Underwear is an important and integral part of the wardrobe. Usually only selected people are admitted to this area. And very few people like it, if in this clothes will dig an outsider. Underwear has a long evolutionary path, the relationship of mankind with this delicate clothing is far from unambiguous.

In trying to best cover their intimate places, people sometimes display imagination and ingenuity, using new materials and forms. Underwear becomes the subject of hunting collectors, it earns and even kills them. And in order to better understand this curious world of clothes, it is worth learning some interesting facts about it.

Panties that protect against bullying.

In American animated series and films, there are often scenes of bullying schoolchildren over their comrades. Usually the strongest guy in the class humiliates the classic “botany”, pulling the panties between the buttocks and letting go so that they hurt into the body painfully. In English there was even a description of the unpleasant sensation, the word “wedgie” helped. The joke looks harmless, but there are cases when cowards in such a situation brought serious injuries and even killed. For example, in December 2013, 58-year-old Denver St. Clair of Oklahoma died during a drunken disassembly with his adopted son. During the argument, he ran out of arguments, and he decided to punish his stepfather with the help of wedgie. The cowards were stretched in the literal sense to the very ears, as a result of which the person simply suffocated. Death to the number of worthy attributed is clearly difficult. But if these men knew about the unusual invention of 8-year-old twins from the state of Ohio, the case might not end so badly. In 2007, Justin and Jared Serovic played at home with each other. Among other games there was that same wedgie, a joint one this time. Watching this, one of the adults noticed that it would be nice to think up cowards with protection from such bullying. And the idea was soon realized. Presented a new model of underwear just twins Serovich. The cowards are called “Rip Away 1000”. They got Velcro, which were unfastened when pulling underpants, not allowing them to crash into the skin. Literally the day after the presentation, the boys woke up to celebrities – they were invited to a different TV show, and the cowards they invented even appeared in the new cartoon: “Cloudy, possible precipitation: GMO Revenge”.


Any company wants to release a product that would blow up the market. Businessmen from Chicago David Sanderson and Lee Bradley in 1975 managed to do this with the help of an unusual food product – “Sweet Pants”. This underwear was the first in the world that could be eaten. But the partners had to work hard to register a patent for their invention. As a result, it succeeded, which turned into a real fuss around the “Sweet Panties”. The creators of the brand earned tens of thousands of dollars on it, but the hype eventually came to naught. The Americans were tired of cowards, and the idea has lost its freshness. The creators of this product claim that their products are in demand not only due to the original material, but also due to taste. One of the consumers, describing the impression of using such panties, said that they resemble a refreshing chewing gum. Over time, cowards turn into the mouth in a viscous and nasty porridge.

Mormon temple attire.

Mormons are often called one of the most scandalous religious movements. Few still allow believers to have several wives. In other respects, the Mormon principles concerning intimate life can be called chaste. This religion is against having a man having sex before the wedding. Mormons sharply criticize masturbation. And to protect believers from such sinful pleasure, the keepers of morality solved the problem in an original way. For Mormons, a special underwear of a unique pattern was developed. Believers are offered to wear a white T-shirt and the same color family panties.At the same time, there is a religious symbol on each subject. You can buy such clothes in special shops for believers or on Internet sites of Mormons. The appearance of such a temple lingerie was the object of jokes over politician Mitt Romney. He, being a Mormon, confronted Barack Obama in the presidential elections in the US in 2012. Politics depicted in numerous caricatures with the same traditional Mormon underwear. Perhaps, this nonsense was one of the reasons for Romney’s defeat in the race for the presidency.

String for children.

Thongs are sexy underwear, its adaptation for children can turn into a scandal for the manufacturer. So it happened with the company “Abercrombie & Fitch”. She does not get used to being in the spotlight at all. For example, in 2002 the company outraged the public with its T-shirts with caricatures of Asians with the inscriptions: “Wong Brothers Laundry: Two Wongs Will Make White White”. But the most grandiose scandal erupted after the appearance on the market of strings for teenagers. They were accompanied by ambiguous inscriptions “Eye candy”, which translates as “Pleases the eye.” In another version, the slogan was “Wink Wink”. So in English they mean a wink. The manufacturer was immediately bombarded with complaints by indignant Americans. They demanded to stop the release of these strings, but the company “Abercrombie & Fitch” decided not to go on about the public. And the scandal has always been the best advertising. The manufacturer said that such underwear was created for girls, so that they looked really nice and carefree. Any speculation on the topic of involvement in sex should be left to the conscience of consumers. And these thongs were really very popular among girls-teenagers. True, their parents were not happy with what their children were wearing, declaring a boycott of such products.

Men’s briefs are a tool of stock analysts.

When economic crises come to our life, we give up expensive purchases, luxury goods and goods not of prime necessity. Consumers have to tighten their belts more tightly. And although the demand for advanced coffee machines or Ferrari cars is falling, it remains stable for some products. Among the items “for all times” are men’s panties. Economist Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System, directly relates the fluctuations in the men’s underwear market to financial markets. The collapse of sales of cowards testifies not even to the crisis, but to a real catastrophe in the economy. If people are refusing such a simple thing, then the facts are really bad. The last significant economic collapse occurred in 2008. Since then, the world economy has not recovered from the consequences. Experts say that even at the beginning of the crisis, world sales of men’s underwear fell by 2.3%. This happened for the first time in many years. And the recovery of the global economy has already improved sales of swimming trunks and shorts. In 2011, the indicators grew by 6.4%, which in absolute terms amounted to $ 200 million.

Glamor in prison.

In the West, in prisons, prisoners have the opportunity to acquire additional professional skills. In prison you can learn carpentry, become a cook or an electrician, a clothing cutter or a bricklayer. And do not think that in these harsh places only crude and primitive things are made. In the 1990’s prisoners of one of the American prisons were entrusted with an order for the production of women’s underwear for the famous company “Victoria’s Secret”. And this tender was worked out qualitatively and on time. Many American women of fashion flaunted in exquisite underwear, not even suspecting that it was sewn by tattooed hands of rude criminals. But the situation with the underwear of the most prisoners, which is noted in the system of correctional institutions in America, is not so glamorous. The quality of “Victoria’s Secret” has only to be dreamed of.For example, in 2011 a special commission visited the prison of Taylorville, Illinois. It was found that prisoners receive dirty underwear for use! But English prisons in this regard are much better. Even when the famous London prison Brixton was overcrowded, the prisoners still received two pairs of clean underwear per week.

Lingerie for fans to release gases.

People sometimes suffer from flatulence. This is the name of the feature of the human body that it is uncontrollable to release gases accumulated in the intestine. This is a rather unpleasant physiological phenomenon, with which special underwear tries to fight. It is produced by the British company “Shreddies”. The range includes men’s and women’s variants. Their main feature is the ability to mask unpleasant odors coming out of the intestine. The manufacturer claims that he managed to neutralize the gases with the help of a special material “Zorflex”. First such linen was recommended to people with obvious violations of the digestive tract. But the magic properties of goods attracted to him and numerous ordinary consumers. It turns out that such a useful material “Zorflex” is in demand not only in the manufacture of laundry, but also for making the basis for dressings, other medical items. This tissue was also used in the armed forces. So, the British army gives out to its employees special underwear on the basis of just “Zorflex”. It turns out that such shorts can be worn for months. A special material protects against skin irritation and the development of infectious diseases. It was the army that helped to give birth to the name of the manufacturer. In England, regular cotton underwear, thanks to constant physical and drill training, quickly turns into rags. The word “shred” is translated as “rag” or “flap”.

Red stockings help science.

Among other abnormalities in the human body, color blindness is sometimes found. This disruption of the work of view was opened by the English chemist John Dalton in 1790. It was in his honor that the phenomenon got its name. Moreover, the discovery of such a deviation in the work of sight turned out to be unusual. The scientist himself was born into the Quaker family. These people revered religious teaching, and the movement was born in England in the middle of the XVII century. Quakers preferred to dress extremely conservatively. In their wardrobe were strict dark things, without any frills and ornaments. Once Dalton struck his prim parents by giving his mother a birthday of a pair of bright red stockings. A huge scandal happened. John long assured his mother that he had made the purchase, not noticing the true color of the thing. It seemed to him that the stockings were neutral dark blue, and his brother also claimed that he saw this color. This incident made Dalton think that not all people see the same color. The scientist himself explained this phenomenon by the presence of a blue hue in the eyes of a certain liquid. Dalton asked his colleagues to study his eyeballs after death to test their theory. And the lab technicians really did it, but did not find anything strange. Only 150 years later physiologists from Cambridge isolated DNA from the eyes of scientists and discovered a strange mutation gene.

Harm to synthetic underwear.

In the early 1990s, a group of scientists from Cairo University conducted a curious study. They were interested in how the material of the underwear of men influences the production of semen by the body. The experiments were conducted on dogs. The males were divided into three groups. In the first, the animals were flaunted without panties, in the second they were put on cotton garments, and in the third the participants got synthetic panties. Scientists specially picked up such sizes of linen that it did not constrain movement of dogs, and there the air could freely circulate. This is important, with the condition that the synthetic tissue is practically “not breathing”. This experiment lasted for three years. All this time, the researchers carefully monitored the change in the amount of sperm and its quality, as well as the general condition of the experimental subjects.Two years later it became clear that the dogs of the first two groups had no health problems. But those dogs that wore “synthetic”, began to produce fewer sperm. Some individuals developed pathologies with the formation of this fluid, and the general health deteriorated. After this, the scientists decided to put the dogs of the second and third groups in equal conditions, stripping them and continuing observations for another year. It turned out that most of the participants in the third group had normal sperm excretion. But the two males still had minor disturbances in the functioning of the organism. Scientists have not been able to find out exactly why synthetic tissue affects sperm production so much. According to one theory, the cause is static electricity charges, which are formed when the synthetic material rubs against the surface of the skin or wool.

Second-hand for perverts.

Underwear to any person seems to be an intimate thing, and the thought of wearing it outside someone else is insane. But on our planet there are countries that are not so disgusted. In some developing countries, for example, in Zimbabwe, imported underwear was imported for years. I must say, here such clothes were very popular. Qualitative second-hand was simply not an alternative. This business has reached such proportions that in December 2011 the authorities of the country were forced even to prohibit the trade in such goods, in view of its unhygienic nature. True, second-hand underwear can also be purchased in developed countries. But there the popularity is not due to the fact that new such products can not be found in principle. In Japan in the 1990s, vending machines for the sale of second-hand panties were very popular. Advertising said that it was the schoolgirls who used to wear it earlier. Only the efforts of the authorities managed to stop the commodity-financial relations of greedy businessmen and perverts. The vending machines were removed under the pretext that the sale of laundry could be considered a trade in antiques. And for the sale of second-hand things, the businessmen did not have permission. But the Japanese claim that such machines can still be found in secluded and low-lying places. Fans of this piquant second hand, of course, know where to look. Scandals with the sale of clothes were worn in America. So, a resident of South Carolina, Christine Vetter, was even arrested for selling and forwarding her personal lingerie. He, as well as used condoms and tampons, a woman suggested using an adult site.

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