Twitter has already become a cult phenomenon in modern society. Users shared on those who read this service and on those who write in it. People spend a lot of time in it, although there are disappointed people who do not see the need for such a service or left their account dead. But certainly it will be difficult to find those who have not heard about Twitter. This system allows users to leave short messages using the web interface. So people can share their thoughts.


Accounts in Twitter solve various tasks.

These can be personal accounts and corporate, professional and entertaining. Someone in this way promotes his blog, but for someone it is an opportunity for self-realization. Twitter allows people to simply learn the news in brief, the essence of this does not change. How to behave in this service? There are unwritten rules, some of which are still myths. First of all, a mistake would be to consider working with Twitter as a waste of time. Nevertheless, compliance with invented rules can really not justify the hopes, taking away priceless hours. Therefore, it is worth considering the main myths about Twitter.

Everyone who makes you a follower must follow in response.

Beginners believe that this is the way to do it. It seems that this is a kind of polite step, like adding to friends on Facebook. However, this is not the case when the relationship should be mutual. For Twitter, this is even illogical. After all, this service is designed to connect a person with those topics and people who are interested in him. If we follow someone’s life, then because we want to know more about it with the help of tweets, and not because we are doing some far-fetched social rule. We are fooled because our opinion is interesting. But is it interesting for us to read the thoughts of an absolutely stranger with his other people’s interests?

If you are someone zafolovili, and he you for a long time – no, it is worth not to follow.

Again, in this myth, there are echoes of popular social networks – Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, FaceBook. In Twitter, as already said, everything is completely different. If someone does not fool you, then it does not say anything. This does not affect either the links being viewed, tweets, or retweets. This affects only the number of followers. In Twitter there is no point in talking about reciprocity, here is another form of communication. Just imagine if a popular person, for example, Dmitry Medvedev would have fooled everyone in return for a gratitude, his tape would be so active that it simply could not be considered. Therefore, do not be upset if you are not fooled in return. Simply write interesting tweets, retweet the most interesting and increase your rating. Then followers will surely come to you, not just as a token of gratitude, but because of an interesting account.

The more followers, the more influence.

Such a statement is a myth, the number itself does not mean anything. The effect is if the followers are active, lively and interesting people, but what if the majority of the accounts of the dead are the dead? In this case, there is simply no communication. That’s why a hundred followers can be bought for only 10 cents, it’s just a fake. He clogs the system, gives a sense of pride to the user and nothing more. There is a service like Klout. Thanks to him you can check how many there are really active users. However, here everything is relative, someone feels influential among hundreds of active followers.


All followers read me.

It’s sad, but it’s not true. And it is very rare when a tweet is entered in the favorites or forwarded further. They will hear you say, alas, a few. Twitter brings the thoughts not to everyone, but only to some. So if some followers read your tweets and retweet messages, then it’s already worth being happy.It is believed that the average rate of retweet is less than half of a percent of the total number of followers. And it’s not hard to check it out by yourself – a quality and interesting tweet! However, you should not think about it, and there is simply no time. After all, life is fast. It’s worth writing quality tweets, posting interesting links and leaving smart comments. Then you will be noticed.

Tweet is essentially the same as the Facebook status update.

This view came about because many Twitter users were originally customers and Facebook. As a result, there is a whole epidemic of tweet statuses: “I’m at the airport,” “Sushi,” and so on. In fact, tweets are designed to share with strangers some news or a link. It is important in this case, who you are and in what status, and the information about the event. A status update on Facebook is the transfer of information about yourself to your friends, supporting relationships. The main difference between the services is that the tweet should be bright to attract attention. And on Facebook, many friends in any case are interested in you and update the status.

Twitter is a social service.

Microblogs were originally submitted to the Internet community in the form of social services. It was designed to communicate people among themselves, as well as to quickly alert the user to their followers about their own actions and events occurring around them. This is how Twitter developed abroad. In our environment, the service became popular during the period of rapid growth of social media marketing, when everything that was related to social media immediately aroused increased interest. As a result, since its very appearance in RuNet Twitter has become a kind of marketing tool, more than a social service. In the domestic segment of Twitter, not many users are registered, mostly web developers, bloggers, SEOs and social marketers. On Twitter, they do not so much communicate with each other and are looking for interesting people, how many publicize themselves, their blogs, developments and customers. As a result, every new user who gets to Twitter and does not belong to this environment, falls under the powerful information pressure of brands, news and bloggers. It’s hard to find friends just for communication. So Runet deprived the service of his social orientation. So Twitter should be perceived as a marketing tool, not as a social service. If you are a simple person, you will find it difficult to find yourself there.

Massfollowing is bad.

Only here is another way to recruit a large number of followers and to attract popular people to their records yet no one came up. Naturally, if the tweet is stupid, and the account is inactive, then mass-felling will not save the situation. And in order to attract the attention of really popular users who have what content to show, you do not have to catch everything in a row and on the machine, but manually and only those to whom you may be interested.


Thanks to interesting tweets you can become popular in this service.

In fact, Twitter popularity often depends on popularity outside of it. A certain well-known person, hitting Twitter, will instantly be zafolloven ordinary people, regardless of what he writes. But a mere mortal, who writes interesting deep posts, will earn such popularity. So, in the pursuit of popularity, it is not only interesting to write and use mass-targeting, but also to raise your own image outside the service.

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