Thirtieth week of pregnancy

Future child.

Height – 39 cm, weight – 1500-1600 gr.

Perhaps, 30 weeks is the peak of the motor activity of your baby. Mom during this period receives the greatest number of kicks, knocks, jolts and strokes, than on any other week. The explanation is simple: the baby becomes cramped and he tries to make himself comfortable. The child is already quite “plump” – the amount of subcutaneous fat allows him to regulate body temperature even if premature birth occurs.

Usually, the child shows increased activity when the mother changes the position of the body. If the mother lays down, then the baby urgently needs to get settled, and you can feel how he turns, trying to find a better position. You can help him and lie on his side, with more pillows beside him. Then the child quickly relaxes and falls asleep. And falling asleep, as scientists say, he sees the most real dreams.

When the baby does not sleep and does not kick, he enthusiastically plays with a wonderful toy – the umbilical cord. Sometimes after such games, the umbilical cord makes a loop and wraps around the child. At birth, it can even become dangerous, but now doctors have been studying ultrasound data in advance and are preparing for childbirth with a cuff. By the way, many babies manage to get wrapped up and unwound several times for pregnancy. Therefore, you should not worry in advance.

The Kid continues to train the lungs and makes involuntary sighs. Often while doing so, he incorrectly swallows the amniotic fluid and begins hiccough. Mom can feel the hiccup as a weak rhythmic tap inside the abdomen.

The eyes of the child are already very clearly reacting to light, if it manages to penetrate through the clothes and body of the mother. This is especially true for those children who have a third trimester for summer time, when there is a lot of sunshine and light. And those mothers who at this time were on the beach, can feel how their kid is excitedly stirring, studying the suddenly illuminated space around him.

But still, do not put yourself and the child to the sun for too long, even if around the summer and you want to bask in the sun terribly. Alternate sunbaths with rest in the shade, throw on the body of a pareo or beach dress.

Future Mom.

Welcome to the home stretch! Started 30th week of your pregnancy, this is a round date and is marked, above all, by the opportunity to go on maternity leave (if you work, of course). With maternity leave you have a new life, more and more closely connected with the preparation for childbirth and upcoming motherhood.

The average weight gain this week is about 10 kg. The height of the bottom of the uterus is 30 cm. This week, you need to visit a doctor, take a general urine test (check the kidneys), do CTG and ultrasound with a doppler, and at the same time get a sick leave sheet necessary for maternity leave.

On the 30th week you make out your documents for maternity leave. You will need:

1) exchange card. By the rules, it should already be in your hands from the 28th week. If for some reason you did not get it, it’s time to tackle this issue. Information on the exchange card, see the article for 28 weeks of pregnancy.

2) a sick leave sheet for obtaining maternity leave at work for 140 calendar days. According to the current rules, no matter how you want to work until 39-40 weeks, the doctor must write you a sick leave, and you must go on maternity leave. Otherwise, he will not pay you.

So, a little bit by force, the state takes care of the health of mom and baby. But many mothers at the 30th week of pregnancy are happy to go on vacation, because it becomes too hard to go to work with such a big pussy and experience all the working stresses that are not easy to tolerate and in a non-pregnant state.

You receive the sick leave in the LCD, where you were observed, put all the necessary seals there and put it in your personnel department and accounts department.

3) You also need to get a generic certificate.It is given out by your LCD or consultation at a polyclinic, where you are registered. If you are observed on a fee basis, then you have to receive the birth certificate at the place of your registration in your LCD.

To obtain a generic certificate, you need a passport indicating the citizenship of the Russian Federation, the MHI policy and a mandatory pension insurance certificate.

Based on this generic certificate, the JC and the maternity hospital will receive a cash payment from the state for the management of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman with a generic certificate is now free to choose the hospital that she likes, and not as before – by residence permit.

The certificate consists of 4 leaves. The coupon 1 is intended for payment of services on conducting pregnancy and remains in ЖК, the coupon 2 goes on payment of services of a maternity hospital (if labors not on a commercial basis), the coupon 3-1 and 3-2 you after delivery will transfer in a children’s out-patient department to which attach your baby.

If you are watching and giving birth to a fee, then the generic certificate (coupons 1-2) you do not need. But this does not mean that you do not need to receive it, since without your child’s coupons 3-1 and 3-2, your child may not be registered in the children’s clinic.

However, if you and the child will watch for up to a year for a fee, then this role does not play. In addition, immediately after the birth of the baby you make out the MHI policy, according to which it is obliged to service the compulsory medical insurance program.

It should be remembered that even if you do not have a generic certificate, you can not refuse any maternity hospital if you come there to give birth. But since Russia is a bureaucratic country, nerves can be worn fairly. Therefore, it is better to do everything “as expected.” Issue a certificate, it does not require much effort.

4) If you registered in the LCD before 12 weeks, you can get a certificate and get an additional payment to the maternity – an astounding amount of 300 rubles.

We recommend that you create a special folder for documents where you put your passport, MHI policy, pension certificate, exchange card, birth certificate and other documents that you may need. You can make photocopies of each document in advance. With this folder you will then go to the hospital.

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