Theoretical Merfolology

Hain’s law.

There is no limit to how bad things can go.

The law of Perracel.

There is no such simple work that it can not be completely ruined.

Supervision of Mae West.

A person is prone to make mistakes, but you feel divinely.

The Law of Mesquimenas.

There’s never time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it again.

The law of selective gravity.

Any item falls so as to cause maximum damage.

Consequence of Jenning.

The likelihood that a sandwich will drop by oil is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

Bryan’s law.

Nothing is ever done, based on reasonable considerations.

Meyer’s Law.

It’s very simple to make anything complicated, but it’s very difficult to make this the same simple.

The Law of Hleid.

If you face a difficult task, entrust her lazy – he will find a simpler solution.

Axiom of Jose.

There is nothing more temporary than what is called permanent.


There is nothing more permanent than what is called temporary.

The rule of the Romans.

A person who says that it is impossible to do, should never interfere with the one who does it.

Blair’s observation.

The most thoughtful plans of mice and humans are usually almost equal.

The Law of the Siy.

Nothing and it never turns out as planned

Law Patrie.

If you know that some cases may go bad and take proper precautions, then something else will still go wrong.

Royster’s clarification for Murphy’s law.

When things go wrong somewhere, they tend to go bad everywhere.

Leahy’s Law.

If something is done incorrectly, often enough, it becomes correct.

The law of Dulley.

Trust everyone, but hide cards.

Principle of asymmetry according to Tadisko.

At random everything goes right away, but it comes back to normal gradually.


To break a thing, time is not required at all, but for repair it takes an eternity.

The McNulty Rule.

Priorities are primarily in the first place, but not necessarily in the same order.

Kelly’s Law.

Nothing is as simple as it seems at the beginning.

Jones’ law of experience.

Experience is something that allows you to recognize an error when you do it again.

Law of Lee.

To do something right, it takes less time than to explain why you did it wrong.

Irene’s Law.

There is no good way to do bad things.

Opening of the Fresco.

If you understood what you are doing, you would probably be tired of all this for a long time.


From what you are tired of, it does not follow that you understand what you are doing.

Canon of Canon.

Experience is something that makes you replace the old mistakes with new ones.

Maxim M.G. Menken.

For each human problem, there is an easy solution – clear, plausible and erroneous.

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