The most famous varieties of champagne

Champagne will always remain a symbol if not a holiday, then a luxurious life. But do we really know what kind of brand the Russian emperors drank? In favor of what champagne James Bond changed his favorite vodka from martini? Who is more beautiful as the face of a champagne house – Scarlett Johansson or Claudia Schiffer? In the end, what is House Perignon – a building or maybe a person. Let’s figure out why we choose the 10 most famous brands of champagne, the most famous houses.

The most famous varieties of champagne

Widow Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin).

This is the most famous brand in the world of champagne with a female name. As early as the beginning of the nineteenth century, the 27-year-old woman, Madame Clicquot, was widowed from her husband and inherited an unpretentious winery. However, an energetic woman, nee Barbelle Nicole Ponsarden, was able to achieve unprecedented heights in her business. As a result, she bought from the city dungeons of 18 kilometers in length and turned them into wine cellars. It was the widow Clicquot who came up with the methods of cleaning champagne to crystal transparency, which is still used by winemakers around the world. Also the Frenchwoman has thought up a wire bridle, put on a stopper – in fact the liquid in a bottle is under the appreciable pressure exceeding in 3 times that in an automobile tire. The commercial vein of Clicquot also manifested itself in the fact that she managed to use even an outer object as an ally. So, in 1811, the comet visited the solar system. This gave Clico an idea – she sent a batch of special wine to the victorious Napoleon of Russia. On 10 thousand bottles of a champagne of a crop of that 1811 year the tail of a comet was listed. This step was the beginning of the long and fruitful commercial relations of Clicquot with a distant northern country. The woman lived a long 88 years, but she left her entire inheritance not to relatives who were indifferent to winemaking, but to a real fan of her cause, her friend and manager Edward Verde. It was his descendants who continued the glorious path of the famous brand. This brand today is one of the most recognizable in the world, champagne “Widow Clicquot” today is drunk in 150 countries. In Moscow, the simplest example of Brut of such champagne can be found for $ 80, but the version of “Grande Dame” is already 4 times more expensive. According to legend, the design of the orange branded label on a black bottle for this species was invented personally by Madame Clicquot herself. Today, the design of the brand involves the best designers, such as Kerim Rashid. As a result, a bottle in exclusive packaging can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Moet and Shandon (Moët @ Chandon).

Brand name is a black bow with a golden border, fastened under the neck of the bottle with a round red seal. This now recognizable image was invented in 1886, having remained an invariable attribute of the branded products “Moet @ Chandon” since then. The company produces prestigious and famous brands for 250 years. From the very beginning of its appearance, “Moet @ Chandon” has become one of the main suppliers for the royal courts. This champagne was loved by Louis XV, and later Napoleon Bonaparte visited Napoleon Bonaparte occasionally, passing through Champagne. Prominent clients of “Moet and Shandon” were Thomas Jefferson and the English King Edward VII, who so loved the drink, that the monarch was always accompanied by a servant with a couple of bottles in the basket. To date, “Moet and Shandon” have a special permit as a supplier of champagne for Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The epoch of cinematography, which came in the 20th century, gave winemakers an opportunity to master a new world. Already almost twenty years “Moet and Shandon” are the official champagne of the Golden Globe Award. Not so long ago, there was a noisy action to choose a person at the house of champagne. They became the star of Hollywood Scarlett Johansson. Today, “Moet and Shandon” is the largest producer of champagne in the world. In a year it is made 30 million bottles, that twice exceeds volumes of the nearest competitor – “Widow Clicquot”.Large product runs allow you to keep very democratic prices for it. The main wines of the house are “Moet @ Chandon Imperial”, produced since 1860 in honor of Napoleon (price in Moscow depending on the harvest of 70-200 dollars) and “Moet @ Chandon Dom Perignon”, vintage champagne-exclusive, produced since 1936 . The price of this bottle starts at $ 250. House of Perignon (Dom Pérignon).

The most famous varieties of champagne


A label in the form of a “shield” is known throughout the world. Since 1936, “Moet and Shandon” produce a vintage exclusive wine. “House Perignon” – a brand that is named after the Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon. This very famous in the winemaking personality lived in the 17th century. “House” is an appeal to a clergyman in France. The French attribute to him the glory of the invention of a sparkling foamy drink. Before him, no one could figure out how to turn ordinary fermented wine into a new interesting drink. True, the British are contesting the palm of primacy. Most likely, the monk was not really the first who invented the technology, but it is certain that he was at the source of the technology for the production of champagne wines, which in general has survived to this day. It was Perignon who came up with a second fermentation of a quiet wine, picking up a mixture of white wines and holding them in thick bottles, corking them with a cork stopper. Already at the age of thirty, Pierre Perignon became head of the wine cellars of the Benedictine abbey Ovilliers, announcing that he would create the best wine in the world. An arrogant statement nevertheless turned out to be true. Soon, the rumors of the delicious fizzy drink of the monks reached Versailles. Wines from the House of Perignon began to be supplied to the sun king himself, Louis XIV. Modern House Perignon from Wash and Shandon corresponds to the traditions laid down by a medieval monk, striving to create the best wine in the world. For this champagne is responsible for its quality, in additional advertising it does not need. Nevertheless, the company does not stand still, not long ago the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld worked on the image of the brand. The action was so successful that the champagne reached new levels of popularity. This cooperation has become a model of wine branding, as well as a cult event in fashion and lifestyle. After all, Lagerfeld attracted Eva Herzigov and Claudiu Schiffer to the advertising of champagne. The idea of ​​the action was the idea that the magical “House Perignon” liberates sexual fantasies. “House Perignon” has three types – “Dom Pérignon”, “Dom Pérignon Rose” and “Dom Perignon Oenotheque”. The first one is the cheapest one. Its price starts at $ 250. Other species are much more expensive. They are considered to be one of the most exquisite and expensive wines in the world. In Moscow, prices for champagne start at $ 600. Louis Roederer.

And this brand is known all over the world for its fault “Crystal Louis Roederer”. The famous critic Robert Parker for his description does not hesitate to use such epithets as “stunning quality” and “luxurious wine.” In Russia, this champagne is the most prestigious and most expensive. It is also called the “royal drink”, for the first time it was produced in 1876 specifically for Alexander II. Until the Revolution, Louis Roederer was the official supplier of wine to the court of our emperor. About 2/3 of all products of this brand were sent to Russia. The same name “Kristal” champagne has received because for Alexander II it was delivered in specially made crystal bottles. Today, bottles are decorated in a “gold” style, using a graceful ligature of the font, and a monogram on the label. Thus, the association with the royal crown, refinement, wealth and aristocracy is maintained. Not surprisingly, this champagne around the world is considered a luxury drink intended for leaders and winners. And the policy of champagne at home “Louis Roederer” is distinguished by its independence and aristocracy.Despite numerous attempts to absorb it from large corporations, this is perhaps the only house in Champagne that remains in family ownership. The value of the products was confirmed at one of the recent auctions in the US. There, a bottle of champagne “Louis Roederer Cristal Rose” in 2002 was sold for 12,000 dollars. Funds from that auction were aimed at supporting modern art. Symbolical is the fact that this champagne itself, with its history, price and prestige level, can already be considered not just wine, but also a subject of high art. The Champagne house produces quite a lot of products, as for a family enterprise – up to 3 million bottles, although this is less than 10 times that of Moet and Shandon. But “Crystal Louis Roederer” produces only half a million bottles to the whole world. The prestige of the brand, together with the unusual quality and limited volume, determines the rather high price for champagne – the brand “Louis Roederer Brut Premier” will cost $ 150, and the famous “Crystal Louis Roederer” depending on the harvest year – from 400 to 1000 dollars.

The most famous varieties of champagne


This wine is strongly associated with Hollywood. It is hardly from the first Oscar-winning ceremony that champagne accompanies this event. It was this drink that was favorite for Marilyn Monroe. There are many photographs left on which the star is imprinted with a glass of champagne in his hand. And most often this wine was just Piper Heidzik. In 1965, this company celebrated the creation of the largest champagne bottle in the world, 1 meter 82 centimeters high, which was in line with the growth of the then popular American actor Rex Harrison. The bottle was intended to celebrate the receipt of the Harrison Oscar for the film “My Fair Lady,” where his partner was Audrey Hepburn. The giant bottle contained the volume of 64 ordinary bottles with high-quality vintage champagne of the 1959 harvest “Piper-Heidsieck Brut”. Recently, Piper Heidzik noted a new design move – in cooperation with Christian Louboutin, a limited edition of gift sets was issued, in which, together with a bottle of wine, there was an elegant lady’s shoe with crystal heels. Such an application reminded both Cinderella and the romantic tradition of drinking champagne from the adorable lady’s heart. The colors of the company “Piper-Heidsieck” – gold and red. With the help of them, a festive style is created, which is present both on the labels and on the advertising products and on the website of the house. In Moscow, products with a shoe are unlikely to be found, but the usual branded champagne “Piper Heidzik” can be found, because it is produced by a party of 5 million bottles per year. For such a level of promotion at a democratic price champagne, “Piper-Heidsieck Brut” will cost $ 50.

The most famous varieties of champagne

Mumm (G.H. Mumm).

The style of the label of this champagne is easy to remember – it is crossed by a red ribbon, which is a symbol of the Legion of Honor. Such decoration to its fault was given in the XVIII century by one of the first owners of the house of champagne. Thanks to this, the brand name of wine can easily be distinguished on the shelves of wine boutiques and in commercials, as well as on balloons, which the company likes to launch in order to attract attention. It is believed that “Mumm” – wine adrenaline, travel and discovery, as well as extreme sports. In addition, the company “G.H.MUMM” has always sponsored various events related to technical breakthroughs and sports achievements of man. It is no accident that the slogan of the company is “Courage and the pursuit of extraordinary discoveries.” “Mumm” its first sponsorship project carried out at the beginning of the last century – Captain Charcot dubbed his ship “Le França”, smashing the bottle of “MUMM Cordon Rouge” on its side. A little later, on July 14, 1904, the captain, along with his team, being on an ice floe near Antarctica, celebrated the Bastille Day with champagne.When viewing the “Formula 1”, pay attention to what kind of champagne watered each other pilots. “Mumm” is the official sponsor of races, and recently the company released a limited series “GH Mumm F1 box Limited Edition”, which became part of the collection of champagne “Formula 1”. More recently, champagne has received unusual artistic advertising support – the birth of unusual Mumm-balls, which in size are just in the middle between the balloons and bubbles of the drink. Today, “Mumm” – the third largest brand of champagne. Annually the products of the house are distributed in 100 countries of the world, about 8 million bottles are produced. And the price level does not lag behind competitors, in Moscow the standard bottle of “MUMM Cordon Rouge” will cost at least $ 80.

The most famous varieties of champagne

Circle (Krug).

The main rules of the Champagne house “Circle” can be considered restraint and quality. Robert Parker, mentioned above, says: “Their strict and very conservative policy of maintaining wine for many years before putting it on sale seems almost incompatible with the pace of the modern world,” but fortunately it ensures their highest quality, maturity and complexity. ” the manufacturer does not run for quantity: about 100,000 bottles are produced every year, and this is 300 times less than the production of the leader – Moet and Shandon! The company has a very limited area of ​​its own vineyards – just an eye but it acquires the best grapes from the other 56 hectares of Champagne.The mixture is fermented in small wooden barrels, maintaining the drink in bottles for at least 6-8 years.This gives the wine a complex but recognizable taste and the ability to further nobly age in the bottle It is believed that this house has the most long-lasting wines, their quality does not deteriorate with time, and sometimes even vice versa, the taste becomes even better.This wine refers to the “late realization”, they can be maintained for 30 and 40 years. This gives an excellent opportunity to make long-term investments in wine. Robert Parker after tasting Champagne “Circle” harvest in 1947 said that this is the best champagne of those that he just tried. This wine just can not be cheap, so recently at an auction in Hong Kong was sold a bottle of the collection “Circle” in 1928 for $ 21,200, thereby making this particular brand of champagne the most expensive. Sotheby’s expert Serena Sutcliffe believes that this champagne is one of the best in the history of winemaking. Let the volume of the release of “Circle” and small, but you can also find it by trying. It is worth this cheap drink from 400 to 800 dollars per bottle. Paul Roger (Pol Roger).

The house was founded by Paul Roger back in 1849, remaining so far in the domain of the family, fighting the tendencies of mergers and acquisitions by larger players of smaller ones. Today the company is run by two great-grandsons of the founder, who even managed to change their surname and write it through a hyphen – Paul-Roger. This house is one of the best in Champagne, producing world famous champagne. Robert Parker, the chief wine critic, admires with enthusiasm: “If there is one single vintage Champagne Brut, which clearly can claim to be one of the world’s greatest wines, it’s” Pol Roger. “Vintage wine has a rare quality – it is capable of keep their qualities for 30 or even more years than even some of the famous red wines of Bordeaux can not boast.This fact makes Paul Roger interesting for wine collectors and also an advantageous object for reliable investments.It was Paul Roger who was a favorite champagne Sir Winston Churchill.The British prime minister once said: “I can not live without champagne. After the victory, I deserve it, and after the defeat I need it. “I must say that such a statement refers specifically to” Paul Roger “, because he did not change Churchill, remaining a loyal fan.The company valued its important client – the wine was delivered to it in a unique container, in specially made bottles of 1 imperial pint (about 0.57 liters). The drink was served Churchill by the butler at 11 am, immediately after the politician wakes up. Later, in honor of the premiere, the company created in its line of wines a special brand – “Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill”. Grapes of the best varieties and years are used for making it. Robert Parquet highly appreciates this species. Although the company is considered a local family, it supports production at the level of world leaders. Approximately 1.5 million bottles of champagne are sold per year. Prices also do not lag behind competitors, in Moscow “Pol Roger Cuvee Brut” costs not less than $ 80, and “Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill” – from $ 150.

The most famous varieties of champagne


Another Bollywood wine is Champagne. Not only Robert Parker, but also other world-class wine critics – Hugh Johnson, Jensis Robinson and others, include this champagne in the top five in quality along with Dom Perignon, Louis Roederer, Pol Roger and Krug. Connoisseurs are particularly distinguished brand “Bollinger Grande Année” (Bollinger of the Great Year of Harvest), which is considered an elite brand of impeccable quality. Fans of the same champagne, paying tribute to this taste, remember this wine as a favorite drink of James Bond. The super-spy sipped Bollinger lazily with an aristocratic look in almost half of the Bond film. Not surprisingly, on the eve of the premiere of a new tape about the adventures of James with Daniel Craig in the title role, the Bollinger company decided to consolidate the Bond-Bollinger Association by releasing a limited series of champagne in 207 bottles. In a steel case of bullet shape with engraving “Bollinger 007” a bottle of “Bollinger Grande” of 1999 is placed. It’s interesting, but the brand’s history echoes with “Widow Clicquot.” So, in winemaking there is a term – “Famous widows of champagne”. The names of the widows Clicquot-Ponsardin, Laurent-Perrier, Enrio and Pommery became trademarks over time, and Lili Bollinger was no exception. When this woman was widowed at age 42, she directed all her energy to improving the technology of champagne production, supporting the tradition of high quality that Thomas Jefferson admired. Today, the heirs of the Bollinger home follow these established traditions. As far back as 1922, the firm promulgated the “Charter of Ethics and Quality”, which should now be, let it affect production volumes. But it is paying off – today the demand for elite champagne “Bollinger” so exceeds the offer that the drink is distributed to countries only in accordance with the quotas established by the producer. Annually the company produces about one million bottles, which is a serious indicator for the family firm. You can find products at home in Moscow, a bottle of “Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut” costs from $ 100, and “Bollinger Grande Annee” will cost twice as much. Collective sample in the form of a bullet, located in a box weighing 22 kilograms, is hardly found in Moscow, and its price is at the level of 6 thousand dollars.

The most famous varieties of champagne

Salon (Salon).

This great house of champagne is also the smallest. It all started with 1 hectare of vineyard, bought in 1911 by Eugene Eme Salon. This charismatic man managed to visit the teacher, the seller and many more. After splitting up the millionth capital, the Salon decided to become a winemaker, creating a drink of unusual taste. Motivation of the entrepreneur is easy to understand – he loved restaurants and was a connoisseur of the best French wines. The salon knew that it was able to create a completely unique wine with unsurpassed quality and unusual properties. Eugene decided to try to create wine only on the basis of Chardonnay and only the best harvests. In ordinary years he did not want to make wine at all. In 1921 the house “Salon” was founded, which until 2006 produced only 36 millesimous wines.Naturally, from the very beginning such an approach created the drink the glory of a satellite of luxury, because it was rare, expensive and very prestigious. The first vintages created a name for the champagne, in the 1920s the “Salon” was the “wine of the establishment” of the legendary Maxim restaurant, where the Parisian nobility walked. After the death of the Salon, his wine business was resold twice, today its owner is the Laurent-Perrier group. The new owners are trying to maintain the brand “Salon”, champagne is made only from grapes of the best harvest years. Over the past thirty years, only one of the three collections has turned into wine. The quality of the Salon wines is characterized by Parker as indisputable, the critic highlights his favorite vintage of the 1990 harvest. Naturally, the production of champagne “Salon” is small – about 50 thousand bottles, and even then not every year. This wine is found in Moscow – a great rarity, although the price for it, as for exclusivity, is quite small – from $ 400 per bottle.

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