The tenth month of pregnancy

Future child.

Height – 50-51 cm, the weight of the child born varies from 2900 to 5000 gr.

Your pregnancy is considered complete. Now the child is completely ready to be born and the question is only about when. Childbirth can begin any minute.

Usually, twins are born on the 37-38 week, early give birth and those who do not have the first pregnancy. According to statistics at 37 week, every third woman gives birth, and on the 40-42 week give birth to a minority!

All systems and organs of the baby function correctly and are ready for extrauterine existence. The head of the child, as a rule, is located at the entrance to the small pelvis. So he prepared for childbirth.

The kid is mostly busy only with what gets fat. The weight indicators are completely different. On average, the baby weighs 3000-3300 g after delivery. But babies are born and “lose weight” and “denser”. Bogatyrs reach a weight of 4500-5000 gr.

The brain continues to be improved – the left and right hemispheres of the brain work actively and synchronously, myelin accumulates, which allows the rapid movement of nerve impulses. The immune system of the body works and the baby will appear in our world already quite protected, in order to successfully survive the adaptation.

The skin of the baby has become smooth and smooth, almost without wrinkles. The testicles of the boys are lowered into the scrotum, the original cal – meconium is stored in the intestine.

The amniotic fluid begins to age by the age of 40-42, so if you have not already given birth, it is necessary to make additional tests to prevent oxygen starvation or infection of the child.

In his last days in the womb of the mother the child blinks, sucks fingers, breathes, turns his head, plays with his fists and little heels. He is completely ready for the birth, until your meeting there were, perhaps, a few hours.

Future Mom.

Congratulations, you endured the baby! Now you can rest a little to prepare for the difficult process of delivery. Adding your weight in the last month is 14-15 kg. For a week or two before the birth weight stabilizes, you stop gaining your pounds, you can even lose some weight.

Approximately 37-38 weeks, the stomach falls. Place the palm of your hand in the hollow between the chest and abdomen. If it is placed there freely – the stomach has dropped and there are only a few days left before your birth.

Other signs of approaching labor:
– exacerbation of pain in the spine, pelvic and lumbar region;
– the appearance of a feeling of bursting in the lower abdomen;
– a change in the mood of the mother, the impatient expectation of childbirth is replacing the old fears and fears;
– some decrease in appetite and weight.

Signs that indicate that the birth process has already begun:
1) the exit of the mucous plug.
2) a bloody smear.
4) the outflow of water (but before the start of labor this is not observed in every woman). The water should be transparent, the greenish color of the waters due to the meconium may not be an entirely favorable sign, be sure to notify the doctor.
5) the beginning of fights. These pains should be regular, interval and increasing. It is necessary to try to note their duration and pauses between them.

If you have run out of water and (or) started fighting, prepare to go to the hospital (call your husband by car, taxi or an ambulance), call your doctor and check again the necessary documents (passport, MHI policy, birth certificate, exchange, contract with the maternity home or insurance company for paid birth management, if you have concluded one).

Surely you have already read a lot of literature about how the childbirth is taking place. Just in case, briefly summarize. Births take place in three stages.

First stage

– cervical dilatation. Usually, those who give birth for the first time, the first stage takes 10-12 hours, and in the re-birth 6-8 hours. During this time, the cervix will open at 7-10 cm, which will give birth to the baby’s head. Disclosure is accompanied by fights, which become more painful each time.

In order to endure this pain, modern medicine can offer you epidural anesthesia (at the opening of not less than 2 cm). It is considered safe for the baby and the mother, but you should discuss the possibility of its application with your doctor in advance. The pain from contractions can be alleviated by special non-medicament methods (proper breathing, massage, using a shower-bath, etc.)

The second stage of births

– the birth of the head and the expulsion of the child. When the opening of the cervix becomes complete, the baby’s head appears. Contractions become stronger and more painful, but you will be allowed to push, helping the baby to squeeze through the birth canal. Compared with the first period of labor, attempts last relatively briefly (from 10 minutes to an hour).

After the birth of the head will be patient only a little, after a few minutes and tries the baby is selected for white light entirely. His nose and mouth are cleaned for him, he makes the first cry and finds himself on the tummy of his mother, where he will be given to kiss his breast for the first time.

The third stage of birth

– the birth of the placenta. This is completely painless, most part-time mothers do not notice what happens to them after the birth of the baby. And at this time the uterus pushes out the placenta, the doctors examine you, sew up, if there are tears, check if there are remains of the placenta in the uterus.

The birth is over! Now you are Mom.

9 month – 10 month – Births

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