The most mysterious creatures of our time

Our world is not so harmless. After all, somewhere there, in the darkness, in isolated forests and in deep bowels of water bodies mysterious creatures live. They appear unexpectedly and just as suddenly and disappear. Frightened witnesses are dumbfounded and puzzled.

As a result, there is no evidence of such meetings. But the creatures continue to exist, in their secluded places, and in our imagination. We will tell below about the ten most mysterious creatures, which according to many still exist on our planet.

After all, there are eyewitnesses who have seen them firsthand. Let some creatures and more incredible than others, but decide whether they really are – let’s give our imagination.

The most mysterious creatures of our time


Snowman, is, perhaps, the most often encountered mysterious creature. Yeti were met in the forests and mountains almost all over the planet. Scientists still can not get reliable evidence about the existence of the Yeti. But every year there are more and more new evidence of its existence. Interestingly, from Florida to Australia people describe the snowman quite consistently and similarly. The growth of the creature is from 2 to 2.5 meters. The yeti himself is covered with long brown, red or white hair. It gives off a nasty smell. The footprint, like the hands, is evidenced by footprints on the ground. It is said that the Yeti avoids the person, and at night can howl. A huge number of meetings indicates that this creature has all chances to become real, an unknown science so far. But what is this? The missing link in evolution? The ancient ancestors of people who have remained to live in deserts and mountains? Or maybe it’s just an unknown kind of monkey? Perhaps, soon the mystery will be revealed. After all, digital technology can significantly improve surveillance of the terrain. In America, in the forests begin to install cameras, which will watch the clock around, trying to discover a mysterious creature. In the meantime, everything that enthusiasts have – prints of large feet, scraps of wool and eyewitness accounts. Loch Ness monster.

In this series, it is worth noting several monsters living in the depths of lakes. Although today scientists are equipped with sensitive electronic devices, water monsters are still eluding observation. But there are good witnesses’ observations. The most famous monster is Loch Ness, his name is Nessie. It is known that this inhabitant of the depths has a long head and neck, the back is hunchbacked. Similar animals were met in other places – Chessy in the Chesapeake Bay, Storsi in the Swedish lake Storcion, Selma in Norway, Champion at Lake Champlain in New York. Most observers say how over the water they noticed a towering hump, only a few lucky people could see the outstretched neck with their heads. Usually, immediately the creature begins to dive. Photo and video evidence of water monsters is very small and almost all of them are blurred. The most famous is the photograph of the fin obtained by the Rhines expedition in 1975. If the creature actually exists, the researchers believe that it can be a plesiosaurus. But he died out more than 66 million years ago! But maybe these incredible creatures could somehow survive deep underwater?

The most mysterious creatures of our time


In our region, this mysterious monster-bloodsucker is known little. The first data on it appeared in the 70s. But the real glory came to this creature in the 90’s with the development of the Internet. This eerie creature attacks cattle and domesticated birds and sucks blood from them. Most often seen Chupacabra in Puerto Rico. Farmers who observed the practice of killing wild dogs say that the monster, when killed, did not eat them and dragged them away, but drained blood through small incisions. Eyewitnesses say that a chupacabra the size of a small monkey, while jumping like a kangaroo. The creature has red eyes, hairy skin, tongue, like a snake and sharp fangs. Around the spine are located feathers, which can be opened.Some believe that this is probably the wings. By the end of the 90’s, evidence of the existence of the monster began to become more and more. He was credited with killing animals in Mexico, in the south of Texas and in South America. In 2000, a series of incidents involving a creature occurred in Chile. There are many theories about the origin of the mysterious creature. Perhaps this is just a natural, but unknown, species of predator. Perhaps – the result of foreign genetic experiments. Most of the serious researchers believe that Chupacabra is just an element of folklore, which local superstitious people inspired. One can only be sure that news about the tricks of this creature will periodically appear.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

Devil from Jersey.

It is said that a terrible humanoid creature wanders around the American city of New Jersey. His terrible appearance, it earned the nickname of the Devil of Jersey. The legend about him first appeared in the middle of the XVIII century. Then the appearance of this creature was considered an omen of war or a great disaster. All this time, periodically there were evidence of a meeting with this creature. Those for several centuries collected about 2000. Even today there are eyewitnesses of encounters with this monster. Although its descriptions differ, there are certain common signs. The height of the devil is about one meter, the horse’s face, and the head is elongated, like the breed of “collie” dogs. The neck of the creature is long, there are half-meter wings on the back, and hoofs on the legs. The front legs hold the creature in front of them. Many believe that this devil can become invisible. It is curious that there is some similarity to Chupacabra. The devil is accused of unexplained deaths of dozens of animals and their injuries. Some eyewitnesses after meeting him went crazy? What kind of creature is this? Theories are similar to those that explain the Chupacabra. One thing is clear, something definitely terrible lives in the forests near New Jersey.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

Human Moth.

Beginning in November 1966, for 13 months, strange events occurred at Point Pleasant, in West Virginia. In addition to numerous reports of UFO sightings and poltergeists, some witnesses told of a meeting with a strange creature. As it is said in the classic book of John Kiel “The Prophecy of the Moth”, hundreds of witnesses saw a winged humanoid. It is described as a two-meter giant with a wingspan of about three meters. His gray skin was covered with scales. Huge red eyes possessed a hypnotic effect. The man-moth could take off and land vertically, developing in the air a speed of up to 130 km / h. Most often, the monster used to eat large dogs. The creature screeched like a rodent or as an electric motor, causing radio and television interference. Some of the eyewitnesses of the encounter with the moth man said that they had an information channel. With his help, eyewitnesses began to receive strange predictions of the future, however, very inaccurate.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

Elves and fairies.

In modern society there are few people who believe in the existence of fairies and elves. Some of them are ready to swear by anything, that they saw these beings with their own eyes. Similarly, someone saw Nessie, and someone – a snowman. The stories about elusive little magical creatures are quite ancient, they are found practically in every culture on Earth. The most famous are legends about elves, gnomes and trolls from Europe and Scandinavia. These creatures became heroes of numerous children’s fairy tales. Fei was described as tiny ephemeral creatures with wings living in the woods. Elves and gnomes lived in the same place. However, they looked like a man, differing only in small size. It is often claimed that they had their own civilization, hidden from our eyes. In the summer of 1919, 13-year-old Harry Anderson saw a column of 20 little men walking one after the other. Their path was illuminated by the moonlight. They were dressed in leather pants with suspenders. The men were shirtless, bald and had pale white skin.Passing by the astonished boy, the creatures muttered something to themselves. In English Stoumarket in 1842, one farmer told of his meeting with the fairies when he returned home through the meadows: “There were at least a dozen of them, the largest was about a meter high.” They moved, holding their hands and forming a ring. from the light, I saw them very clearly. ” When the man called his family to look at the fairies, they were gone. In past cultures, elves and fairies were considered quite real, and some of their folklore came to pass. Today, the society has become much more technologically, perhaps in our imagination their place was taken by aliens with their spaceships.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

The Dover demon.

In April 1977, near the city of Dover, in Massachusetts, several times saw a strange creature. He was called a trusted demon. Although the evidence of his appearance was only a few, the creature is one of the most mysterious. For the first time, the monster was met by the 17-year-old Bill Barnett, who traveled with his friends late in the evening by car. Suddenly he saw an unusual creature crawling along the stone wall near the curb. Although the other boys did not see anything unusual, they noted the strong shock of their friend. Just a few hours after that, 15-year-old John Baxter, returning from his girlfriend, saw something wrapped around a tree trunk. His description coincided with the previous one. The final testimony came the next day, when 15-year-old Abby Brabham and his girlfriend saw a strange creature in the headlights of a car. It was about 1.2 meters high and stood on two legs. The body was naked with a rough skin. His limbs were long and thin, brown in color. The head resembled a watermelon in shape, it was as big as the body. The monster’s eyes glowed orange. Further studies of this unusual case did not give a single proof of its reality. True, no motive for deception was found either. Skeptics suggest that teenagers could see the young moose, and ufologists prove the theory of meeting with aliens.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

Loveland pangolin.

This creature is rather little known, because only two people saw it, albeit separately. On March 3, 1972, a police officer drove along Riverside Avenue, which lies along the Little Miami River in Loveland, Ohio. Suddenly, on the side of the road, he saw something resembling a dead dog. The policeman stopped to remove her from the road. When the man approached, the creature quickly stood on its hind legs. It turned out that this is not a dog at all, but some kind of monster, a meter high. His weight was 20-30 kilograms, the skin was all wrinkled, the body had tangled hair, a short tail. The face and head of the monster looked like a frog or a lizard. The creature looked at the man and jumped into the river. The officer reported the incident and returned with his partner. Immediately, evidence was found – traces on the slope that the lizard left when it raced to the river. This story would have been forgotten, but two weeks later the monster saw another policeman. He also stopped when he saw a strange thing in the middle of the road. And in this case the lizard disappeared towards the river. Subsequent investigations that one farmer said he saw some great creatures, like lizards. Since then, no one has seen the lizard.

The most mysterious creatures of our time

Live dinosaurs.

In the movie “Jurassic Park” digital technology was able to create a very realistic world of dinosaurs. Many are already looking forward to the time when cloning will allow the long-gone inhabitants of the planet to be removed. But what if the dinosaurs are still alive? Maybe some of them did not die out at all? Many people believe that this is true. For more than 200 years, from the secluded forests of Africa and South America, stories have been heard that the local tribes were familiar with large creatures. Their description perfectly suits the species of sauropods and apatosaurs. The natives nicknamed them giant divers.In 1913 the German researcher Freicher von Stein told that the pygmies had informed him of a strange creature “a river traffic jam”. He had a brown smooth skin, the size of which was from an elephant (up to 10 meters in length), a long, flexible neck. The animal fed on plants, but could also attack people if they disturbed it. When in 1980 an expedition to these tribes took place, and zoologists showed the natives large sauropods, they identified in them their “river traffic jams”. However, there were few indications of illiterate tribes. It is assumed that the researchers were able to detect huge traces. And in 1992, the Japanese from the aircraft were able to take 15 seconds to move something huge in the water in these places. There is no doubt that the search for dinosaurs in virgin forests will continue. Jack the Jumping.

This creature is also called Jack-on-the-heels. It appeared in Victorian England. It is said that this monster attacked its victims in the darkness in London in the XIX century. The victims were treated with terrible scratches, and it was impossible to catch Jack because of his truly inhuman abilities. Waitress Polly Adams, who suffered from the monster, said that he tore her blouse off, touching her stomach with iron claws. The victims paint the big picture. The creature is like a person, but with a disgusting appearance. His claws were sharp and iron. He himself was thin, strong, tall and powerful. Jack’s eyes burned, he was able to spit out the flame from his mouth. The body of the monster was dressed with something tight, and at the top was a dark cloak. It was said that he wore a helmet. A nickname was given to him by the fact that he was able to jump to incredible heights, skipping over walls. Attacks led to an official decree of the mayor to catch the perpetrator. But all attempts to catch him were unsuccessful. Rumors of Jack’s appearances also appeared in the following decades. He frightened people with his appearance and quickly disappeared. Interestingly, Jack did not kill anyone, only 18-year-old Vesa Lucy was seriously injured, to which Jack exhaled a flame in the face. Who was this Jack? Devilishly clever maniac or demon? Or maybe an alien? We hardly ever find out the answer, and Jack-poprygun remains one of the most mysterious creatures of our time.

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