The most famous skateboarders

Skateboarding is an extreme sport in which people skate, and also perform various tricks on a skateboard. This trend appeared in the late 1940s among Californian surfers who could not do their favorite thing and-for lack of waves. Their first skateboards were ordinary boards with wheels attached to them.

In the early 1960s, skateboards began to be manufactured on an industrial basis, and thanks to the media, sports became popular, championships began to be held. By now, several styles of skating and a lot of tricks have been developed. But the names of the most famous and important skateboarding athletes remain in the shadows, which we will try to fix. Rodney Mullen, USA.

Like many other stars of this sport, Rodney represents the famous brands – Globe, Almost, Tensor. Mullen’s contribution to skateboarding is hard to overestimate. You can just mention that it was he who came up with half of the tricks that formed the basis of his current skating. The main inventions of the athlete is ollie (jump with the board, which is the basis of almost any tricks), as well as kickflip, which became the pledge of all flips. Of all the variety of tricks, Mullen was the first to perform about 20-25 pieces. In the late 80’s Rodney began to promote extreme sports on the streets and his own example of showing that in skateboarding there are not only ramps, bows and turns. The point is that since the appearance of this trend in the 1960s a stereotype appeared that it is strongly associated with radii. Rodney became the one who could change public opinion. The great athlete still skates, filming for video. His last big profile was in Round 3 video from Almost. It is said that Rodney Mullen wants to get the tricks down for at least one more party.

The most famous skateboarders

Tony Hawk, USA.

The name of this skateboarder is associated with such brands as Birdhouse, Quiksilver and Fury. Tony Hawke reasonably considered the most famous skater of the world and the most successful. He began to perform in the late 1970s and has since continued to demonstrate complex tricks. Already at the age of 12, Hawke got the first sponsor, and at the age of 14 he already received the status of “Pro”. Hawke’s successes are connected with vertical skateboarding. For a long time he was considered the best ramp skater among all. It was Tony who became the first who managed to make 900, that is, a rotation of 2.5 turns. This happened during the X-Games in 1999. And the world’s fame for Tony Hawk came after the release of the computer game “Tony Hawk’s Proskater”. This project was originally planned as an ordinary one. However, unexpectedly, the game for many years has become a bestseller among gamers and skaters all over the world. Already more than ten extensions of the famous series, each time improves and graphics, and gameplay. Thanks to this game, skateboarding became popular all over the world, and even Tony Hawk himself became famous. In competitions, he has not been removed for several years, but he is shot in video and photo. Mark Gonzales, USA.

With this athlete are connected Adidas, Krooked, 4star, Spitfire and Independent. Gonzales is considered the founder of street skateboarding in the form that we know him. Although Rodney Mullen also took to the streets long before Mark, he worked mostly with flat surfaces, evading additional barriers. But Gonzales was the first who saw in the streets of cities, modern architecture and urban landscape one solid polygon for skateboarding. Thus, the athlete was able to turn skating into a creative and diverse occupation. Mark became the first who managed to do a trick on his skateboard on the street railing, he was one of the first began to ride in the switch’e. It should be noted that the success of Mark is not limited to this sport alone, he has achieved quite good success in art. Skater draws a lot, even exhibitions of his works are held. Many of Mark’s sketches are used even in the design of the decks from Krooked.True, Gonzalez is known for his strange deeds and not always adequate behavior. He can easily spend several thousand dollars on shoes and spoil them in just a few minutes, skating. It used to happen that Mark tried to perform a kickflip on someone else’s bike.

The most famous skateboarders

Eric Koston, USA.

This skater goes for Lakai, Girl, 4star, Spitfire and Independent. This personality is also significant for the community. He began his journey to fame in the first half of the 1990s, a couple of years later he became famous as one of the most talented skaters of all time. In the course of his development, Koston expanded the scope of opportunities in this sport. Eric was one of the first to actively ride in all four racks. She learned to make complicated flip in / flip out tricks, jump on the railing in the switch and nollie. All this in the end we can now contemplate in a modern video. It is worthy to respect Koston for being constantly in sight and not inferior to his young competitors. Until now, Eric is not afraid to jump from the big steps, he conquers rails and comes up with new, unused combinations of tricks.

The most famous skateboarders

Danny Way, USA.

This skater represents DC, Plan B, Plan B wheels, Independent. The athlete went down in history thanks to such tricks, which no one could even think of before. Danny Way made a drop from the helicopter into a huge ramp, he jumped from a multi-storey building to a giant radius, he made a transfer through the Great Wall of China. And these are just some of his merits. Also, Danny is considered the creator of a new kind of riding – in Mega Rampe. This style resembles a snowboard Big Air, only in this case, multi-meter flights are performed on a skateboard. Especially for this, huge structures are constructed, consisting of super-dispersal, kicker, inclined landing and a giant quarter-pipe. Wei suffered so many serious injuries that in his place anyone would have already left skateboarding. The athlete had a spine broken, a collarbone, several times he received concussions. Fans of Danny Way’s skill should revise his performances in The DC Video, The DC Video Deluxe Edition, Plan B Super Future Promo.

The most famous skateboarders

Andrew Reynolds (Andrew Reynolds), USA.

The athlete represents Emerica, Baker, Altamont, Brigade and Independent. For many skaters, it is Andrew Reynolds who is the favorite “Pro”, in any case, a potential poll will give such a result. And it’s not difficult to understand athletes – a young man skates so that he simply captivates his spectators. The Reynolds style is associated, above all, with large steps and gaps. Andrew has, almost the best kickflip of all modern skaters, and there is no doubt that he also has the best fs flip. Many believe that no one better than Reynolds does not ride on the steps. Known skater also by the fact that he created the famous marginal party Piss Drunx Crew. In this company, friends are distinguished for their shocking apparels, in no way by sporting behavior, by stormy sprees and parties. True, Andrew has settled down lately. He still as well skates and runs the team Baker / Deathwish skateboards. His influence is present in the management of Altamont, Emerica.

The most famous skateboarders

Stevie Williams, USA.

Williams is associated with such big names as Jordan Brand Shoes, DGK, Gold Wheels, Venture. Stevie managed to become, probably, the first black athlete, popular and famous all over the world. And it’s not even the tricks and level of riding, because before him there were a lot of talented African Americans – Keenan Milton, Shawn Sheffi. Williams turned out to be charismatic and managed to make himself known. The athlete had a great influence on the formation of a new, rap style with high clicks, jumps from the floor through tables, slides along the edges to the waist, and also tricks in the switch’e. Now, Stevie works at DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids), and he also designs a skate line in Nike’s subsidiary, Jordan Shoes.

The most famous skateboarders

Elissa Steamer, USA.

This bold girl represents the brands Zero, Nike SB, Thunder. Elissa is the most famous female rider, which is not surprising given her skill. And the path to fame for girls in this sport is traditionally difficult. That is why those who have reached the top, should be particularly respected. Today, leading companies sponsor just a few dozen leading companies, but it is Elissa that can be seen most often in competition reviews and in specialized magazines. Interestingly, unlike most skaters, Stimer always tried to work with big obstacles, rails and inclined edges. Most likely, the reason for her friendship with Piss Drunx Crew and riding for the team Bootleg Skateboards. In the new video from Zero called Strange World, you should expect a full profile from Elissa Stimer. Jamie Thomas, USA.

This athlete represents the names Fallen, Zero, Thunder. It can be safely asserted that the level with which modern skaters ride on the railing, it is thanks to the efforts of Jamie. When he came to California from Alabama, he was an unknown guy. As a result, Thomas managed to become one of the best skaters in the world, having founded several companies at the same time. It was he who became the ancestor of such brands as Zero and Fallen, having managed to prove himself not only in sports, but also in business. Prior to Jamie’s appearance, handrail’s tricks were quite different – he changed them. In Zero’s video profiles, you can see Thomas as one of the first to raise the size of rails to 20 steps or higher, he learned to slide on multi-chimneys and jump from the biggest gap. Sam sportsman claims that his profile in a recent video Ride the Sky was the last in the status of Pro. True, even 10 years ago he considered such and his video Wellcome to hell. Today, many of America’s best skaters think of Thomas as their guru. Jamie manages to not only ride his favorite skateboard, lead the company Black Box Distribution, follow the teams Zero and Fallen, but also brings up children.

The most famous skateboarders

Ryan Sheckler, USA.

This skater presents names such as Etnies, Plan B, Volcom, Plan B wheels, Independent, Red Bull. It can be safely asserted that Shackler is one of the most controversial figures in modern skateboarding. The attitude towards it is polar – someone adores, and someone – hates. But it’s quite certain that Ryan’s talent for skating is difficult to challenge. It is enough to look at any of his profiles and immediately it becomes clear why Shackler is considered an outstanding skateboarder. They hate Ryan, first of all, because at the age of 18 he turned, in fact, into a TV star. So, MTV shows a reality show about his life, and in numerous interviews narcissistic statements slide. Thanks to PR, Shackler became the most discussed skater in the world, he is written about a lot, his photos are printed in magazines. He himself says that all the criticism and hatred in his address will be answered with new and new tricks, even more steep and risky. The last promo show that he does it well.

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