The most insane medicines

The drugs are tasteless and unpleasant, but we are almost 100% sure that they will help. But it was not always so. In search of saving healing remedies people turned to the most amazing ways, substances and mixtures.

The most insane medicines

Today it seems ridiculous to even use some of them for medicinal purposes. Let’s talk about the ten most insane medicines ever used by mankind.

Painkiller syrup for children.

When children are sick, I want to give everything to help them. But in the XIX century people paid more attention to the problems of the state and the church than to health care, thanks to this, a whole series of such painkillers appeared. The sellers guaranteed that the miracle remedy is absolutely harmless to children’s health. However, the secret was simple – a miraculous bottle was full of narcotic substances! To be more precise, every bottle of syrup had 65 milligrams of pure morphine. After a long time, the New York Times decided to investigate this “medicine” by writing a revealing article. It turned out that syrups of that time included sulphates, morphine hydrochloride, chloroform, heroin and codeine, hashish and opium. Is it any wonder that many children died from such a rattling mixture?


Today, contact with mercury in many itself causes panic, and after all there was time – it was treated. One such doctor was Robert Patrick, who claimed that almost all diseases can be cured by this liquid metal. The toxic properties of mercury are well known today. When it is poisoned, there are well-known symptoms – lung problems, pain in the chest, muscle spasms, coughing, hallucinations and others. But all this seems not to care much for people who, unsurprisingly, perished from such treatment. Mercury was tried to treat, for example, even syphilis.


Today it is a most dangerous drug, and in the XIX century people treated heroin with a cough. Strange sounds: “Something starts to cough, I have to take heroin and the illness will pass.” There is no need to talk about the devastating effects of a toxic drug once again. Nevertheless, in those days, heroin was considered a kind of “aspirin”, which could save anyone from coughing.

Treatment of impotence with electric straps.

In the 19th century, everyone was amazed by the miracle of electricity. He tried to apply it literally in all spheres, without hesitating about the consequences. According to one advertisement, various beds were produced with electricity and belts with it. Such funds allegedly helped with problems with potency. There was even a whole industry for the production of male belts, buyers were lured by promises that their penis could become larger. But to use such a miracle-tool was rather difficult, besides it also hurt. Miracle-belts if left in the memory of someone, then not by cases of healings, but by loud cries of the owners.

Dissection of the brain.

Imagine a visit to a psychiatrist who listens patiently to the problem, and then issues an original prescription. According to the doctor, you need to put some foreign object in the brain. This is how it was proposed in the 1940s to fight with mental problems. The first half of the 20th brought medicine to the brain as a successful technique for combating mental disabilities. The inventor of this method was even given the Nobel Prize in 1949. Over time, everyone realized that the introduction of a thorn in the brain is not the best way to deal with life’s problems. But by that time about 70 thousand people had experienced all the delights of the healing lobotomy.

Urine therapy.

Such treatment is popular today. Only not among doctors. In the history of civilization there were many people who believed in miraculous properties of urine. It was believed that this fluid can cure a number of diseases, and also just keep the health in good condition.Scientific evidence of such medicinal effects in urine was not found, but urinotherapy is still a popular technique in some patients, mostly elderly.


This remedy was a very popular method of treatment during almost the entire history of medicine. The first bloodletting began to use the Greeks, until the XIX century bleeding doctors continued to persistently treat. This method was attributed to a wide range of possibilities – it was believed that it could help virtually any disease. Doctors believed that the blood contained four basic substances, each of which was the cause of their number of diseases. Having made bloodletting, it became possible to get rid of the causes of the disease. Do you think that this has a certain meaning? Then next time, getting sick with the flu, do yourself a little bloodletting. Will it be easier for you to lose a couple of liters of blood?

Tablets for weight loss.

Today, alas, the standards of female beauty do not provide for completeness. XX century brought new standards – women began to strive to lose weight. The simplest way was not a hard diet, but miraculous tablets. Manufacturers promised that their reception will quickly help get rid of unnecessary kilograms. But few people realize that rapid weight loss entails great health problems. There are problems with the heart, possibly the birth of dead children, there were also deaths. The first wave of taking pills was in the 20-30s of the last century. Then in diet pills contained eggs of tapeworms (worms). The second wave of pills reception began in the 1950s and 1960s, and the patients soon found psychological dependence on such drugs.


This word itself sounds awesome – with the help of such an operation a hole is made in the patient’s head with a saw. Meanwhile trepanation is a rather old medical procedure. For a long time the doctors treated migraines with such an operation. Today it is proved that a hole drilled in the skull (and often without anesthesia) can not help a person with his health. There are other ways of using trepanation – for example, the Inca and Maya tribes used it for cosmetic purposes. Even today, some underground “experts” use such a half-forgotten method of treatment.

Treatment of female hysteria.

The fact that women are incredibly capricious, for men is no secret. In the nineteenth century, doctors seriously believed that such behavior could be a symptom of a serious illness. Other signs of her were irritability and nervousness. Do not be surprised, ladies, if you have all the signs of female hysteria. Doctors have found an original way of treating the disease – vaginal massage. It was believed that the doctor’s hand can save the patient from hysteria. Probably, it is not accidental that this disease had such a wide list of symptoms. The doctors eventually ceased to cope with the flow of patients, inventing a vibrator. The treatment became possible independently and at home.

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