The most famous transexuals

Nature sometimes jokes cruelly over people. In medicine there is the concept of transsexuality. This happens when a person’s sex does not correspond to his psychology. As a result, the unfortunate is forced to suffer, confronted with a misunderstanding of relatives, friends, and society as a whole. Many are experiencing severe depression, often it leads to suicide. However, with the development of medicine, a new way to solve the problem has appeared.

Now doctors help surgically change the sex. As a result, a person starts a new, albeit difficult, life. And the fate of the most famous transsexuals is on everyone’s lips. After all, they are already an integral part of modern society. Surprisingly, not all of them needed doctors to change their sex, someone is enough and just therapy. Balian Bushbaum.

In 1980, a girl named Ivanna Bushbaum appeared, and a difficult fate awaited her. After growing up, she started pole vaulting. In the career of Ivanna there was a European championship among juniors, performance at the Olympics, silver and bronze of the European Championships. However, injuries stopped their careers in 2007. Then Yvonne decided to change her gender. Therapy began, and a year later an operation was performed, as a result of which a man appeared, Balian. The name was taken from the smithy from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”.

The most famous transexuals

Buck Angel.

This man is a very influential character in the society of people of non-traditional sexual orientation and transsexuals. Buck actively participates in the porn industry. In 2007 he received even the Adult Video News Award as the “Best Performer of the Year”. But the man is quite versatile. He also acts as a lawyer, lecturer, writer and educator. Now Buck is launching his own production company. Angel said that since childhood he grew up as a tomboy. Not knowing anything about the existence of methods for treating gender dysphoria, he suffered, drank and took drugs. Did not help distract and work as a professional model. But in the porn industry Buck was able to realize himself. His dual nature allowed to create a new genre in gay video, transsexuals appeared there. After all, Angel never did a surgical operation to change the genitals. Lauren Cameron.

This American is a famous activist, photographer, writer. Lauren does not hide the fact that he is a transsexual. Moreover, he works a lot to create self-portraits and just portraits of bodies of other people like her. At one time, Cameron described in some detail the physiology of his transition from woman to man. Lauren with her photos gives an opportunity to consider the bodies of transsexuals. This allows outsiders to make sure that there is nothing wrong with that. Lauren was born in 1959 in California. At 16, Cameron realized that she liked women. But it met enmity in a small town. In 1979, Lauren moved to San Francisco, where over time he came to discontent with his own female body. There, Cameron got carried away with photography, which was recognized by critics.

The most famous transexuals

Ian Harvey.

This American chose a comic career. And Jan uses his transsexuality as a material for his own shows. His ideas often invite people of non-traditional sexual orientation, including Margaret Cho. From an early age, Jan realized that he wanted to be a man. But only in 32 years he was able to completely transform. His career began in the stand-up comedy show in 2002. Then Harvey created his own show, and from 2006 to 2009 he toured the world. Since 2009, Ian began a solo career, he plays in the theater, is shot in the movies.

The most famous transexuals

Lucas Silveira.

This man was born in Canada. Then he was given the name of Lilia Silveira. In history, he entered, as the first open transsexual, with a rock band whose major label signed a contract. Lucas sings, plays guitar and writes songs for Cliks, and recently he released a solo album. Lucas felt the desire for another sex at the age of three.Later, he asked my mother to buy him a penis, as well as his brothers. Years went to suppress their true identity. At 17, Lucas decided to become a lesbian to alleviate the pain. But over time Silveira decided on radical surgical measures. Since time, the singer has agreed to hormonal therapy, which can change his voice.

The most famous transexuals

Rokko Kayatos.

American hip-hop rapper The catastrophe also acts as a producer. This is the first open transsexual, performing in the style of hip-hop. He was born in 1980. The girl grew strange, tearing her lessons. Everything has changed with the help of a rap-rap contest, which Rocco won at age 17. Creativity Rocco is aimed at showing the place of transsexual in modern society. He raises acute questions of self-esteem, gender identity, personal space. The singer, with the help of his parents, made a number of operations, removing the unnecessary breast. Rocco became the hero of many shows, documentaries. Since 2009, he and his friend have been publishing the first magazine for transsexuals.

The most famous transexuals

Thomas Biti.

The name of this resident of Arizona not so long ago flew around the world. After all, this became the first pregnant woman. Born Biti in Hawaii in 1974. However, before the age of 25, it was a woman. Upon reaching this age, Thomas began to take hormones. This gave him hair follicles on his face, a rough voice and a modification of the genitals. In 2002, Biti underwent a mastectomy and legally became a man. But he decided to leave the female genitalia. After all, Thomas’s wife, Nancy, could not get pregnant. Then the mother decided to act himself Biti, an unknown donor was called for help. As a result, Thomas was able to give birth to three children, after which he returned to his previous hormone therapy. The drugs so increased his clitoris that he can now have sex with his wife. That story thundered all over the world. But because of the prejudices of customers, Bity’s business failed. Now the family besides fame also has huge debts. Ryan Sallans.

The girl’s original name was Kimberly Ann Salans. She was born in 1979. Since 1999, Ryan has lectured on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Today he is an activist of the sex minority movement. Ryan is an orator, traveling a lot around the country and defending the rights of the same as he. Sallans also advocates for changes in the health care system. The process of transition from a woman to a man spanned several years, ending in 2005. Then the floor was changed and legally. Sallans was on the transfer from Larry King, he gave many interviews about his gender transition and writing about this book.

The most famous transexuals

Andreas Krieger.

A girl was born in 1966. Glory came to Heidi Krieger in athletics. An athlete from the GDR since adolescence began to take anabolics according to the orders of the team doctors. In 1986, Heidi won the continent’s championship. And the appearance of the girl becomes more and more masculine. However, Krieger did not allow injury in sport. She finished her career in 1990. Gradually Heidi realized that she felt like a man. In 1997, she underwent a sex change operation, replacing also the documents. So the world appeared Andreas Krieger. He is married, has a daughter and holds a small shop in Magdeburg. A transsexual testified against the leadership of a team involved in doping. In honor of the history of Krieger, a medal of her name appeared, awarded for combating the use of illicit drugs in sports. Andreas himself says that he does not regret that he used anabolic drugs at one time. After all, he could understand his essence better.

The most famous transexuals

Chaz Bono.

The famous American singers Sonny and Cher, who performed a duet, were the daughter of Chastity Bono. She was born in 1969. At the age of 13, the girl realized that she liked not her boys, but her friends. In the yellow press, they talked about the lesbian inclinations of Bono, until she herself openly declared about it at 25 years old. From 2008 to 2010, the woman went to the man.As a result, both sex and name were legally changed. Now Chaz is engaged in a musical career, writes articles and books, acts as an activist of the organization of sexual minorities, and is shot in documentary films. Now Chaz Bono is absolutely happy.

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