(Latin Panthera tigris) is a mammal and the largest predator of the cat family. The body of this beast is elongated, flexible and muscular, 1.8-1.3 m long and weighing about 270 kg.

The head has a rounded shape, the ears are small, the tail is long (about 90 cm). The coat is red with black transverse stripes.

Due to this unusual color, the animal can be well camouflaged in thickets. In addition, the color of the skin depends on the specific geographical location of the “cat”, which makes it possible to distinguish several subspecies of this animal.

The most famous species are the Amur, Bengal, Indochina tiger. These animals can be found only in Asia (in Southeast Asia, the Middle and Far East, Primorye Territory of Russia), they live in various localities (both in forests and mountains).


They feed on hoofed animals, and also do not disdain crocodiles, turtles, crabs, fish and insects. The mating period, as a rule, falls on the winter season, the duration of pregnancy varies between 95 and 112 days.

Normally two to four cubs are born, in rare cases – one. With a mother, young tigers live 2-5 years, and reach puberty: females – at 3-4 years, males – at 4-5 years. Life expectancy is a maximum of 25-26 years.

Tigers always hunt a pack.

This statement is far from the truth. Many people confuse the way of life of tigers with the way of life of lions. Lions – yes, live and hunt in groups, tigers also – animals accustomed to loneliness, and therefore prefer to hunt alone. Although there is an exception to this tiger rule: tigers can hunt a small group in the case of a mating season and when young cubs can not yet lead a full-grown adult life.

Each tiger can be distinguished from the other by the footprint left by it.

In fact, the track of the same tiger will always look different on different soil, so it is not easy to say which tiger has visited the site.


Tigers are afraid of water.

Unlike other animals of the cat family, just tigers and jaguars are not a bit afraid of water places and swim there with great pleasure. When it is particularly hot weather, these animals literally do not get out of the water, they can stay there for hours, fleeing from the scorching sun.

Tigers do not know how to climb trees.

They belong to the cat family, which means that, like an ordinary domestic cat, they can climb a tree. That’s just an occupation with them, this is not particularly beloved, and a tree can only climb a tree if there is a “tidy” piece or if there is a stressful situation. Therefore, when meeting a tiger, it makes no sense to hide from a beast on a tree.

Tigers love to eat a man.

As a rule, a healthy young tiger will never specifically hunt a person, it is enough for ungulates and other animals. Older or sick (wounded) tigers can actually attack people, as they are no longer able to hunt for large prey.

Having procured food for himself and eating well, the tiger sets off on a long journey, no longer paying attention to other animals.

False statement. Tiger – not a fan of long walks, and therefore rarely makes long-distance transitions. And he can hunt in any case presented to him.


There is a separate type of tigers – White Tigers.

This is an erroneous statement. In fact, white tigers are not isolated into a separate group of rocks. In addition, the birth of a white tiger is a rare occurrence. Such a “ugly duckling” among tigers can be born from a completely normal orange-black tiger family. The thing is that the white tigers’ hair can sometimes be devoid of pigmentation, responsible for the red color, while the black bands remain unchanged. Here comes a tiger with black stripes on a white fur coat.

Tigers fight each other not for life, but for death.

Controversial utterance. Usually, a fight for tigers is a way to prove which of them is stronger. But, as a rule, the strongest will never “finish off” the weak. As soon as the weaker animal realizes that he can not fight the enemy, he tries to retreat faster, and the strong one, in turn, shows generosity and does not pursue an escaping fellow.

Tigers hate dogs.

What is true is true. Several points of view serve as an explanation for this hatred. One view is the long-standing hostility between the dog and the cat. Another – leaning toward the idea that the dog’s meat for a tiger is very useful and is extremely tasty. In any case, whatever the dog does and wherever it is – noticing it, the tiger and strives to “crush” the animal.


These animals live only in Africa.

As most researchers believe, all known to date varieties of this predatory cat originated from the South China tigers. Gradually, they settled Iran and Turkey, but that’s not at the expense of Africa. Of course, today there are more than enough of them, but this does not mean that the tigers themselves moved there and chose these places, most likely they were helped in this by man.

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