The most wanted criminals

These people are searched around the world. They are looking for the FBI, the CIA, the US Department of Narcotics and special services of many other countries. Such a rating is made in America quite often – the nation must know its main enemies. However, the activities of these criminals have no borders. Most of their actions they committed just outside the US.

Moreover, for the first time in the last time in the ranking there was not a single representative. But from Russia on the list at once three. And the leader of the list has changed. For a long time, Osama bin Laden was considered the “Culprit No. 1”, but after his death in May 2011, the rating was led by the drug lord from Mexico Joaquin Guzman.

The most wanted criminals

Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman (born in 1957).

The most wanted criminal in the world is headed by the Mexican drug cartel “Sinaloa”. Now he is also on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world. His career in the drug business Guzman began as a student of Miguel Gallardo, the legendary drug lord of the 80s. At the beginning of the XXI century Guzman was already in prison, but fled from there in a basket for dirty laundry. Since then, the drug baron has been hiding from the authorities in the mountains in the north-west of Mexico. And his subordinates conduct a brutal and bloody war for spheres of influence, not only with competitors, but also with the army and the police of the country. Thanks to the supply of cocaine and marijuana, Guzman still earns billions. Today, for the capture of Guzman, a $ 5 million reward was announced. This is one of the biggest awards in the history of the fight against the drug mafia.

The most wanted criminals

Ayman al-Zawahiri (born in 1951).

After the death of Osama, Ayman became the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist network. For a long time he was the second person in this organization. Ayman was born in Egypt, having received the education of a surgeon. In the 1970s, the young man joined the extremist group “Islamic Jihad”. In 1981, al-Zawahiri was arrested as an accomplice in the assassination of the president of the country. After leaving for freedom, Ayman continued his terrorist activities. He led a group of Egyptian Afghans who had joined al-Qaeda. In the late 90’s it was Zavahiri who organized the bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In 1996, the terrorist together with his comrades-in-arms visited Chechnya and even went to jail. However, he was quickly released. Immediately after the events of September 11, 2001, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Zavahiri. In Egypt, he was sentenced to death in absentia. Davud Ibrahim (born in 1955).

This Indian stands at the head of the big criminal ramified organization D-Company. Her interests are vast, she has penetrated into all criminal spheres, from drug trafficking and ending with contract killings. The main activity of the syndicate is carried out in the territory of India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. The FBI claims that Ibrahim works closely with Al Qaeda, as well as its Lashkar-e-Taiba branch in South Asia. It is this criminal that is responsible for the terrorist attacks on the city of Mumbai in 1993 (257 people were killed and 713 injured) and in 2008 (166 people were killed). According to available information, the organization of these actions was conducted from Pakistan, where Ibrahim permanently resides under the cover of local special services. Islamabad himself categorically rejects this information. Semen Mogilevich (born in 1946).

A Russian businessman also has citizenship in Ukraine, Hungary and Israel. Already in the 70 years, Semyon was tried for illegal buying up of gold, currency and fraud. Having stayed out, Mogilevich made a train station grouping. Perestroika allowed him to organize a legal business – transportation of goods, a network of toilets. In 1988, Mogilevich moved to Hungary, where he eventually became the owner of dozens of nightclubs and weapons factories. Nightclubs became dens, and factories produced products for smuggling. At the same time, the criminal did not lose contact with his homeland.In 1994, at the gathering of the world’s largest criminal authorities in Italy, Mogilevich represented the entire CIS. In 1995, in England, a criminal case was filed against Mogilevich for laundering tens of millions of dollars, a few years later, our compatriot’s affairs became interested in the United States. According to the intelligence service, Mogilevich also traded nuclear weapons. The perpetrator left America, fleeing the charges of laundering 10 billion dollars. The Russian authorities refused to extradite Mogilevich to the American authorities. It was rumored that he was the shadow owner of RosUkrEnergo and Eural Trans Gas, which supplied gas to Ukraine. In 2008, Mogilevich was arrested in Moscow on charges of evading taxes. However, the businessman was quickly released, and his case is closed. America promises 100 thousand dollars to someone who will help to arrest Semen Mogilevich.

The most wanted criminals

Nasser Al-Wahishi.

This offender has dual citizenship – Yemen and the United States. He is one of the leaders of the al-Qaida branch on the Arabian Peninsula. It was Al-Wahishi who recruited new employees, trained them in the camps and planned new terrorist attacks. In 2006, the criminal was arrested in Yemen, he was accused of kidnapping people for ransom. But only a year later Al-Vahishi was released, now he is hiding in the territory of Yemen. The US authorities believe that it is he who is responsible for a series of major terrorist attacks in the region. After bin Laden’s death, Al-Wahishi from the website of his organization officially threatened the whole world with a new wave of violence.

The most wanted criminals

Matteo Messina Denaro (born in 1962).

This Sicilian Mafiosi received the nickname Diabolic (“devilish”) from the name of the comic character. Matteo was born in a criminal family, his father was capo district and was the head of the Mafia Commission in Trapani. Already at the age of fourteen the young man got acquainted with the rifle, and his first murder was committed at 18. Denaro said he killed about 50 people, and a fierce reputation was given to him by the elimination of the rival, the boss Vincenzo Milazzo, along with the pregnant girlfriend. After the death of his father in 1988, Matteo took his place, eventually widening the boundaries of his criminal management. In 1993, a series of explosions thundered-the mafia decided to show the state and journalists who was the boss. After that, Denaro was forced to go underground. When Bernardo Provenzano was arrested in 2006, it was Matteo who was named the new boss of the goat nostra. The activity of the Mafiosi attracted attention and the FBI, because he dough cooperates with Colombian drug cartels, the mafia in America and South Africa. An illegal network stretches to Belgium and Germany. Matteo himself is the glory of the burner of life. Mafiosi has a weakness for women, expensive cars, watches and clothes, can play for hours on the computer.

The most wanted criminals

Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (Taiwan) (born in 1949).

This Russian businessman is known for his patronage, in addition to culture he loves football. Tokhtakhunov even has the Order of the Legion of Honor for helping the culture of France. Youth Alimzhan held in Tashkent, where he met with the future oligarch Mikhail Cherny, Yeltsin’s advisor tennis coach Shamil Tarpishchev. In the 80’s Alimzhan began his criminal career as a professional card player, becoming one of the most famous “katal” of the late Soviet period. Since 1989, Taiwanchik is a resident of Germany, eventually he received Israeli citizenship. Next was France, Monte Carlo, Italy. In 2002, at the Olympics in Salt Lake City scandal thundered – Tokhtakhunov was accused of juggling the results of competitions in figure skating. Representatives of the IOC did not reveal the guilt of the Russian, and the Italian authorities refused to extradite him to the United States. There a lot of questions accumulated to Taiwanchik. The authorities of America accuse him of trafficking in drugs, weapons and stolen cars. As a result, Alimzhan returned to Moscow in 2003. The criminal case in the US has not been closed, which does not allow traveling to most countries.Recently, Tokhtakhunov often visited Ukraine, taking advantage of the fact that she does not have a bilateral treaty with the US on the extradition of criminals.

The most wanted criminals

Felicien Kabuga.

In 1994, massive bloodshed occurred in Rwanda, which became a mourning stain in the country’s history. Several decades in the country there was a civil war on the basis of ethnic contradictions between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes. The signal for genocide was the crash of the plane with the President of the country on April 6, 1994. The radio station of the African media tycoon Felicien Kabuga called for the Hutus to crack down on their enemies. As a result, the president’s supporters killed more than eight hundred thousand ethnic Tutsis, as well as some politically moderate Hutus, accusing them of sympathy. A wave of arrests, pain, rape, and tragedy swept through the country. Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants fled the country. Kabuga himself armed his supporters with machetes and hoes, provided them with transport for quick movement. According to the UN report, only over 100,000 orphans remained in the country alone. The International Tribunal could not leave the genocide without attention, demanding the transfer of the most responsible for those events. However, the country’s authorities are still hesitant to hand over the wealthy businessman Kabuga. The US offered $ 5 million for any information that facilitates the arrest of Felicien or any of his accomplices. Joseph Coney (born in 1962).

Koni runs the Lord’s Resistance Army. This armed formation has been trying for a couple of decades to establish in Uganda the power of the Christian dictatorship, based on the Bible and the 10 commandments. Joseph began as a Catholic priest. He could not stay away from politics and led the uprising in 1987. For a time he was an associate of his cousin-healer. After her death, Coney declared himself the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. However, the actions of the Ugandan regular army, with the support of the Sudan, DR Congo and the United Nations, have significantly reduced the power of the Koni army lately. Joseph’s troops can only lead partisan activities – they attack small villages, steal the peasants into slavery and cattle. The fact that Joseph Kony is still alive, has caused a legend among the local population that he can stop bullets. Doku Umarov (born in 1964).

Doku received a specialty as a civil engineer, in the 1980s was convicted of murder by imprudence. In 1992, he was accused of already deliberately killing two people. Hiding from justice, Umarov went to Chechnya, where the fire of war flared up. Umarov quickly made a career there, first heading the militia detachment, and then becoming a brigadier general. In the government of Maskhadov Umarov was the Secretary of National Security, but quickly quarreled with him. During the second Chechen company, Umarov is again active – kidnapping people for ransom, attacking populated areas, blowing up houses. In 2006, Doku Umarov became president of the self-proclaimed republic of Ichkeria. Today Umarov is the leader of the Chechen separatists. The authorities have already reported seven times about his death, but the information was incorrect every time. It is Umarov who stands behind the loudest terrorist attacks in Russia in recent years – the Nevsky Express explosion, explosions in the Moscow metro in 2010. In early 2011, Umarov said that it was he who organized the terrorist attack in Domodedovo. Today, the United States promises to reward Umarov with a $ 5 million reward, as much as Russia promises. Currently, the terrorist lives in Turkey, receiving medical care there.

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