvic organs are actively treated.

Urinary incontinence

Incontinence appears due to the consumption of a large volume of fluid.

The simple idea that drinking water provokes bladder hyperactivity is quite popular. Many people, for that reason, even limit the use of water, considering it a way to combat incontinence. In fact, this can lead to dehydration and constipation. This, in turn, will further worsen the situation and provoke the leakage of urine. It will be correct to distribute the use of the fluid evenly for the whole day. Drink follows in small sips and a little for each approach. And it is better to limit the use of coffee and citrus juices.

Night awakenings for going to the toilet are the norm.

At night, the need for urination decreases markedly. Most people sleep for 6-8 hours without an acute desire to urinate. Do not drink a lot of liquid in the evening, in the period 4 hours before bedtime. Some drugs, for example, for the treatment of hypertension, are also diuretics. Because of such medications at night, there may be a desire to go to the toilet. If there is such a problem, it is better to inform the cardiologist about it. He can choose another treatment regimen.

Incontinence problems are caused by a decrease in the bladder with age.

The characteristics of both the bladder and the urethra can change throughout life. That’s only the volume of this body is practically unchanged. The capacity can be affected only by chronic diseases, but not by age in itself.

Urinary incontinence is a rare problem.

Unofficially, there are 200 million people with this problem. Many cases simply do not register, and they do not diagnose to the end.

Incontinence can not be triggered by sounds.

In fact, coughing, laughing, like jumping, can become a “trigger” for unwanted urination. This is caused by a failure in coordination between the brain and spinal cord.A sharp unexpected sound is perceived by the mind as a command to selections.

Urinary incontinence

You can not pay attention to urinary incontinence at all.

This dysfunction is not fatal. Nevertheless, it greatly complicates life, interferes with communication, suppresses sexual desires. Incontinence is fraught with the appearance of rashes and irritation on the skin.

Night incontinence in children is a psychological problem related to upbringing.

There is an opinion that children specifically refuse to go to the toilet or use the pot, demonstrating their protest. This belief confirms the fact of accompanying enuresis with scandals, abuse and stress. But the child urinates nevertheless not intentionally. Moreover, this is his big trouble, because of which he is very worried. And stress leads to new incontinence. So any negative comments from adults or peers only contribute to the inferiority complex. It’s right just to praise the child for the “dry” nights and not to comment on the “wet” ones.

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