The most hated players

From love to hate is really one step. In football, millions of people are passionately watching the players. It is not surprising that blunders and unseemly acts cause waves of burning hatred. Offensive defeats turn the former idols of hated people. Approaching the fans at such moments is dangerous. Yes, and you do not want to understand the mistakes, it’s easier to assign a “scapegoat”. Let’s talk about the most hated for football fans.

The most hated players

David Beckham.

You can safely say that the career of a football player was successful. Meanwhile in Beckham’s life there was a difficult period when the whole nation hated him. In 1998 in the 1/8 finals met the teams of England and Argentina. Relations between the countries were already difficult because of the conflict in the Falkland Islands. That game could be remembered by the flashing star of 18-year-old English striker Michael Owen. But in history she came in, thanks to David Beckham. He managed at the most crucial moment to get a red card, reducing the chances of his team to win.

Everything happened in the 47th minute. 23-year-old footballer, “Manchester United” in that championship was considered the main rising star of world football. He was adored by millions of English fans. When Beckham got a rough blow in the back from the Argentine Simeone, he could not help it. It should be noted that the opponent provoked the whole match David. This time, Beckham fell down and lay down with his opponent’s leg, hitting his calf muscle. Simeon immediately fell to the ground, portraying torment. Since the referee stood just a couple of meters from what was happening, then Beckham was immediately removed from the field. England remained in the minority, and its advantage melted. As a result, the match ended with a series of penalties, in which the South American team was luckier.

The culprit of defeat by British journalists was immediately appointed. A talented player, the hope of the nation and just a handsome man suddenly turned into an outcast. And no one remembered the names of those players who did not realize the penalty. The tabloids supported the persecution of the remote player. For a few days the seventh number of “Manchester United” has gone from the idol to the arrogant loser. Beckham remembered all his mistakes, both on the football field and outside it. The footballer received a bunch of threatening letters, the fans wrote to him that such behavior is simply not worthy of a real man. Fortunately, Beckham was able to go through that difficult period and to continue his stellar career with dignity.

The most hated players

Jesper Olsen.

The Danish national team of the mid-80s went down in history as “Danish dynamite”. That Scandinavian team showed a sparkling and light attacking football. Many believed that Denmark should become one of the discoveries of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. One of the hopes of the team was midfielder Jesper Olsen, who also scored a lot for his Manchester United. The football player did confirm the advances given to him. Thanks to him, Denmark in the group won three wins and easily left the group. In the 1/8 finals she was to meet with Spain, who was not the favorite in the match. The game began with attacks by the Danes. No matter how beaten the Spaniards, they missed the goal. Olsen scored from the penalty spot, and his goal was third in the tournament. Complete domination of the Danes and account in their favor – what else was there to wish for? A break came … Jesper Olsen on his left flank received a pass from the goalkeeper and gave the ball back to the penalty area. But the football player did not notice the Spaniard Butragueño there. It’s not for nothing that they called it “Vulture” for the ability to select balls after mistakes made by an opponent. The Spaniard without processing the ball after the pass Olsen struck past the goalkeeper. The Danes got a goal “to the locker room.” This had an extremely negative impact on them. In the second half, Denmark was not to know, her game fell apart. Spain also cheered up and scored four more times. Butragueño did poker in that match. They say that he thanked Olsen for a wonderful pass after the match.

On their return home, Danish journalists and fans literally tore Olsen. That reclining of the ball broke his career.In the language, even the phrase rigtigJesperOlsen (“real Jesper Olsen”) appeared. It in Danish means extreme dullness. Today, young people do not even remember who they were talking about, but the phrase remained in use. That persecution affected the player. After the World Cup, he stopped getting into the main structure of Manchester, and at Euro-88 Olsen was already in the status of reserve player of the team. Soon he was no longer called in the national team. Attempts to play in France failed. In 1992, Denmark sensationally became the European Champion. But Olsen completed his career that year. The former footballer settled in Austria, away from his country, where he became an outcast. They say that Olsen does not want to see or hear about football.

The most hated players

Zheng Zhi.

The slogan on his poster speaks eloquently about the attitude to this Chinese football player. This picture can be seen in many sports bars in the Middle Kingdom. Here is what the unknown fan says: “You killed my heart and pronounced him a death sentence.” When I saw the defeat of the Chinese team 10 years ago, I wanted to die, when I saw the defeat 5 years ago, I lost hope, even if all the players of the national team die, It will not affect me, because my dream no longer exists. ” What was the cause of such hatred for the central midfielder of the national team? In 2005, a match took place between the teams of China and Hong Kong. To get to the World Cup in 2006, a team from the Middle Kingdom needed a victory with a difference of 8 goals. China was able to win 7-0, and Zheng Zhi, who played in the English Charlton, did not realize a penalty in that game. A talented football player overnight destroyed the hopes of millions of fans, becoming hated in his homeland.

The most hated players

Fabio Grosso.

The Italian defender can boast that he is hated by the whole continent. And this continent is Australia. In 2006, her team met in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup with the Italians. The intense match passed without any goals scored and rolled to extra time. But in the last added minute of the main hour left-back of Italy, Fabio Grosso burst into the penalty area, where he collapsed in the fight with the defender. Explicit simulation was evident. Grosso himself flew to the Australian player and fell while. But the excellent acting ability of the Italian had the strength – the referee appointed a penalty. The exact shot of Totti led the European team further, and Australia, killed by injustice, went home. It is not difficult to guess who was the culprit of that defeat. Luckily for Grosso, his career stems far from Australia. However, the power of hatred probably had a result. Career prospective young defender never became a star.

The most hated players

Peter Bonetti.

After an insulting defeat from the British in the 1966 World Cup finals, the Germans were eager to take revenge. And in 1970 they succeeded, because the opponents met already at the ¼ final stage of the world championship. The command of Germany was led by the legendary Franz Beckenbauer. It was he who scored the decisive ball. But in the history of the goal came in thanks to the error of the English goalkeeper Peter Bonetti. The ball flew into his hands, but slipped and plunged into the corner of the gate. Until then, Bonetti was considered impenetrable and for his dexterity even got the nickname “Cat”. And the match was the worst in his career.

There is nothing surprising that in the defeat of historical rivals, it was the goalkeeper who was accused. At the same time he was attacked not only by the fans and journalists, but also by teammates. After that match, Bonetti was no longer in the national team. After 40 years, a similar goal was missed by another Englishman, Robert Green. Then in the newspaper “The Telegraph” Bonetti wrote: “It’s been 40 years since I missed the same goal, but that moment is still in my head.” The goalkeeper held only 7 matches for the national team, of which only 1 was lost. Thierry Henry.

This incident happened quite recently. His fraud noted Thierry Henry, the legend of “Arsenal”. And it happened in 2010.Then the French team competed with Ireland for the right to play at the World Cup. In the extra time of the match was a penalty, Henry took the ball near the bar. But that he did not slip out of the field, the cunning Frenchman played along with his hand. Then Henry shot through the gate, and Gallas scored the ball. This act caused a storm of indignation among the fans. Most of the riots, of course, the Irish. They argue that such an experienced and titled football player should have acted honestly and ask the judge not to count the goal. That trick brought France to the World Cup, but spoiled the reputation of the football player.

The most hated players

Edmondo Fabbri.

The players do not always fight for money or result. At the World Cup in 1966, the North Korean team played not only for the sake of victory, but also for the sake of their lives. And this is not an exaggeration. After this, do not be surprised that the mysterious Asian team won Italy with a score of 1-0. It was just as unexpected as the US victory over England in 1950. The culprit of that defeat was the Italian press made by the coach Edmondo Fabbri, his reputation was irretrievably lost. Underestimation of the opponent even entered the football annals. They say that even before the match, Fabbri sent his assistant to look through the Korean team. He reported that these are just clowns. Until now, Italians have been angrily joking about that hurtful defeat, saying that the clown lost to the clowns’ team.

The most hated players


To become hated in Brazil is especially easy, but this heavy burden usually goes to coaches. In 1982, the World Wizards again demonstrated a magical game at the World Championship. But all efforts were brought to nothing by the overall forward Serginho Shulapa. In the match against Italy, Brazil lost 3-2 and could not make it to the semifinals. Serginho was not bad in the match with the middle teams, but the well-trained defense of Italy did not give him a chance. And this is despite the fact that Brazil’s creative midfield in the person of Socrates, Zico, Falcao, Eder and Cerezo always created moments for the attacker with their filigree programs. After the defeat and departure from the mundialya it was Serginho who was appointed the main loser. In Brazil, the player literally hated.

The most hated players

Luis Suarez.

This Uruguayan football player noted his hatred for him not only throughout Africa, but in general the entire black population. First of all, it is worth noting his act in 2010. Then in the match ¼ finals against the Ghana national team the extra time of the match was coming to an end. The score was 1-1. At the last, 120 minutes, Suarez from the goal line hit the ball with his hand. The striker was removed, and a penalty was given to Uruguay’s goal. Ghanaian Gyan struck the crossbar, and in the post-match duel, the South American team won. In his homeland Suarez became a hero, but Africa hated him. After all, as never before, the team from this continent reached the first in the history of entering the semifinals. Suarez in the African press dubbed the enemy of the development of football, it hated the entire population of the Black Continent.

Not so long ago, the flow of hatred towards Suarez has grown even more. After all, in the match of the Championship of England, he allowed himself racist statements about the black defender of “Manchester United” Patrice Evra. Punishment was a record multi-match disqualification. So that Suarez better not to come to Africa, where he is so hated.

The most hated players

Diego Maradona.

This footballer is loved and hated by millions. It is he who owns the best goal in the history of the World Cup, and the most controversial. What is most surprising, they were both hammered in one match. In 1986, Argentina met in the match ¼ finals with the England team. At the beginning of the second half of Maradona in the fight with the goalkeeper scored a goal with his hand. However, the referee did not see this, believing that there was a game of the head. After 4 minutes Maradona scored the “goal of the century”, bringing as a result victory to his team. At the post-match press conference, the player said that the ball was partially scored by God’s hand.Later, Maradona called that goal a revenge for the defeat of his country in the Falklands war. In England, the “Hand of God” was dubbed “The Hand of the Devil”. Even before the match, the captains of the teams Peter Shilton and Diego Maradona shook hands, but soon everything will change, and the Argentinean will collapse a wave of hatred.

The most hated players

Roberto Baggio.

And this football player was both beloved and hated. At the 1994 World Cup, it was Baggio who led his team to the finals. The Italians played inexpressibly, but in its composition there was a real magician. At the playoff stage, Baggio scored 5 of the 6 team goals. In the final against Brazil the goals were not scored, a penalty shootout took place. Despite the fact that the Italians did not score three 11-meter, the decisive mistake was made by Baggio. Temperamental Italians could not forgive the player for that mistake. The old merits were forgotten, and no one remembered that even beat Baggio, still the decisive blow was to be beaten by Brazil. As a result, in his own country the player became an unloved person. Nevertheless, his game over time Baggio returned to himself the respect of the Italians.

The most hated players


Uruguayan Alcides Guja likes to talk about how he scored the decisive goal to the Brazilians at their home world championship in 1950. The old football player can not hide the joy of those memories. And the goalkeeper of Brazil Barbosa still lives with a feeling of bitterness and regret. On that mundiale yellow-green acted as not only hosts, but also the main favorites. In the final group, Sweden 7-1 and Spain 6-1 were defeated. But the decisive defeat was from Uruguay. Gija suddenly struck from afar, and Barboza “yawned.” Thus, the dreams of the “wonders of the ball” about winning the title were not destined to be fulfilled. Since then, the goalkeeper position in Brazil is considered the most responsible, and there was never a reliable player in this place. Barbos himself, shortly before his death, said: “For murder in my country they are imprisoned for 30 years, and I have to pay for something that has little to do with for half a century.”

The most hated players

Zvonimir Boban.

This football player was in the center of the inter-ethnic conflict between the Serbs and Croats. At that time, the latter fought for their independence from Yugoslavia. During one of the matches near the field there was a scuffle. The officer of the Yugoslav police began beating a fan of Dynamo (Zagreb). Boban kick of the foot, which would have envied a professional karatek, also repulsed his admirer from the guard of order. There was a terrible scuffle in which Boban himself by a miracle stayed to live. But since then all of Serbia fiercely hates the Croat, who dared to insult their policeman.

The most hated players

Alexander Filimonov.

I found my anti-hero in our region too. They became Alexander Filimonov. The retreat to the 2000 European Championship was very strange for Russia. After a series of defeats the national team suddenly cheered up. Having won a number of victories, including over the World Champions, the French in their field, Russia intervened in the struggle for the desired ticket. The decisive match took place in Moscow, and Ukraine became its rivals. The match promised to be very principled, especially since in Kiev in an enchanting duel the hosts won 3-2. The Russians throughout the match owned the initiative, scoring a goal. But at the 88th minute there was an episode that put a cross on the fans’ dreams to see their team at the Euro. Andriy Shevchenko made a sabotage from Alexander Filimonov a blow from the lateral line with a super long distance. The ball flew on a complex trajectory, the goalkeeper began to back off and eventually threw the ball into his own net. In the remaining time, the Russians could not score there. The whole country was shocked by that case, blaming the blame for the failure on the goalkeeper. Career Filimonov swiftly rushed down. After “Spartacus”, he managed to play for Kiev Dynamo, but also there proved by his mistakes that his name was not in vain. Filimonov received his portion of popular hatred, and the ill-fated gates were cut to pieces by order of the stadium’s directorate.

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