The most unusual methods of modern therapy

Those who with foam at the mouth advocate alternative medicine, argue that the whole difference between such techniques and traditional ones is only in their temporary non-recognition by official bodies. As a result, there are a number of techniques that affect fairly well, both on the health of the patient and on the healer’s purse.

Today, there are many healers who, with the help of alternative methods, promise to heal practically from any illness. There are secrets and a return of the former beauty, they in fact have been specified still by the ancient.

Is it any wonder that the effectiveness of such methodologies is difficult to estimate. Some of them really help, others directly expose the charlatan. We will tell below about the most unusual methods of treatment for today. Let everyone be able to assess whether it is worth to be treated with their help or not.

Treatment in the cryocamera.

Many people, of course, heard about freezing people in cryogenic chambers. In such a case, the patient’s body is placed in liquid nitrogen in order to revitalize it in a few tens or hundreds of years. After all, then doctors, of course, will be able to defeat the most serious diseases. But what if a living person, without clothes, is placed in such a chamber, at a temperature of -85 degrees, for only a few minutes? Supporters of this technique argue that a three-minute stay of a person in such conditions leads to a positive shock to the whole body. Anesthetic hormones are beginning to be developed, and strengths are emerging for sports activities. Such doping should be recognized as legal.

Urine therapy, coprotherapy.

Not everyone perceives urine and feces, only as a waste of human life. On one of the fan Internet resources, ardent followers compare urine, with the tasty food that we leave on the plate at the end. The cleverest adepts claim that drinking their own urine heals from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, allergies and asthma. These methods are old enough – they are thousands of years old. Only here is the medical effectiveness of using your own urine and feces so officially and not proven.

Gene therapy.

Genetics argue that all human problems are hidden in its DNA. If the patient suffers from depression, then the fault is his poor heredity, all the grievances experienced by his ancestors. If a person can not quit smoking, then surely one of the ancestors at one time worked in the tobacco industry, soaked in nicotine. Brave geneticists argue that by interfering with the structure of DNA, it will be possible to remove from the person those most damaging genes that lead to diseases. Only how to do it is not yet clear. Of course, in this field is full of charlatans, some of them even offer DNA correction by phone. In the meantime, the genetic disposal of such widespread misfortunes as cancer and alcoholism is a success.


In Russian, this technique can be defined as “Mom, give birth to me back.” The patient is allegedly stretched through the birth canal, causing severe stress and trauma. To immerse yourself in, you must lie down and begin using conscious breathing by energetic inhalation and a relaxed exhalation. It is believed that in this case the memory of the prenatal state, the appearance of the child and early childhood, begins to appear in the patient’s soul. Doctors believe that this way they can find the same childish fear that subsequently led to psychosomatic disorders already in adulthood. Fear removes, and the problems associated with it disappear. Thus you can get rid of children’s complexes. Who knows, maybe the evil Babay or Santa and have caused the current failures of man.

Energy pendant.

If you’ve watched a golf match at least once, you’ve probably seen that many players put on their necks a strange pendant when they enter the field. It has a triangular shape and a black or silver color. In fact, this is not a fashionable accessory for golfers, but a kind of medicine for them.Players as one assure that the products of the firm “Qlink” can recharge their biofield, restoring mental and physical strength. Only here there is this invisible aura of a person? Today, strangely enough, even scientists with university degrees agree with this provision, acquiring charlatan crafts for protection from energy vampires.

Treatment of wounds by larvae.

The world around us is full of insects, it’s foolish to try to hide from it. Some of them are beautiful, others, like worms, are often associated with death and decay. After all, they eat only dead flesh, only so and developing. It is a question of fly fungus. These larvae, disgusting even externally, live in garbage piles and graves. However, inquisitive healers have discovered an interesting feature in such insects – they can clean infected wounds. This method of unconventional therapy is quite old. Today, interest in opaque therapy has renewed, as bacteria have appeared, which are not afraid of antibiotics. But against voracious, but non-contagious magma microorganisms can not stand. Worms are placed on the wound, they begin to thin the infected tissues, eating them together with bacteria. And the living flesh remains intact. Those who have been eaten with sponge are removed back into the jar, waiting for the new patient. A happy healed person is discharged from the hospital, trying to quickly forget the methods of his treatment. Do you think that such a method is savagery? But since 2004, larval therapy for meat flours has been officially authorized in the United States.

Destruction of parasites that cause AIDS or cancer.

Some experts claim that all types of cancer are similar to each other, but they are caused by a parasite. And even the name of this simple being is known – the intestinal trematode. It is only to destroy it, as the cancer will instantly pass, and the tissue will instantly return to normal. To develop cancer in the body, it is necessary that this parasite settled there. This is exactly what Dr. Halda Clarke says, in particular. This naturopath has produced a whole series of books with promising titles of “incurable diseases” and “Healing from all forms of cancer.” Only now Clark has never been engaged in medicine or microbiology. The writer was engaged in private practice in Mexico, but from there she was eventually expelled. Just once, a clever public health official came to her with a check. He, being healthy, introduced himself as a sick man with cancer and AIDS. And Mrs. Khalda was able to cure him, demanding a round sum of money. The fate ironically laughed at the charlatan – Halda Clarke died in 2009 because of cancer.

Treatment with leeches.

Few can decide on hirudotherapy, treatment with leeches. With these creatures, as well as with maggots, fastidiously prefer not to get involved. However, in this case, the use of such an unpleasant remedy can help. You just need to let the leeches frolic on the skin, sucking to the capillaries, this can give the result! Like Duramar once, doctors today often use bloodsuckers in order to restore blood flow in torn and sewn back extremities. In such a complicated business, leeches are beyond competition. Even Hollywood star Demi Moore admitted that she was cleaning her blood with leeches – this helps her to look much younger than her years. Rumors refer to the fans of this tool and our singer Natalia Korolev. Only here hirudotherapy has one interesting nuance, before the patient to give himself to feed worms, you must swim in turpentine!

Beer jacuzzi.

Many alcoholics would like to swim in beer, naturally, without paying for such a pleasure. But in some places this can be done at a very high cultural level and for an adequate amount. Doctors believe that bathing in this foamy drink has its advantages. That is why today thousands of people visit the Czech beer spas every year. People are sure that in this way they manage to heal the musculoskeletal system, saturate the body with vitamins (and if they are in warm beer?) And just relax.The latter, by the way, is easy, because alcohol can be absorbed through the skin. For such procedures, a special dark beer is produced, which can not be drunk. The therapeutic 20-minute procedure costs 24 euros, the price also includes 2 mugs of aged beer, taken inwards.

Ozone therapy.

This methodology has been debating for many years between supporters and opponents. The first think that ozone treatment is a wonderful method that can help in the fight against cancer, AIDS and most other diseases. As a result, the gas is obtained from chemically pure oxygen, saturating the bodies of people in various ways. These can be injections, mini-saunas, etc. But the American health authorities believe that ozone is a poisonous substance. He can not be attributed to pronounced medical properties. But what about the results of clinical studies, which often claim the opposite? After all, ozone successfully counteracts fungi and bacteria, although it also contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. Curiously, at a temperature of minus 120 degrees, ozone turns into a dense liquid of indigo color.

Transplantation of a new body.

Death of people due to injuries or serious damage to the organs of the body, unrelated to the brain, is often a phenomenon. In medicine, there is an opinion that if you quickly cut off the head, the brain continues to experience severe pain for a few seconds. Even if the cut off head is poked into the open eyes, then they will immediately close, reflexively defending themselves. Even in the Middle Ages the executioners knew that the heads of criminals severed by them continue to live for another half an hour, gnawing baskets where they are thrown. This was discovered after it turned out that these very baskets should be changed quite often. Even in recent history, not one dozen facts are known, when doctors sewed their patients with practically separated from the body of the head, which were actually held on one cervical spinal cord. In fantasies, he draws a possible future. So the concept of whole-body transplantation appeared. It is assumed that you do not need to transplant the entire head, together with the organs of hearing, vision, teeth. It will only be enough to transfer the healthy brain itself to a new, healthier vault. Theoretically, there are no barriers to this, as well as to heart, liver or spleen transplant. As soon as scientists achieve success in the regeneration of nervous tissue, one can immediately think about ethical issues in the matter of brain transplantation.

Head transplant.

The theme of whole head transplantation – with hair, teeth and even holes from the piercing, will be unpleasantly offensive to many scientists. But in fact in the 1950s the Soviet surgeon Demikhov transplanted the heads of young puppies of adult individuals. The experiment as a whole was considered unsuccessful, but in fact one of the experimental creatures was able to live with a stranger’s head for almost a month! However, the donor’s head has very much disliked its recipient, periodically and painfully biting it. However, the problem of tissue rejection was not solved that way. In 1963, a similar experience was conducted by American doctors. The test monkey also did not live long, constantly biting. And the Japanese decided not to lag behind, sewing a second head to a laboratory rat. According to scientists, the secret of success was the use of low temperatures. In today’s biology there is a fashionable experimental direction – stem cells. They can later turn into any others. And in the matter of transplanting the head, these cells have special hopes. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania were able to connect the dissected spinal cord of the mouse with the help of stem cells, giving the news of this hope to thousands of disabled people. It seems that the sewing of the severed head will soon become possible. People dream that they will soon be able to change their decrepit body to a young one. The big question is whether such operations will be available in the near future, besides, it is worthwhile to fear the criminal subjects of growing bodies “for sale.”

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