The most romantic shoots

It seems that prison can not have anything to do with romance. Nevertheless, it happens that the place of confinement separates the lovers. Some are ready to wait for many years to meet with their beloved, while others prefer not to sit idly by. For the sake of oneness with their second half, people are ready to go to crime, throwing a habitual way of life, giving up families and stability. It turns out that strong love can overcome even such obstacles as prison walls. And shoots can become very romantic and worthy of a story about them.

The most romantic shoots

Ralph and Rebecca Brown, Freddy and Patricia Gonzalez.

In 1989, Freddy Gonzalez was in prison, serving a four-year sentence for robbery. It happened in the Arkansas Valley, in the city of Crowley, Colorado. Freddie’s friend, Ralph Brown, who was marked in the past by thefts and sexual assaults, was also serving his term there. However, both criminals were lucky – they had loyal wives. They agreed to even risk their lives, just to get their husbands out of prison. On August 19, Rebecca Brown and Patricia Gonzalez took a helicopter to Denver. Women said they wanted to photograph several objects from above. It turned out that they are located near the prison. In flight, the wives took out pistols and forced the pilot to fly to the place of imprisonment of their spouses to pick up those from the prison yard. The guards did not dare to shoot at the helicopter – there was nothing innocent pilot. The fugitives boarded an aircraft and overcame the path of 35 kilometers. After landing, they tied the pilot and moved to a prepared van. Lovers managed to travel 650 kilometers and reach Nebraska. Here, in the residential area of ​​Holdredzh, the fugitives found power. After a small shootout, two desperate couples decided to surrender. Fortunately, the capture was without bloodshed. Men got several more years beyond their time and now continue to miss the freedom behind bars. Their brave wives had to spend 20 years behind bars, but were released on parole. Apparently, they promised to direct their love in a different direction. Randolph Dael and Bobby Parker.

The most romantic shoots


Randy Parker was the head of the correctional colony in Oklahoma. Together with him lived his wife Bobby and two daughters. The Parkers’ house was located not far from the prison, and his wife spent for the prisoners classes on ceramics in the family garage. There, Bobby met artist Randolph Dael. He was an exemplary prisoner, which allowed him to attend art classes often. On the morning of August 30, 1994, when going to work, Randy Parker saw Dael working in the garage. And on his return late at night he did not find in the house either his wife or his family car. And the authorities sounded the alarm – Daela was not in the cell. In the evening of the same day, Bobby telephoned her mother and asked them to tell the children that they would see her soon. However, the woman did not come home. Over the next few years, Daela and Bobby have seen several times together. True, no one could understand whether the woman was an accomplice in the escape or she was abducted against her will. She, being frightened, did not dare to return to the family. Only on April 4, 2005, fugitives were found in Texas on a poultry farm. Dael went back to prison, where he died a couple of years later from lung cancer. And Bobby Parker finally returned to the family. However, in 2011 she was sentenced to a year in prison for helping to escape. Sara Joe Pender and Scott Spitler.

A woman, along with her boyfriend in 2000, was charged with killing two of her roommates. But Sarah herself denied her involvement in the crime, claiming that she only helped the loved one to hide his murder. But the authorities still recognized her guilt and sentenced him to 110 years in prison. Sara began serving time in a high security prison in Rockville, Indiana. In it, she met a married guard Scott Spitler, who also had children.Romantic relations were established, which together with a bribe of 15 thousand dollars contributed to the consent of the guard to organize an escape. August 4, 2008 Pender in the prison sports hall changed into civilian clothes, carefully left for her by Spitler. Then she hid in the guard’s van under the seat and so left the prison yard. The man took the fugitive to the agreed place, where she was already waiting for the former cellmate Jamie Long. She transported Sarah to Indianapolis. The escape quickly showed up, and the video cameras clearly showed who helped the woman to escape. Spitler immediately got accusation of organizing an escape, and he had no choice but to give out an accomplice. She was arrested a few days later, and in December they found Sarah Pender himself. She lived in Chicago under a false name. The former security guard was imprisoned for seven years, and Sarah was sent to the Indianapolis Women’s Prison. This time she was rid of her cellmates – most of the time a woman spends in solitary confinement.

The most romantic shoots

John Yant and Diane Broadbeck.

A 43-year-old housewife from Pennsylvania’s Wellsville, Diane Broadbeck, decided to participate in the church support program for prison inmates. During the event she became friends with the prisoner John Yant. This former mathematics teacher was in Rockview prison for raping and killing his 18-year-old student. And although the crime seemed terrible, the criminal behaved in an exemplary way. This behavior attracted Diana. She began to visit Yant and even write candid letters to him with sexual hints. The criminal himself wrote many applications for review of his sentence and the cancellation of life imprisonment. But the authorities were not going to forgive him. The presence of Yant’s trustee allowed him to work outside the walls of the prison, which, in fact, no one was controlled. On April 5, 1986, the prisoner worked on a road near the penitentiary. Then a car with Diane Broadbell drove up to him and the couple raced off into the distance. The next two years the lovers lived in Idaho under false names. But in 1989, after the story of the flight was broadcast on television in the show “Undisclosed Secrets”, a couple caught. For complicity in the escape Broadbeck was sentenced to two years in prison, after this punishment the woman returned to the family. And Yant continued to serve his life sentence and in 2012 he hanged himself from despair in his cell. Peter Gibb and Heather Parker.

This professional from Australia in 1991 carried out an armed attack on a car with valuables. After the arrest and awaiting trial, Gibb went to a detention center in Melbourne, where he met with prison staff Heather Parker. She only survived the divorce, so she easily entered into a romantic relationship with the prisoner. Employees of the prison even found a couple having sex in the storage cupboard. After that, Parker was transferred to another institution. For his crime, Gibb was sentenced to 12 years in prison. But he decided not to wait until the end of the term and on March 7, 1993, together with another prisoner, Archi Butterly, escaped. Assistant was Peter’s lover, Heather Parker. The woman carried a little explosives into the prison. So they were removed from the path of the lattice, then with the help of bound sheets the fugitives descended. There they were already waiting for a car with weapons, cooked all the same Parker. But when trying to escape, the fugitives got involved in a skirmish with the police. One of the law enforcement officers criminals could injure and hijacked the van. Finally, the escape occurred after reunification with Parker. After 6 days, Gibb was found with his beloved in the town of Gaffney Creek, where he was arrested. During the exchange of fire, their accomplice, Butterly, perished. It is likely that his friends shot him. And Parker and Gibb received ten years in jail for that escape, but a few years later they were released early. After that, the couple continued to meet, but problems with the law led to the separation in 2007.And four years later Gibb died after a fight with three men. Love did not bring freedom and did not change the way of life of the criminal. Samantha Lopez and Ronald McIntosh.

Samantha Lopez served in 1981 in Dublin, California for half a century for robbing several banks. She was held in a women’s prison with a few guards. Nearby there was also a hull for male prisoners who are temporarily awaiting dispatch to other prisons. Working in 1985 in the prison office, Lopez met Ronald McIntosh, who served his term for fraud. True, he was threatened with a new term for financial fraud. The man and the woman had feelings for each other. Realizing that they will never meet at liberty, the couple decided to flee. On October 28, 1986, a man asked for a transfer to a federal prison camp in Lompok. The authorities reacted negligently to this issue – they sent Mackintosh there on an ordinary bus without security. It is not surprising that he never arrived at the place of the new detention. In addition, Mackintosh was an experienced helicopter pilot, having had time to fight in Vietnam. Already on November 4, he captured the air, threatening the pilot with a pistol. The pilot was forced to deliver the offender to the canyon Bollyger, where he was landed. Then Mackintosh flew by himself. He decided to take his beloved with him, for which he made a landing right in the walking yard of the Federal Prison of Dublin. The escape took place, but after 11 days the couple were detained in the Sacramento shopping center. There they tried to pick up the already ordered wedding rings. For trying to escape, Mackintosh got 25 years, and his lover – five more years. A rare case – a runaway prisoner decided to help a friend. But often gullible women are only a tool for escaping. In this case, the romantic feelings took over the desire to save oneself.

The most romantic shoots

Edgar Yugen Cairns and Sandra Kay Bean.

After the divorce, Sandra Kay Biman stayed with two children and was forced to work as a security guard in the County Prison of Cumberland, Maryland. On August 29, 1990, late in the night, Biman’s inmate Edgar Ujen Kearns, serving time for forgery and theft, appeared in the control room and grabbed a woman. With the participation of another prisoner, James Vernon Barnes, Beeman became a hostage. This allowed other guards to open the prison doors and release the criminals to freedom. The fugitives got into Beeman’s car and took it with them. The authorities initially believed that the woman was stolen against her will. But soon there were suspicions of her involvement in the escape. Beeman phoned her daughter and said that everything was all right with her and she was with him. And four days later Barnes was caught, who said that the woman actually had a romantic relationship with Cairns. It turned out that Biman took a voluntary part in the escape. The most interesting thing is that the woman in general was going to marry a very different prisoner, who did not know about her connection with Kerns. This story was shown in the show “Unsolved secrets” after which the heroes were identified in their guests by the owners of the motel in Canada’s Hamilton. Biman and Cairns were immediately arrested, the man received an additional five years in prison for his escape, and his cunning friend – all ten.

The most romantic shoots

William Timothy Kirk and Mary Evans.

William Timothy Kirk was imprisoned for 65 years for an armed robbery. His life, in fact, the time he served in the prison of Morgan County, Tennessee. And in August 1982, the criminal was also accused of killing two prisoners from the same prison. To protect the recidivist fell young lawyer Mary Evans. She spent a lot of time with her client and fell in love with him. With it, Kirk figured out how to escape from prison. The lawyer initiated a meeting of her client with a psychologist. On March 31, 1983, Kirk, accompanied by three guards, met with Evans at an office in Oak Ridge.During a conversation with a psychologist, the lawyer surprised everyone by taking a gun out of her purse and handing it over to the criminal. Threatening the weapon, he tied the guards and the psychologist and fled with his beloved. The couple hid from the authorities for as long as 139 days, but eventually they were found at the Western Union office in Dayton Beach, Florida. After her arrest, the young woman stated that she had experienced the happiest days in her life. It is likely that Evans was acting under the influence of a previously unrecognized mental illness. Her lawyers, in any case, tried to challenge her sanity. But the judge did not believe this and sentenced a young woman to three years in prison. Kirk was convicted in absentia for the escape and murder of two people, adding to his term for another 40 years. In 11 months, Evans was literally released and married to the elect with a criminal past. True, her husband remained to serve his term. Michael and Nadine Vaodge.

In 1986, Michael Vaodge sat in the Paris prison of La Sant, where he served a 28-year sentence for an armed robbery and an attempt to kill a policeman. Michael had already tried to escape from prison three times, but this time he enlisted the support of his wife Nadine. To implement a bold plan, the offender needed a helicopter. That’s only Nadine did not know how to fly it, so she had to specially learn this. On May 28, a woman rented this aircraft and headed for La Sant prison. At the same time, her husband got a fake weapon, and from a pair of peaches made similar grenades. Such fake ammunition allowed him to force the guards to take him to the roof of the prison. Nadine flew there and took her husband. Soon the helicopter sat on a football field nearby, where the couple moved to a prepared car. For four months, the fugitives remained at large until September 27, the woman was detained in a country house. And the next day Michael with two assistants tried to rob a Parisian bank, but got into a gunfight. The bullet hit the bandit in the head, because of what he fell into a coma. After spending 16 months in prison, Nadine found her husband in consciousness, but he had to learn to talk again. But Michael managed to recover completely from a serious injury and in 1993 carried out immediately two attempts to escape from prison and again with the help of a helicopter. The desire to break free and for some reason it is by air in this person is ineradicable.

The most romantic shoots

Laurencia “Bambi” Bembenec and Dominic Gugliatto.

In March 1982, Laurencia Bembenek, nicknamed “Bambi”, learned that she was sentenced to life imprisonment. The woman was accused of the first degree murder, committed in Milwaukee. The judges decided that it was Bembeneck who killed Christina Schultz, who was previously the wife of the detective Fred Schultz. The matter itself turned out to be very ambiguous. The defendant insisted that her fault in the incident was not there. And one of the children killed in general claimed that two masked men disappeared from the scene of the crime. But Laurencia was put in prison, and her husband immediately filed for divorce. While in detention, the woman met Dominic Gugliatto, the brother of another prisoner. A man with a woman fell in love with each other. July 15, 1990 Bembenek escaped. She escaped from the prison through an open laundry window, and then managed to cross a two-meter fence with barbed wire. At large, Laurencia met with Gugliatto, who took her away from the prison. The couple moved to Canada, settling in the city of Thunder Bay. It is interesting that after the escape, the number of supporters of innocence Bembenek only increased. Only three months the woman lived free. Her attempts to achieve the status of a refugee in Canada, which suffered from a conspiracy within the American legal system, failed. The fugitives were brought back to the States. And if Gugliatto received a year in prison, the woman achieved the same revision of her case. This time the court found her guilty of committing a second-degree murder, sentencing him to a suspended sentence.But Laurencia did not give up and continued to fight for the right to be presumed innocent until her death in 2010.

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