Theoretical Merfolology

Mayer’s Law.

If the facts do not confirm the theory, they need to be discarded.


1. Than the theory is wider, the better.

2. If to obtain the results corresponding to the theory, we must drop not more than fifty percent of the observed measurements, the experiment can be considered successful.

The Law of Stormen.

The idea is not responsible for people who believe in it.

Law of predominance.

The first example of the prevailing principle is always weaker than the developed example of a subordinate principle.

Macbeth’s comment on evolution.

The best theory is not necessarily good only because of the fact that it is the best.

Barr’s inertial principle.

Asking a group of scientists to reconsider their theory is like asking a group of policemen to review the law.

Jones Law on Achievements.

Anyone who has made a significant contribution to any field of activity and continues to work long enough in it becomes an obstacle to progress-and to an extent directly proportional to the significance of his initial contribution.

The law of Perlzweig.

That around walks, and to us comes.

Axiom of Velrud.

Disorder spreads in breadth and in depth in proportion to tolerance for it.

Chappakuiddick White’s theorem.

The faster and more detailed you report the bad news, the better.

Law of Matchesh.

If some things could go wrong at random, but did not go, it will eventually turn out that they would still be more useful from the very beginning to go that way.

Observation of Sartre.

Hell is different.

Pascal about a man.

The more I see people, the better I treat my dog.

The law of Salk.

The secret of happiness is to rely on the minimum number of other people.

Tomlyn’s truism.

Man invented the language to satisfy his deep need to complain.

The Millikan principle.

Madness is when doing the same thing in the same way and expecting other results.

The difference between Bering.

1. Philosophy are questions that can never be answered.

2. Religion is an answer that can never be questioned.

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