The second month of pregnancy

Future child.

Height – 1,6-2,2 cm, weight – 1 gr.

The most important changes in the baby’s body will be the appearance of the rudiments of the organs of sight and hearing, lungs, liver, thyroid gland, neural tube – the prototype of the spinal cord and spine.

There is intensive formation of the skeleton. The body of the embryo is divided into arms and legs, the feet, palms, fingers are separated. Hands are elongated, an elbow joint appears. Gradually develop muscles, the kid even actively moves, but you can not feel it yet.

From 21 days after conception, heart pulsation can be determined. The heart rate reaches 140-150 beats per minute, almost twice as much as that of the mother. It can already pump blood and even split into the right and left halves. There is a system of blood vessels. The embryo already has its own blood type.

The head of the unborn child is disproportionately large, compared to the rest of the body. Actively form the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, although this is still only a point. The digestive tract begins to form.

The spinal cord and the central nervous system develop very rapidly. Every minute the child has 100 thousand new nerve cells. You can talk about the emergence of paired hemispheres of the future brain and cerebellum. Between the legs appears a tiny bump – from it then develop the external genitalia. But it is still impossible to determine whether this is a boy or a girl.

By the end of the month the kid disappears gill slits and the right umbilical vein (there is only one left). But the “tail” of the child will finally disappear only after a couple of weeks. Your baby has grown to the size of a small olive tree and already begins to resemble a real man.

Future Mom.

Your uterus began to increase: by the end of the month it will reach the size of the grapefruit. Favorite things will be already a bit cramped, but the tummy is not yet noticeable.

You did the test and made sure you were pregnant. Now is the right time to pay a visit to the doctor and register with the women’s consultation. It is best to do this before 9 weeks, to go through the 10th week of ultrasound and pass the necessary tests.

To visit a doctor before the 20th week of pregnancy, at least once every 4 weeks. At the first appointment, the doctor will fill out a special card, which will include information about your age, height, weight, what diseases you had, whether there are pathologies, etc. At you will take smears on an infection (a mycoplasma, a ureaplasma, a streptococcus, gonokokki, a syphilis).

You will receive referrals for blood tests (clinical, biochemistry, blood group, Rh factor, hCG, AIDS and infections (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex 1 and 2 species, parvovirus B19)), as well as general urinalysis .

In addition to the tests in the first trimester of pregnancy, you need to undergo an examination with a therapist, dentist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, and otolaryngologist.

In the second month you may be strongly troubled by toxicosis. It will end by the 12th week of pregnancy, as long as you have to endure it. Most often, the toxicosis comes in the morning, but can be caught at any time, especially in transport or stuffy rooms.

Therefore, you should carry an emergency bag, wet wipes and a small bottle of water. It is best to walk as little as possible alone.

In addition to toxicosis, severe physical fatigue, drowsiness, headache or dizziness, frequent urination, constipation, heartburn, changes in appetite, and strange taste preferences (“a salty tug”) may overtake you.

Your chest changes. It swells, it becomes a little painful, nodules swell around the nipples – so-called Montgomery’s nodules. The skin can suddenly become dry and irritated or covered with acne – this is a reaction to hormonal changes in the body.

Mood swings become very noticeable. You can suddenly get nervous and even cry. But everything is not so bad as you sometimes can imagine. It’s just the reaction of your body to pregnancy.

The main danger of the second month is miscarriage in the early stages. Therefore, try to observe the following rules:
1. Eat well and serve little by little, but often.
2. Frequently drink mineral water without gas or freshly squeezed juices. Tea and coffee should be gradually eliminated from the diet.
3. Take vitamins for pregnant women.
4. Urgently quit smoking if you are a smoker.
5. Do not overheat. Hot bath, sauna, sauna, solarium can stimulate miscarriage, as well as interfere with the normal development of the child’s spine.
6. Listen carefully to your body every day. If you have any pain or discharge red-brown color from the vagina, lie on the couch and call a doctor.
7. Limit your exercise and fitness, replace them with a visit to the pool.

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