The most unusual vodka

Many people are looking for the best vodka for themselves so as not to suffer later from side effects. But than one species is fundamentally different from the other?

Pay attention to the degree of cleaning, the quality of water, other raw materials. As a result, the best ingredients can boast only a few types of this drink.

But today almost every strong alcoholic drink tries to meet the quality requirements. Manufacturers are trying to attract customers to themselves in new ways. Alcohol companies maximally include their creativity.

So on the shelves of shops appears vodka, where instead of spring water is used water from the iceberg ice, the degree of vodka is different from the standard. Rarely, but you can find sparkling vodka, in the manner of champagne, or a drink of black color.

It should be noted that all such tricks still affect health. We will tell below about the most unusual varieties of vodka that can decorate any table.

The most unusual vodka

Vodka from blackberries and hibiscus flowers.

Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur makes such an unusual drink. Its cost is 25 dollars. The manufacturer has become famous in France for its blackberry liqueur, very popular in this country. The company decided to produce a special flavored vodka brand Chambord. This first attempt to expand the product range, it was successful. The success of vodka contributed to the good reputation of the liquor Chambord, which is used in many cocktails. As a result, vodka with a similar taste, but not so sweet, is an original find for any bartender. Yes, and the sector of flavored vodkas is now on the rise, remaining the only one on the alcohol market growing after the crisis. The basis of the drink is pure French water, wheat, blackberry and hibiscus flowers. Vodka has even its own slogan – “Pink your drink”, which directly indicates that it is more intended for cocktails than for independent use. By the way, the manufacturer supports the “Cancer Foundation Against the Breast”, using in its symbolism a pink color, like a drink.

The most unusual vodka

Sparkling vodka.

International English Distillers Ltd has released O2 Sparkling Premium Vodka, which costs just over $ 50. Remembering sparkling vodka, the first thing to come to mind is this drink, passed through the siphon. After all, so in its time prepared its cunning Soviet alcoholics. But today elite sparkling vodka is produced on an industrial scale, I enjoy great popularity. Hardly its creator, O2 Philip Maitland, whose ancestors were from Russia, had ever heard of the unconventional use of the siphon by our compatriots. The man claims that the idea of ​​creating a strong carbonated drink came to him before the very celebration of the New Year in Paris. Philip watched as his friends picked up glasses of champagne, he himself preferred vodka. It was in his head that a unique idea came to unite these two drinks into one. It took two years to realize the unique technology. But then the invention was immediately patented. So the light saw the sparkling vodka O2. It is prepared on the basis of English wheat, the local same pure water. Vodka passes through three stages of purification. Connoisseurs say that due to its effervescence, O2 vodka is much easier to drink than ordinary. And if the drink is used moderately, then it can generally benefit. To date, the idea of ​​carbonated vodka has found supporters in other countries, it is also produced in Sweden and Lithuania.

The most unusual vodka

Mongolian vodka archives “Hero of Chigizids”.

The price of this vodka is at least $ 50. Mongolian vodka, arch, in Europe it is customary to call “cunning water”. The fact is that drinking this drink, you hardly feel its fortresses. The way of making this vodka goes back to antiquity. Mongols are distilling the fermented milk of their goats. As a result, the taste of such vodka is more like skim milk, and not strong vodka.Archie is drunk very easily, it is not accepted even to have a snack. This vodka is drunk from pots, as if it is tea. But intoxication will still come. Especially it will be surprising to those who are unfamiliar with the arch. That is why vodka was called “cunning water”. Today, manufacturers only study the market for the possibility of delivering archives in large quantities. Mongolia is famous for its untouched nature, pure air. And the organic products of this country should be expected to benefit more, which is now in demand among consumers. This allowed the Mongolian vodka to flash already at some international exhibitions and get there prizes for its unusual taste, softness and purity. A “Hero of Chingizid” is one of the best brands offered by Mongolia for export. Potato Vodka Chase.

The most unusual vodka


Chase Distillery produces potato vodka at a cost of 33 euros. But you can not even pay attention to such a product, because it looks like the most usual way. But in 2010 in San Francisco at the world tasting championship this vodka was officially recognized as the best in the world. One of the main features of the drink is that it is prepared completely by hand. All production processes are concentrated in one place – on a farm in English Hertfordshire. Potatoes are grown here, immediately it is fermented, alcohol is purified, distilled. On the website of the manufacturer, even online, you can observe the entire cooking process, making sure that everything declared by the manufacturer is true. Until recently, only 1000 bottles of this vodka were produced per year. After all, the creator of the variety, William Chase, reasonably believed that the main thing – quality, not quantity. However, the loud success of vodka led to the fact that the capacity of production was decided to increase several times. True it is reported that this will continue to be manual production.

The most unusual vodka

Black vodka Blavod.

The name of vodka is not very good for a Russian person. But it is a composite of two words – Black and Vodka. Such a drink can be purchased for $ 30. Black vodka appeared on the market in 1996. Created such a drink Englishman Mark Dorman, a marketer and a fan of parties. The idea of ​​creating such vodka came to him in the San Francisco bar. The barman offered Dorman vodka and tonic, and other customers who sat next to him offered black coffee or coffee with milk. Such a coincidence became the basis for the idea of ​​a new drink. The resulting black vodka quickly became popular with all club youth. After all, visitors to these institutions, in addition to quality, pay attention to the original appearance of the drink. To get the vodka its unusual black color, catechu extract is added to it. This plant family of acacia grows in Africa and South Asia. Such an additive does not affect the taste of vodka, although some connoisseurs say that it is the catechu that makes Blavod especially soft.

The most unusual vodka

The most expensive vodka in the world is Diva Premium Vodka.

Blackwood Distillers produces an elite alcoholic beverage, the cost of which starts from 1500 euros. It is customary to think that the stern Scots have everything in their image. Nature – rocks and stones, food – famous giblets, and a drink – an obligatory whiskey. It would seem that there is no place for elegance in this country. However, it is here that one of the most refined and expensive vodkas in the world is produced. The name of the Diva vodka comes from the abbreviation of two words – Diamond and Vodka. Drinking in its production is mandatory filtration. First the vodka passes through the coal of the northern birch, and then through the fragments of emeralds, rubies and diamonds. The output is very soft vodka, which marketers strongly recommend to women. However, such advice is based not only on the mellow taste. After all, inside each unique bottle is a glass tube filled with precious stones. This determines the final cost of vodka. The more expensive the stones in the tube, the more expensive and the bottle with a drink.Customers are also given the opportunity to choose which stones will be in the tube. It can be diamonds or topaz. The price range for Diva vodka is truly amazing, starting with a few thousand pounds the cost can reach even a million.

The most unusual vodka

The southernmost vodka in the world.

The creator of this drink was the New Zealand company Pacific Dawn Limited. Vodka was named 42 Below. It costs 25 pounds. Why did the number “42” appear in the title? The fact is that the 42nd parallel runs just in the middle of New Zealand, and the strength of vodka is exactly 42 degrees. The last parameter determines the high price for vodka, in comparison with the usual one. The drink is produced near Wellington, at a place that was once recognized as the cleanest on the planet by the composition of water and air. This makes vodka 42 Below also one of the cleanest on the planet. The drink has a well-thought-out brand, the advertising companies of which are bright and memorable. Vodka is produced with a taste of kiwi, passion fruit, feijoa, tea tree flowers with honey. 42 Below can be bought not only in New Zealand itself, but also in America and England. Vodka from the iceberg iceberg.

For $ 22, Canadian Iceberg Vodka offers to purchase an unusual alcoholic beverage. Like New Zealand, Canada is also famous for its clean water and air. However, local manufacturers decided to go beyond their competitors. The purest Iceberg vodka is made from water, which is located in the Valley of icebergs near the island of Newfoundland. For more than 15 years, sailors have been delivering multi-toned pieces of icebergs, whose average age is 12,000 years. The weight of the fragments reaches 10 tons. They are transported to the place of production of vodka. There, the ice is heated, and the purest water is combined with grain alcohol, which has passed the triple filtration. The owners of the company report that such vodka is the cleanest in the world. After all, the ice, which later turns into water, has an age of 12 thousand years. Since then, it has not been exposed to any pollution, except for volcanic sediments, which are easily filtered out. Vodka has its own slogan – “the best vodka you can try for the last 12 thousand years.” The drink has a website that resembles the National Geographic magazine. After all, there are many photographs of icebergs and picturesque Canadian nature. Immediately you can see photo and video materials about the procedure for delivery of fragments of icebergs in Newfoundland.

The most unusual vodka

French grape vodka Cîroc.

Vodka is usually made from barley, wheat, even potatoes. The procedure is basically worked out, differing little from different manufacturers. But the French manufacturer Diageo has produced vodka, which basically has winemaking technologies. For its release, the best varieties of French grapes are used. This technology uses cold fermentation and maceration. The product received was called Cоroc, its cost is 120 dollars. For its production, grapes of “uni blanc” and “moza blanc” varieties are grown, which grows near the town of Cognac. There are still used special methods of growing grapes, developed by Benedictine monks. The berries are still collected by hand. Cоroc undergoes distillation five times, which gives vodka a lack of ordinary bitterness and pure taste. Although the drink is produced using traditional technologies, unchanged since the 10th century, it has a modern advertising approach. Since 2007 vodka is advertised by rapper Puff Daddy.

The most unusual vodka

The strongest in the world vodka Pincer Shanghai Strength.

This Scotch drink offered by Pincer can be purchased for $ 130. Soon it will be shipped to China. The strength of the drink is 88.8 degrees. The release of such luxury vodka surprised everyone. However, the Scots do not get used to the strongest drinks.After all, the strongest whiskey Bruichladdich X4 with an alcohol content of 91.2% is produced here, the strongest beer is Sink the Bismarck with 41 degrees and the gin Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60, a fortress of 60 degrees. Pincer says that vodka owes its qualities to the centuries-old experience of cleaning alcohol, water from mountainous areas of Scotland, selected grain and thistle extract. And her softness is present, despite the high degree. It is planned that China will become the main market for the beverage. After all, Pincer has found an unexpected reason for this. In this country the figure 8 is traditionally considered to be happy, and in fact there are three eights in vodka at once. The drink should look just a well of luck.

The most unusual vodka

The most invigorating vodka in the world V2.

The Dutch from Wingard Importers released V2 vodka. It costs about $ 40 and is very popular among clubbing nightclubs. There V2 drink simply in huge quantities, because vodka combines strong alcohol with energy. But you can not take the drink just as a mixture of vodka and redbull. After all, in V2 there are no dyes, sugar and preservatives. Vodka is prepared from the best wheat varieties, very pure water is used. This immediately puts it in a premium class. But after the production of the main liquid, a specially invented mixture of caffeine and taurine is added there. Vodka has its own slogan – The morning Vodka. Marketers of the manufacturer assure that the drink, created on the basis of V2, invigorates much better than a cup of the strongest coffee. The creators of vodka are trying to maximize the sales market, not limited only to nightlife. The manufacturer believes that even in informal negotiations it will be better to use V2, rather than traditional alcohol, which tends to sleep. The product became so successful that the manufacturer began to produce and tequila T2, which also contains caffeine and taurine.

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