The most famous undisclosed crimes

Those crimes that remain unrevealed are always surrounded by a halo of secrecy. In such cases, facts are not added, but questions arise and arise. People can long wonder who is the culprit and what was the reason for the crime. The attacker remains at large, perhaps, planning all the new acts.

The most famous undisclosed crimes

Investigators are pulled for different strings, the line between intent and case, truth and lies is erased. Although recently, the technology of disclosing crimes has moved far ahead, in the world history there are many unsolved secrets. Let’s talk about the ten most famous unsolved crimes left in world history.

Dan Cooper and hijacking the plane.

This happened on November 24, 1971, when inconspicuous worker Dan Cooper boarded a Boeing 727 liner bound for Seattle. Soon after take-off, the passenger stated that he had a bomb. The offender did not intend to kill anyone, he simply demanded 4 parachutes and 200 thousand dollars. After receiving the required Cooper forced the plane to air and soon left it with a parachute. No one saw Dan Cooper. There was only a letter to the Los Angeles Times, in which Cooper claimed that he had 14 months to live, and that he needed money to survive comfortably. After 9 years, FBI staff found 9 thousand dollars near the Columbia River, immediately there were questions: “Did Cooper survive after his jump?”. After all, the numbers on the bills coincided with those that were provided to the criminal. Four months later, Richard McCoy made a similar attempt to capture, claiming that he is the same Cooper. However, the police found out that on that day, November 24, McCoy proved to be in a different location. Today, there are no clues in the case, all that the FBI has is the fingerprints of the criminal and the hand-drawn portrait of Cooper. Today, the Boeing-727 aircraft are equipped with a special design that prevents the opening of the rear ladder in flight. The device was called “Cooper’s scapula”.

The robbers of the Gardner Museum.

The museum was opened in 1903 by Isabella Stuart Gardner. The museum eventually became known for its large selection of both contemporary and classical works of art. Also, the fame of the institution was brought by his robbery, the most famous in the history of the country. On March 18, 1990, thieves, disguised as policemen, entered the museum. They were awarded 13 works totaling $ 200 million. The most famous works were the paintings of the Dutch Rembrandt and Jan Wermer. Although the criminals were never found, in 2005 there was information about the participation of the mafia in this case. The FBI began to unleash this information back in 1999 when Carmelo Merlino and David Turner were arrested while preparing armed robbery. During the interrogation, it appeared that this couple was directly involved in the robbery of the museum. The paintings were illegally sold to European buyers, thanks to mafia connections. Although Turner denied his connection with this crime, Merlinau hinted that he knew exactly where the stolen masterpieces were.

Japanese multi-million dollar robbery.

The crime occurred on December 10, 1968, when four employees of the bank “Nihon Shintaku Ginko” carried 300 million yen for the employees of Toshiba. The car was stopped by a policeman, who stated that there was a bomb in the car, so everyone should leave the transport. The guards obediently left the car. The policeman began to investigate it, then a smoke appeared, and everyone was told to scatter. Then the fake minister of the law himself got into the car and quietly left the scene. The case contained more than 100 clues, including the motorcycle of an attacker, several thousand suspects were interviewed. As a result, the police left on the trail of the 19-year-old son of a robber, who immediately committed suicide. Nitochka interrupted, and the statute of limitations of the crime had expired.For another crime, a suicide friend was arrested, who had a considerable amount of money. Their origin, he could not explain, but since he was not involved in the robbery, the consequences did not have a strange coincidence.

The killing of Bob Crane.

Bob Crane was a famous actor, famous for the series “Heroes of Hogan”. The man was happy in marriage, and with his wife he met at school. Over time, the popularity began to subside, and once the happy family broke up. Bob began to drink, to use drugs, in which he helped a lot a new friend – John Carpenter. As it turned out, he had his own firm, which officially dealt with electronics, but soon the friends decided to try themselves in the production of porn. In this genre, Bob Crane began to try himself, and Carpenter was the operator. But such a “friendship” could not last long, and on June 29, 1978, Crane was murdered in cold blood. Although the instrument of the crime was found and was not there, a lot of evidence pointed to Carpenter’s guilt. He somehow called the cops who were in Bob’s house, although no one knew they were there. Carpenter did not even ask why the police suddenly appeared in his friend’s house. And in the car rented by the unlucky operator, traces of blood of the same group, as at Крейна, were found out. The analysis of its DNA became possible only in 1992, but by that time it had already become unusable. The court stressed the strange relationship between Crane and Carpenter, but it was not possible to prove the suspect’s guilt exactly. In 1998, the operator died, and the case, most likely, will remain undisclosed.

Death of Johnbenet Ramsay.

Six-year-old girl was the winner of several beauty contests among children. She lived in Boulder, Colorado. December 26, 1996, just after Christmas, the girl’s mother, also a former beauty queen, discovered a note demanding payment of a ransom of 118 thousand dollars. Despite the demands of the kidnappers, the parents turned to the police. Eight-hour search in the house made it possible to find the body of the murdered Johnbenet in the basement of the house. There were no signs of beating on her body, the note itself was written on a piece of paper belonging to the family of the murdered. It is curious that the amount of the ransom exactly coincided with the amount on the last check received by the girl’s father. Therefore, the version of participle in the murder of the mother of the child was considered. However, the investigators came to the conclusion that the criminal was not a resident of the house – unknown footprints were found in the basement, a rope was found in the bedroom where the killer left the house, and the tracks of the criminal’s DNA did not match the data of his relatives. In 2006, John Mark Carr was arrested in Thailand, who stated that it was he who was next to Johnbenet at the time of her death, but the DNA of the detainee did not coincide with what the police had available. Therefore, accusations were not put forward by Carr.

The death of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

These two stars are the rap culture, the most popular at that time. They were killed with a difference of several months. Tupac’s death came on September 7, 1996, when he attended a boxing match in Las Vegas. The rapper got out of the car with the founder of the studio “Death Row Records” by Suezh Knight. However, suddenly a car stopped near, from which the shooting was opened. As a result, 4 bullets hit Shakur, 2 of which were fatal. After 6 days Tupac passed away. Similarly, the death of Biggie occurred on March 9, 1997. This singer took part in a party held at the Paterson Automotive Museum. Smalls was informed that the party had ended earlier than planned. And then on the way to his car rapper was met by two cars and people wearing masks. One of them, in a bow tie, and fired four times. Although both crimes were committed in crowded places, the suspects were never found. Most likely, those who saw and knew something, were just afraid for their lives. Although a possible reason is corruption in the police environment.Around the killings there are many versions, many believe that Suej Knight, a major rap mogul, is involved in both deaths. Accused of involvement in the crimes and Pafa Daddy.

Death of the “Black Orchid”.

Elizabeth Short began living in Los Angeles after her fiance, Matthew Gordon, suddenly died. The beautiful girl was full of ambition and dreamed of fame, Hollywood. Elizabeth really gave her hopes, in her last letter, she reported on the upcoming tests for new films and about her participation in them. January 9, 1974, Robert Manley took the girl to the “Hotel Baltimore”, where she disappeared without a trace a few hours later. Only on January 15, Elizabeth’s body, mutilated and with a disfigured face, was found. The victim’s mouth was cut from ear to ear. During the investigation, many suspects were interviewed, including 60 voluntarily confessing to the murder. The crime received a wide response, it was nicknamed “The Case of the Black Orchid,” since the girl had black hair, and the act itself was surrounded by mystery and mystery. The first suspect was Manley, who saw the girl last alive. Soon a suspicion fell on Mark Hansen, the owner of the night club and the house where Short lived. It was he who gave the media some personal information about the murder, which further fueled interest in the matter. The murder was suspected by Woody Guthrie, Orson Wells, Bugsy Seagal. They also talked about the involvement of Dr. Walter Bailey, who lived nearby and whose daughter was familiar with Sister Short. In 2006, a thriller dedicated to this story appeared on the screens, in which the main roles were played by Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank. The film in its own way treats the events of that time, offering its own version of what happened.

The Departure of Jimmy Hoff.

Jimmy began his career in 1957, becoming the president of the union of trade unions Teamsters Union. Hoffa tried to unite transport sector employees, but to intimidate people he used his connections with the mafia, which finally ruined his reputation. Not surprisingly, Hoff was soon behind bars for giving the judge a bribe, but was soon amnestied by Nixon. Jimmy was going to meet in the Michigan restaurant “Manchus Red Fox” with the mafiosi Antonio Dzhikalone and Antonio Provencano, but mysteriously disappeared. Only recently did the first evidence in this complicated case. It turns out that on the day of his loss Hoff was in the car of Charles O’Brien, his colleague in the trade union business, it showed DNA analysis. The likely organizers of the abduction are bandits Richard Powell, Louis Milito of the Gambino clan and hired killer Richard Kuklinsky. Today, the most popular version is that the perpetrator of the disappearance of Hoffa is Frank Sheeran, an assassin who in 2004 told former prosecutor Charles Brandt that he had once killed Hoff for his disagreements with the Mafia.

Jack the Ripper.

The story of how the killer attacked prostitutes in London in 1888 is known to almost everyone, she was often photographed. It is known for five victims in the area of ​​Whitechapel, the involvement in the remaining deaths of the maniac has remained unproven. A distinctive feature of the crimes of Jack the Ripper was their cruelty, as well as the fact that they were committed in public areas, which were always filled with people. On the one hand, it could help in catching the criminal, on the other – it completely knocked the police off the line. There were never any obvious suspects in the case, although there were names of a lot of suspects, including the most famous ones. Among them – the writer Lewis Carroll and the artist Walter Sickert. Scotland Yard received a lot of letters written on behalf of Jack the Ripper, but no one can tell which ones really were real. The very name of the maniac appeared just from one such message. Then the detectives did not have modern capabilities and relied on volunteers who looked after the suspicious persons on the streets.The detectives suggested that the assassin was aware of the anatomy, since only an experienced person (doctor-butcher?) Could shred the body so quickly. Today, the analysis of the DNA of one of the letters, considered authentic, made it possible to find out that the writer was a woman. As a result, the case of Jack the Ripper remains undiscovered, but historians, watching the coverage of the case in the press of that time, see how the media worked at that time.

Murder according to the Zodiac.

A series of strange murders swept in 1968-1969. The killer “zodiac” is credited with 37 murders, but detectives can only be proven to claim about five. After the murders in December 1968 and July 1969, the killer sent three letters to the Los Angeles newspapers that contained 408 pieces of encrypted cryptogram. The police could solve the riddle, but it did not contain any clues to clarify the identity of the killer. Later, after the murder, letters with cryptograms continued to arrive, but they could not solve them. The police assume that the murders ceased to occur in 1969, although mysterious messages were received until the mid-1970s. The greatest suspicion fell on Arthur Lei Allen, a rapist who was captured with bloodied knives in his own car on the same day that one of the murders was committed. Yes, and the Zodiac, like Allen, adored the same story – “The most dangerous game.” It tells that one of the hunters understood that now he will be more pleased with the pursuit of people. For a search, Allen’s apartment was issued three warrants, but the prosecution could not bring charges, because neither the analysis of Arthur’s handwriting, nor the DNA test, nor the fingerprints gave any coincidence.

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