– the case of the birth of one mother at the same time several children. Children can be two (twins), three (triplets), etc. Twins are identical (monozygotic) and differentiated (or dizygotic). In the first case, children are formed from one egg, which is divided into two or more parts. Such twins are always of the same sex.

Dizygotic twins are born in the case of simultaneous fertilization of two ovules with two spermatozoa. In total, approximately 1% of twins of the total number are born in the world, with about one third of them coming from monozygotic children.


It is interesting that in different populations the number of dizygotic twins may differ significantly. In the United States, for example, such cases are more frequent in the Negroid race than in the Caucasoid race. But for Mongoloid populations, the frequency of the birth of such twins is very small, especially in Japan.

Twins are usually born after a generation. It has long been known that predisposition to the birth of twins is genetically transmitted. But no one can say with certainty which generation it will manifest. Science understands how to produce babies from several eggs in one family, in different generations. But researchers can not foresee the regularity of the appearance of twins from one egg.

Twins are born with the help of Caesarean section.

Statistics of some gynecologists suggests that in the case of twins, cesarean section can be used even less frequently than in normal births. A large number of children naturally increases the likelihood of surgery, but two children can give birth independently on their own.

All twins are born ahead of time.

In the case of twins, the likelihood that children will be born prematurely is great. Although experienced midwives claim that for a twin, the normal gestation period is 37 weeks, not 40, as in one child. So everything is relative. Term in 37-38 weeks for twins can be considered normal.

Gemini has the same set of chromosomes and genes.

There are twins born from one egg and several. In the first case, the genetic set is really the same. Dizygotic twins are similar to each other, like ordinary brothers or sisters. Although any twins fingerprint will always be unique.


The twins have different character.

It is believed that one of a pair of twins should be quiet and calm, and the other – on the contrary, turbulent and emotional. In fact, the formation of character occurs, as in ordinary children. The difficulty is that twins are constantly compared to each other, so it’s no wonder that each of them wants to show their individuality. In the relationship between children, the case may even go as far as assault. Parents should set up children for the fact that each of them is a respected and independent person.

The elder twin is in the relationship with the younger.

The difference between the birth of children is a matter of minutes. During this time, something can not happen that will affect the development of the personality of a child.

All the twins are psychics.

The relative rarity of the birth of several children at once gives them in the minds of people some supernatural powers. There are stories about how twins feel each other at a distance. The twins themselves say that it is, although scientists suggest that the coincidence of thoughts can be dictated by the very close pastime of such people. It is not surprising that they may coincide at some point in the sensation.

The twins need a special approach in school.

It is better for them to either separate or vice versa, as close as possible. The question of how to deal with twins at school is rather difficult. The fact is that the constant form of accommodation of twins does not suit them. It is impossible to plant them all together, but at the same time artificially limit their communication.You can treat them as ordinary students – transplant them every year, as well as other students. Gemini is better to start learning together, in the same class. If children are divided up to the point where they can feel independent, this can prevent them from focusing their attention solely on learning. In this case, the children will subconsciously look for their “half.”


Gemini can not be distinguished.

There are different cases. Sometimes mother and mother can not determine where anyone is, but there are absolutely different from each other twins. But even in the case of identical twins, which seem to be similar as two drops of water, one can find subtle differences. Someone has a birthmark, others have a smile. It is worth to get to know them closely and after a while the difference will make itself felt.

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