The sexiest books

Sex is an important part of a person’s life. Everyone knows and talks about it, but they do not dare openly write about it. In the last century, a real sexual revolution took place, which washed all the limits of decency. As a result, a whole series of frank books appeared. In them, the characters easily talk about their sexual adventures and fantasies.

These books are popular with both men and women. After all, everyone is interested – but what about the intimate life of the situation with others? Yes, and sexual books are simply exciting, sometimes being a kind of prelude.

People wrote about sex with a scientific, cognitive purpose, told about their personal experiences or invented heroes. Throughout the centuries, this genre of literature, although it was banned, evolved. The most important and famous sexual books will be our story.

The sexiest books

Emmanuel Arsan, Emmanuel.

For most of us, the name Emmanuel is not associated with a book, but with the same film. One basis for it was an erotic novel. It was published in 1967 in France, and four years later the book was translated into English. True, in fact the book came out underground in 1959 without the author’s instructions. Over time, the book began to appear in the name of Emmanuel Arsan, it was even thought that she was autobiographical. In fact, the main work on the text was done by a man, Louis-Jacques Rolle-Andrian, the husband of Mariah Bibid. He just worked as a diplomat at UNESCO in Bangkok, marrying 16-year-old Mariah. The author himself stated that he worked on the book together with his wife. Later, under the pseudonym Arsan, several more books were written. The author tells about the sexual fantasies of the 19-year-old wife of a French engineer who went to Bangkok. Emmanuel, uninhibited by nature, immediately acquires new friends and discovers that in this society a very light attitude towards sex. As a result, a young woman has sex with strangers, women, and participates in orgies. The piquancy of the book is attached to the fact that the reader sees everything happening through the eyes of the heroine herself. In “Emmanuel” face the East with the West, love with sex. Released in 1974, the film became a classic of world cinema.

The sexiest books

Kama Sutra.

This book is associated with sex in many people. The ancients knew the sense of love, as evidenced by the Kama Sutra. Today for readers this book is a kind of educational tool for sex. It is believed that it is the Kamasutra who can tell about the most sensual and unusual poses. In fact, this ancient Indian text is dedicated to feelings, emotions, and not just carnal love. It is believed that the author of “Kamasutra” was Vatsyayana, who lived in the III-IV centuries BC. The book has 64 chapters, which discusses the place of love in a person’s life, about relationships in the family and caring for girls, analysis of kisses, a list of sexual positions and even the situation of a love triangle. In the modern world, the “Kama Sutra” is most often adopted the section “About the love connection”, freely treating it, illustrating. But most of the work is about something else. Yes, and the pose was originally illustrated in the book were not. What we see now in different publications – miniatures from Mughal painting and Indian schools already XVI-XIX centuries. “Kama Sutra” is not just a sexual guide, but also a historical monument. After all, this book outlines the customs and practices of the society of ancient India.

The sexiest books

E.L. James, “Fifty shades of gray.”

This erotic novel was released recently, in 2011. The book immediately became a bestseller, it sold over 30 million copies. On the speed of sales, a frank story overtook even Harry Potter. It was the first part of the trilogy, immediately securing the status of bestsellers and continuations. Now we are actively preparing for the filming of the film on this plot. One can not doubt that all the fans of this book will go to the cinema to look at the main characters. This story was originally born out of fanfic on the basis of the Twilight series.However, the sexual content caused mixed reviews, so the author and rewrote the work, making it completely independent. The novel tells the story of the inexperienced charming alumna of Anastacia Steel, who meets a mysterious millionaire Christian Gray. A charming man is driving a crazy virgin into a sensual fire. Anastacia plunges into the world of her previously unknown sexual pleasure, sometimes ambiguous, including using BDSM. Contributed to the popularity of the most popular book today about sex and numerous scandals. It is scolded by feminists, priests, moralists, and women are crazy about the erotic history of modern Cinderella.

The sexiest books

Marquis de Sade, “120 days of Sodom, or school of debauchery.”

French philosopher, aristocrat and writer was a very ambiguous personality. He is considered the founder of sadomasochism, believing that pain and humiliation can become a source of sexual satisfaction. The Marquis preached absolute freedom, which should not have been restricted by anything – neither morality, nor law, nor religion. The violent nature of de Sade constantly pushed him to love adventures, in which he loved to show diversity. It is no accident that the name of the Marquis became scandalous. One of his most famous novels, “120 Days of Sodom,” was written in the Bastille in 37 days on a roll of toilet paper! The manuscript left prison in 1789. This book was the first work of de Sade, published in Russia. It happened in 1785. The main part of the narrative is given to a detailed description of the most perverted forms of the text. Four high-ranking people invite guests to the villa-young men and women-and play a game based on torture and perversion with them. In the intervals between orgies the heroes of the book philosophize on the subject of what is happening. A scandalous novel tears all the covers off the taboo subject, whether it contributes to unrest, or whether it engenders perverts.

The sexiest books

Nabokov, Lolita.

Despite the fact that Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian writer, his most famous novel was written in English. The book was published in 1955 in Paris. “Lolita” is invariably among the best novels of the century in various surveys. And wrote this book Nabokov during his trip to the USA. The topic was initially scandalous – the story of the attraction of an adult male to a twelve-year-old girl. The author understood that the novel would be publicized and even wanted to publish it anonymously. In fact, the scandal only helped the book, making it famous, and Nabokov himself rich. “Lolita” was twice filmed in Hollywood and repeatedly adapted to the scene. The protagonist of “Lolita”, Humbert Humbert adored girls at the age of 9-14 years, and a certain appearance. He prefers to observe the nymphets from afar, afraid to seduce them and thereby violate the law. About the feelings and experiences the man in detail told to the diary. Once Humbert stopped at the house of Haze, in which lived 12-year-old Lolita. The hero was at the mercy of the attraction to the girl. After the death of her mother Humbert goes with Lolita on a journey. But in the course of sexual intimacy, he found that not even her first! However, the story of forbidden love was tragic – Lolita grew up, and Humbert himself, trying to protect love, committed a murder. John Cleland, “Fanny Hill, Memoirs of a Woman of Comfort”.

This novel was published in 1747, it became a classic example of English erotic literature. The author observes unprecedented for that time frankness. The story is conducted on behalf of a young provincial, who arrived in London for work. Then she naively fell into a brothel, where she experienced many adventures. Nevertheless, the prostitute was able to find her happiness and love. The novel describes in great detail all the nuances of the work of the brothel and its collaborators.The book was rather frivolous and although it was translated into 12 European languages, in America the novel was banned for almost two hundred years. And in 1963, scientists collected the text most appropriate to the original. Then came the amnesty in the US for the book. After all, this talented literary work no longer inflicted an insult to morality. In addition, the main thing in the book is life and love, not sex. The most famous work of Cleland was often filmed, under the name “Paprika” even Tinto Brass presented his version of events. David Lawrence, “Lover of Lady Chatterley.”

This book was published in 1928 and immediately caused a scandal. Painfully frankly described scenes of a sexual nature. The finished circulation was seized and destroyed, the book was banned in many countries. Contemporaries believed that the book is a challenge to society. It is interesting that the novel had three versions, only the last author himself acknowledged the final version. In 1960, a loud trial was held in England, which finally rehabilitated such a frank book. But in Russia the book appeared back in 1932. According to the plot, the main character, the twenty-two-year-old girl Constance, marries Chatterley’s baronet. However, the married idyll quickly collapsed – after the war wounded in the war, the man turned out to be a semi-paralyzed invalid. There was no question of an intimate life. One day my husband introduced Constantius to the new huntsman. Walking in the woods, the lady began to meet with a prominent man. Between them arose sympathy, and then sexual relations. At first the woman considered her experiments in bed with the forester just a hobby, but then realized that she fell in love with the huntsman.

The sexiest books

Henry Miller. “Tropic of Cancer”.

This book appeared in 1934. Roman became widely known for his expressive and frank representation of intimate scenes. Relation to the creation of Miller diametrically opposite. Some say that this is an obscene cesspool, an abominable collection of all human vices. And others note that the novel is addictive. Many critics include The Tropic of Cancer among the best English-language books of the last century. The story told by Miller is autobiographical. The action takes place in Paris in the 1930s. The novel tells what happened to the writer who was suffering at the time. He skillfully combines fictional stories with truthful ones, revealing real names and places. The novel, as it is traditionally for Miller’s work, is written in the first person and interspersed with streams of consciousness. The author constantly remembers the past. And although there are a lot of candid sex scenes in the book, this is not the main thing in it. The author entices eroticism, offering immersion in the world of realism and cynicism. This novel is especially appreciated by intellectuals, but the mass reader, he rather, repels. Pauline Reage, “The Story of O”.

This book is considered a kind of Bible for sadomasochists. It was published in 1954 in France. Experienced and depraved people have always attracted young and inexperienced. Virginity and purity made spoiled spoiled women and lascivious men. Entering the world of vices, innocent people knew how to height love, and all the baseness of debauchery. Sexual growth of young girls was sung by many, but their works were most often mercilessly cut by editors. But “History About” became the most scandalous erotic novel of the last century. It is interesting that for a long time it was incomprehensible even who the author of this book is. Critics believed that a woman can not so deeply convey the experiences and life of another woman. But in 1994 the translator Dominique Ori confessed her authorship, moreover, stating the real events of the book in her life. The book tells how a young girl brings her beloved to a secluded castle. There reigns closed society of sadomasochists – girls are forced to serve as slaves and in every way to please their male masters. Gradually, O begins to even enjoy the betrayal of loved ones and from gradual punishments.Returning to freedom, the woman begins to lead a double life, continuing to serve her master. The book does not have a clear ending. The reader is offered two options. In one case, O remains in slavery in the castle, and in the second she asks the master for permission to commit suicide, seeing his desire to abandon her.

The sexiest books

Ivan Barkov, “Luka Mudischev.”

It is interesting that this work is considered the most famous in Barkov, but its authorship is very controversial. The poem was written in the second half of the XIX century and stylized as an obscene work of the poet. That is why it is believed that it was Barkov who wrote Ludmila Mudischeva. The book has not been published for a long time, existing in the oral and manuscript form. That’s why it’s pretty hard to understand who, when and how the text rules. Most likely, Luka Mudischev did not have one author, the poem was rewritten for decades. But this did not prevent Luka Mudischev from taking his place in the treasury of world erotic literature and even being translated into many world languages. The very story of a widow who dreams of marrying is told quite colorfully. Rhymes here are not particularly sophisticated, but all this is accompanied by an abundance of intimate details and numerous sophisticated Russian mats. Thus, the poem is a monument not only of the Russian erotic tradition, but also of literature, as well as of a phenomenon such as the Russian mat.

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