The most unusual chips

Potato chips are a universal snack. Even on the shelves of Soviet shops you could meet crispy strips. Today, this product is one of the most favorite snacks. On the universality of chips says the fact that they can be found in almost any country in the world.

And depending on local preferences and culinary traditions and chips made with different flavors and flavors. Some of them look rather strange, but manufacturers just do not go to attract attention to their product.

The most unusual chips

Lobster with cheese.

When it comes to lobster on a platter, immediately there is a refined restaurant and a high cuisine, and not a batch of chips and a glass of beer. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to enjoy lobsters in a democratic atmosphere. Manufacturers of chips gave their product a taste of lobster with cheese. This unusual sort is offered by the company “Lays”, producing it in China. And if it seems that such an idea is not strange enough, it is worth to evaluate the packaging of these chips. On it lobsters literally enjoy, swimming in a viscous cheese sauce. Apparently, to evaluate such an amazing variety of chips anywhere except in China, not ready.

The most unusual chips

Baked beans.

Some manufacturers skillfully outplay the shortcomings of their products, turning them into dignities. What can I do with the unsuccessful bean flavor? Although it is known to all that legumes are useful for the heart, the glory of this product is in the enhancement of natural gas emission of a person. Looks somehow not very appetizing. Nevertheless, the company “Walkers” in 2003 released chips with a taste of beans, trying to beat this effect. Each pack of the product was sold along with a souvenir – a free pillow perdushkoy for harmless rallies. And the release of such chips was not initially commercially oriented. The manufacturer, therefore, supported the English comic event “Comic Relief”, which with the help of humor collected money to help developing countries. The British called on big companies and the public to do bizarre and stupid things. Someone was riding a unicycle with a pie in his hand, wore his clothes backwards. But the “Walkers” joked over one of human weaknesses. And although it seemed to everyone that the chips would stop releasing after the end of the program, they turned out to be so unorganized and amusing that charity helped boost sales. So branded pillows from the “Walkers” spread everywhere.

The most unusual chips


Kiwi is a rather unusual product, which is bad for cheesecakes and snacks. It’s hard to imagine a hamburger or pie with kiwi. It turns out to taste just disgusting mucus, besides not quite appetizing green. But the company “Lays” has found another way for kiwi in the world of snacks. The fragrance of this fruit appeared in the chips of the manufacturer, becoming part of the line “cool and refreshing”. Eating such potato leaves, it seems like eating a thin layer of sliced ​​kiwi. Although in fact it is a completely different product. And again we are talking about chips for the Chinese market. Sales there are due to the fact that kiwi in this country is not at all a curiosity, but a natural and pleasant food. However, usually kiwi is preferred to eat whole, at most, in the form of mashed potatoes. It is interesting that this line of chips is also produced with the taste of blueberries. Really someone like it more in combination with potatoes more than in dessert?

The most unusual chips

Breakfast builder.

It’s strange, why the English producer suddenly became concerned about the breakfast of workers of this specialty. Even in the UK itself, the food of builders does not cause anybody special interest. Attention to this profession is riveted except that due to the fashion at half-mended pants. But what does the breakfast have to do with it? An ordinary builder at home at home is not at all chips, but fresh eggs, fresh bacon and toast. The creator of this taste, Emma Rashin, decided to combine all this together and create so much unusual taste for the Walkers contest “Make us tastier”.The chips “Builder’s Breakfast” appeared in 2008. Together with this taste, five even more exotic options fought for the right to get into permanent production. But in 2010 unusual chips ceased to be produced after the manufacturer of the new competition. Apparently, the British public was not particularly interested in what the builders eat.

The most unusual chips

Sheepskins with ground pepper.

In Scotland, there is a national dish – haggis. It represents chopped lamb mutton with seasonings, cooked in a mutton stomach. Apparently, eating such a meal really needs to be brave. And really brave people are not afraid to try and chips with the flavor of haggis. It was this kind of potato product that the Scottish producer Mackie’s produced. And it’s hard to imagine that these chips were popular elsewhere. But the taste of the product is really pleasant, and even the digestive system of a man unfamiliar with Scottish delicacies tolerates these chips as a whole favorably. Only here it is difficult to get rid of the idea of ​​what this unusual taste belongs to. But you can try really Scottish food in the form of potato chips. Smoked ham with pickles.

In a typical Scottish dish, the English responded typically to their own. Anyone who picked up a bag of chips from the manufacturer “Brabnnigans” might think that this is an eccentric dish. Before that, the tastes of cheese with pickles, hams with other additives appeared on the market. But in this combination chips are really unique. True, there is a related variety – with a taste of beef and mustard. Such chips are even painful, because the spicy seasoning is quite strong. Over time, the manufacturer came to the conclusion that people like the burning in itself, and it does not matter what it will come from, even from something eccentric. And this unusual taste was liked not only by the English. In local shops, these chips are not so popular yet, but in online stores and on Ebay wholesale trade is carried out.

The most unusual chips

Cucumber and goat.

If you try to figure out what the most unusual vegetable taste can be found in chips, watery cucumbers clearly do not come to mind. But the company “Lays” decided that the cucumber would be an excellent addition to the Chinese product line “cool and refreshing,” in addition to blueberries and kiwis, which were mentioned above. But this type of chips has an interesting feature. In Belgium, their fragrance is called cucumber and goat. But the employees of “Lays” obviously did not try to give chips something goat. Blame the game of words, which in Belgium altered cucumbers into goat’s cheese. Not only that the chips themselves are watery and tasteless, so here and there they are also associated with hairy animals.

The most unusual chips

Chili and chocolate.

In the pursuit of consumers, manufacturers do not hesitate to produce really strange things. In fact, a mixture of hot peppers and chocolate is not such a novelty. Sweet tiles are produced with a little addition of chili and this product is sold! So why not transfer the unusual experience in the production of chips, thought the “Walkers”. And it’s really strange. Chips work great with chili, chocolate works with peppers, but will they be compatible with threesome? The inventor of this variety, Catherine Veitch, in defense of her creation stated that at first glance chili with chocolate seem and not suitable for potato crisp. In fact, this combination is simply amazing – the heat of spiciness and the flavor of cocoa. Only now the public did not understand this idea, and this sort of chips gave way to an even stranger “Builder’s Breakfast”. Pepsi and chicken.

And again we will return to China in search of a crazy flavor. The company “Lays” released chips with the taste of Pepsi and chicken. It seems that the stomach will not endure such mockery. In fact, this idea is not so strange. Recently, cooking meat in carbonated beverages is becoming more popular. You can remember at least pork in Dr.Pepper, sausages in coca-cola. Caramelized chicken wings, cooked with the help of a popular American fizzy drink, are a very common dish in Chinese cooking. And this really makes sense, because the meat gets also an extra sweet flavor. Local advertising uses this approach, showing a man who rushed to buy “Pepsi” for his girlfriend. But she does not rush to drink a drink, but pours chicken wings on the soda, which she prepares. No wonder after this appearance of chips with such taste. The packet eloquently depicts fat wings, appetizingly falling in a bowl with “Pepsi”. True, most foreign consumers will hardly appreciate the taste of such chips, feeling primarily nausea.

The most unusual chips

Cajun squirrel.

If the vegetable components in the chips do not in principle surprise, then the appearance of the protein as a component is surprising. True, the company “Walkers” explains that in the process of creating a crunchy product, no protein was harmed. It’s unclear just how artificially it was possible to recreate the taste of the animal? How did the manufacturer learn about the taste of protein without harming them? Most likely this kind of chips is called first of all to attract attention. The manufacturer decided to push off the taste of the chicken, decorating it with cajun spices to get something new. However, the consumer before his eyes will always be the images of terrified forest creatures, after which representatives of the Walkers are chasing. Journalist Charlie Brooker described the taste as “the gas-emission of a kitten right into his mouth.” And if at the contest of the strangest tastes the creation of Martin Wright from Staffordshire did not win, in our list of equal he was not!

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