The most famous zoos

Zoological Park (Zoo)

– one of the unique laboratories for preserving the diversity of wildlife and a wildlife museum created by man, is a scientific and educational institution.

Today, zoos appear everywhere. Sometimes they contain only a few animals, in bad conditions, but tourists still pay attention to such establishments. However, there are such zoos on the Earth, the visit of which will leave an indelible impression.

It is here that you can enjoy the view of animals that are extremely rare in the natural environment. Thanks to such gardens, some unique species continue their genus, being protected both from man and from natural rivals. Let’s talk about the ten most vivid such zoos on all four continents.

The Austrian zoo Schonbrunner Zoo

is the oldest in the country and in the world as a whole, it is more than 250 years old. The date of its opening is the distant year 1752, for a long time the zoo was closed for free visits. The spouse of Empress Maria Theresa founded this place of rest for the Viennese. The park covers an area of ​​17 hectares and during its existence has become an integral part of the history of Austria. Local ancient trees hide the imperial residence in the Baroque style, here is located and built in 1883 glass-metal construction “House of Palms.” Not surprisingly, for many visitors to the zoo is not only the place of keeping rare animals, but also part of the historical heritage of the former great empire. Local attractions include the Tropical House, where you can feel yourself in the jungle of Borneo, as well as the Arctic “Polarium”, sheltering whales and penguins.

The American San Diego Zoo is considered by many to be the most progressive zoo on the planet. The area of ​​a hundred acres is suggested to be studied using a suspension road or on a special tourist bus. It is here that there is the largest population of pandas that live in their natural conditions. To make this rare and whimsical species come true here, a huge and unique collection of plants was created, in which only eucalyptus is of about twenty species, and bamboo has about 40 varieties. At the San Diego Zoo today, about 4,800 animals live and this figure is constantly increasing. The house for animals was the famous Balboa Park, which also hosts a variety of museums. The zoo allows visitors to visit various places of the planet – from the African savannah, to the Siberian taiga.

Often unofficially, the Zoo of Pretoria is called

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

, because it is located near this city. The park appeared here in 1899, when the Anglo-Boer epic was raging in the country. In 17 years the zoo became national. The river, flowing at the foot of a high hill, divides into two parts 198 acres of area. That’s why some of the places are located on the slopes, they are accessible only through two bridges. According to official information, 2570 species live here, 99% of the inhabitants were born here, in the national zoo. Visitors are invited to do a six-kilometer route, see the largest marine aquarium in South Africa and visit the “Reptile Park”. Guests are also offered additional services – so, you can take a night out with a guide or even spend the night in the middle of a zoo in a tent, completely immersed in the pristine nature and its sounds.

The Czech Zoo Prague Zoological Garden

, although small in size, occupies a worthy place on our list. 110 acres became home to 630 species, a total of 4,600 individuals live there. Not so long ago in the zoo were born rare animals – the southern pood and Komodo monitor. The population of unique Rothschild giraffes is gradually growing in Prague. This Czech zoo has won fame at home for the rarest species that are balancing on the brink of extinction. The garden was opened in 1931, there are two levels connected by a cable car.The most popular pavilion is the “Indonesian jungle”, in which the tropical environment is recreated as much as possible. In the Prague Zoo there are practically no lattices, only the most dangerous predators are protected by them, the rest are either behind the glass or behind a small fence. For a small contribution, you can even become an adoptive parent of a favorite animal for the whole year, which will be reported on the appropriate plate.

The American Bronx Zoo

is the largest in its country, and it was opened in 1899. It was from here that the famous heroes of the cartoon “Madagascar” fled to freedom. In this New York Reserve area of ​​107 contains more than 4,000 animals, most of which are endangered. The park is divided into several segments, the Asian section is most popular among visitors. Through it passes the monorail Wild Asia, which allows you to see all Asian landscapes of the zoo. But on the tropical jungle you can walk and walk, stepping over the reptiles and brushing aside the monkeys.

The Berlin Zoological Garden

was laid back in 1844. The zoo was built on the personal order of Friedrich Wilhelm IV, here the changes of eras and styles were reflected. Almost 1400 species live in the Moscow zoo today. In fenced enclosures freely roam about 15000 individuals, this is the largest garden in the world in the number of species. The garden area is about 35 hectares, and it is visited annually by more than 3 million people. In the zoo, some buildings are built in the style of the native countries of animals (the house of buffalo, house of antelopes), there are also sculptures of animals and monuments to the dead inhabitants near their native pavilions. Local pride here are pandas, and there are about 500 species here. The zoo was able to recover after the Second World War, when there were only a hundred animals left. The cages created by the famous architect Peter Lenné began to be filled during the economic recovery of Germany. The Berlin Zoo is the largest garden, in which there are no ordinary cells. And this place is also a part of history.

French Zoo de Beauval

was once only a large aviary for birds. Since 1980, only birds have been kept here, and 10 years later the first species of animals appeared, mainly from Africa. Today in the Beauvais zoo on the area of ​​22 hectares is inhabited by about 4000 animals, there are even sea inhabitants here. This collection of animals is the largest in France. Zoologists have calculated that local animals consume 3 tons of food daily! The popularity of the zoo was brought by white tigers and manatees. In the zoo, all animals, with the exception of 2 females of white rhinos, were born in captivity and obtained through an exchange program. Visitors are advised to spend a whole day looking at local fauna, although the compressed program is 4 hours.

The popular Swiss zoo Basel Zoo

locals affectionately call Zolli. This place was built in 1874, today it is visited annually by about a million tourists. This allowed the zoo to become the second in the country in general for attendance among the monuments of history and culture. In the Basel garden, about six thousand individuals are six hundred species, many of which are quite rare. The most popular place in the zoo is the vivarium, which clearly shows visitors how the animal species evolved. The park is quite well located – in the heart of the city and not far from the station. A fairly small area can be bypassed in just two or three hours.

The most popular zoo in the world is

Animal Kingdom

, which became the embodiment of love for Disney characters. For this purpose, a park was created in the American city of Orlando, which is divided into seven thematic sections. In the center is the Tree of Life, 40 meters high. In its artificial crown, there are 325 animal models, there is even a beloved Mickey Mouse. In the park there is a mythical section – Dinoland. Here you can meet real dinosaurs and dragons.Safari Village offers a plunge into the unforgettable world of the original safari, although here you can meet not only African animals. In the Asian section, you can try to overcome the raging river (rafting) or carefully walk along the tiger path. In “Camp Minnie and Mickey” you can enjoy the most real Disney show “The Feast of the Lion King.” It can be safely stated that the Animal Kingdom Zoo is a good example of how it is possible to weave reality with ephemerality, to make the transition from the animated world to the real world of animals.

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