The most famous hackers

Today computers have entered our life literally in all spheres. With their help we watch TV and make purchases, listen to music and work, they manage space ships and apartment houses, store information about bank accounts. Gradually, society is becoming more lazy. It would seem, why make a series of actions, if an intelligent and hardworking machine can do it for you.

But any medal has its two sides, the same situation with computers and the Internet. If there are some means to facilitate our lives, then there is someone who wants to illegally use other people’s data. Such people are called “hackers”. About them films are shot, after them special services are chased. Meanwhile, the names of the ten most famous hackers in history are already known. In many ways, they have one thing in common: they all have been caught by the authorities.

The most famous hackers

Kevin Mitnick

was born in 1963 in California. Already at the age of 12 the boy became interested in information security and social engineering. This led Kevin to the fact that in the future he, asking certain leading questions, was able to access the electronic boxes of various users and to their computers. Such simple, it would seem, methods helped the hacker to crack the card system adopted in Los Angeles. Initially, Mitnick, along with his girlfriend, was engaged in hacking telephone networks, having fun with free international calls. In 1979, telephones and automatic telephone exchanges were for the hacker the passed stage. As a result, he began to specialize in hacking computer networks, starting with his own school. As a result, over the years of its activity, Mitnick hacked systems of companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Fujitsu Siemens and Digital Equipment Corporation. For the capture of the famous cyber-criminal, a high award was announced. In 1994, Mitnick became interested in cellular telephony, and in 1995 he was arrested. The prosecutor announced that the criminal had inflicted damage on 80 million dollars! However, the lawyers managed to remove most of the charges, and after four years of imprisonment Kevin was released. Now he is engaged in law-abiding activity – he has his own company for organizing network security, he is the author of a number of books about the life of hackers. About the very same life and activity of the most famous hacker was even filmed the film “Hacking.”

The most famous hackers

Kevin Poulsen

was once more known by the nickname “Dark Dante”. His most famous trick was the breaking of the telephone lines of the radio station KIIS-FM, which conducted the contest. It was Kevin who got on the phone and managed to win the Porsche 944 live on the air. He was born in 1965 and at the age of 13 he became a traveler on long-distance telephone lines. His favorite place was the teleconferences of Los Angeles, in which he could communicate with his peers, hiding his shy essence. Parents were busy with work and themselves, so the boy grew up closed. By the age of 16, Kevin had already learned to listen to other people’s phone conversations, besides, his parents gave him the first computer. At the age of 18, the young hacker was first caught for illegally entering the UCLA network, but due to a minor, the offender was released. Growing up, Poulsen began working in computer companies, studying safety. But at night it turned into “Dark Dante”, stealing files with military plans, organizing wiretaps and tracking. In 1991, the FBI finally announced a cyber-criminal on the wanted list, and in 1993 its most famous hacking of telephone networks took place. As a result, in 1994, Poulsen was arrested, paid a fine and served four years. Now the former hacker is engaged in journalism, publishing articles on the familiar topic of computer security.

The most famous hackers

Adrian Lamo

received the nickname “Homeless hacker”. He was born in 1981 in Boston, and got his nickname for being constantly changing places of his actions. Already in his childhood Adrian hacked his father’s Commodore 64 to play according to his scripts.At 17, Lamo was left without the care of his parents – they moved, leaving his son alone. He was already well versed in computers, working in various companies. Soon Lamo began to travel around the country with only one laptop, a set of clothes and a blanket. The hacker went to the Internet from cafes and libraries, other public places. Lamo explored the security systems of the largest companies, hacking them then. The list of its victims is impressive – Microsoft, NY Times, Yahoo, Ванk of America. Small sites, such as dating sites simply did not interest him. At the same time, the hacker did not just crack open security systems, but also reported the vulnerabilities found. That is why the FBI for a long time did not declare a hunt for such an “assistant.” In September 2003, the criminal surrendered to the authorities, confessing to the committed attacks. He was sentenced to a suspended sentence and a fine of 65 thousand dollars. In 2007, the trial period passed, now Lamo is a journalist. In 2010, Adrian noted that he gave the authorities trust him Bradley Manning, who supplied confidential materials to the famous Wikileaks. John Shiffer

was born in 1982. The inconspicuous computer security consultant created a whole viral network. With its help, he was able to access the secret information of many users – their passwords, accounts, bank accounts. The hacker’s fault was aggravated by the fact that he attracted his minors to his work, and used the information he had received with his friends, causing considerable material damage to the victims. Even being under investigation, John managed to continue his illegal activities. The scammer eventually implemented his “worms” on more than 150,000 computers! In 2009, he was arrested, Shifer threatened a prison sentence of up to 60 years and a fine of 1.75 million. However, the verdict turned out to be rather mild – four years in prison and about 20 thousand dollars of various fines.

The most famous hackers

Vladimir Levin

became the first known Russian hacker. About him began talking in the 90’s, when he tried to crack Russian “Citibank.” The criminal was born in 1967 in the family of intellectuals and was educated by a microbiologist. Computers were for Levin always only a hobby. A full-fledged hacker is hard to name, because for hacking he used the human factor, not the machine one. In 1994, Levin was able to access corporate accounts for Citibank customers and tried to withdraw about $ 12 million to various countries. The hacker was arrested in 1995 at the London airport. It was not possible to use the collected funds. True, the bank’s administration was never able to return all funds back – 400 thousand and remained unidentified. In 1997, Levin was taken to the United States, where he confessed to the theft of almost 4 million. The process attracted a lot of attention – never before the hacker was caught stealing such large sums. The criminal was imprisoned for 3 years, curiously, that he began to study English only in the prison itself, before that Levin knew him only in the context of computer terms. “Citibank” itself had to reconsider its security system. This story left a lot of questions. So it remained unclear, did Levin have accomplices and where did the money go?

The most famous hackers

Fred Cohen

went down in history as the creator of the first computer virus. It happened in 1983. Fred, a graduate student in the programming faculty of the University of California, owns the term itself. Cohen at his presentation demonstrated a program that was completely able to master the VAX computer system, hiding inside the graphics program VD. Cohen’s viruses were harmless, it was he who taught them to get inside the “exe” launching models, squeezing them. This form of programs is called “compression viruses.” In the 1990s, with the development of information exchange technologies, viruses created on the basis of Cohen’s ideology spread widely becoming not just a hindrance, but a strategic threat to the security of entire countries.To the very Fred, the authorities have never had any complaints – all of his activities were directed to the educational sphere. Today, the well-known hacker-theoretician occupies an important position of the managing company providing information security.

The most famous hackers

Mark Aben

was born in New York in 1972. Parents immediately realized that their son would be a genius. The kid already knew the alphabet in 2 years, and in 3 he tried to write the words himself. At 5 Mark has already read a bunch of books, not fairy tales, but technical publications. The technique immediately interested the child prodigy. By the age of 10, he decided to understand how the telephone network worked, which Mark used successfully, chatting with strangers. By the age of 11, Aben received his first computer, which he began to master independently, using the “poke” method. Over time, Mark began to get involved in an underground party. By the time he was 17, he could already do everything in phone networks, from locking rooms to tracking calls. Aben took a pseudonym “Optics” and the glory of him spread in narrow circles. Soon the hacker took an active part in the formation of groups of hackers “Masters of deception” and “Legion of Fate”. He himself was engaged in minor repairs of computers during the day, and at night led a second, more interesting, life. In the late 80’s, interest in a new, romantic, profession arose not only from the press, but also from the FBI. The first arrest took place in 1990, but then the minor Aben was released. In 1994, he was no longer able to get rid of the court and a year’s imprisonment. In 1995, in honor of the release of freedom Aben rolled a party, which was visited by many of his colleagues and friends. This was the beginning of a new life. Today, the former hacker is an independent security consultant in his own small company. Nashon Iven-Chaim

was born in Australia in 1971. He became one of the most highly qualified specialists of the group “Sphere”, himself acted under the nickname “Phoenix”. In 1988, the Australian police, with the help of their agents and informers, began the development of this illegal association. For his criminal actions, Neishon first used the computer network X25, which operates on the basis of telephone networks, and then the Internet. As a result, the police began to listen to the modem of a young hacker. In April 1990, the arrest took place, Iven-Chaim was charged with 48 fraudulent actions. These included the breaking of several American universities and even NASA. This case was the first in Australia of this kind. The hacker was threatened with 10 years in prison, but he decided to cooperate with the police, after receiving 500 hours of public works and a year of conditional imprisonment. Neyshon could not explain the motivation for his actions. Now the famous hacker works in IT, preferring to shy away from interviews and discuss his former career.

The most famous hackers

Robert Tappen Morris

was born in 1965 and became famous as the creator of the first network computer worm. The brainchild of a hacker could paralyze the work of 6,000 computers in the US in 1988. The worm program penetrated into other people’s networks and computers, multiplying extensively, corrupting files and programs. The Morris worm tried to pick up a password for infected machines using a dictionary of popular words. His attack literally paralyzed the ARPANET network, after which significant changes were made to the security systems. In July 1989, Morris was arrested and became the first convicted of computer fraud. The hacker himself stated that he had created the worm only in order to count the number of computers on the network. However, the court found such arguments unconvincing, especially since the “innocent” action caused damage in half a million dollars. The hacker was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 400 hours of community service along with a fine of 10,000. Now Morris works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as a professor in the field of computer science and electronics.It can be argued that with his past Robert finally said goodbye, it is no coincidence that he was appointed the head of research at the National Center for Computer Security.

The most famous hackers

Eric Corley

in the community of hackers is better known as Emmanuel Goldstein. Born in 1959, the attacker became known at the turn of the 80’s and 90’s, when for the first time the general public learned about the hacking of computer systems. However, for the first time he was brought to court only in 1999, when he was accused of distributing a program for hacking DeCSS codes. Creation Corley allowed to decipher the contents of protected laser discs, and it was written by a group of European experts. Hacker was forced to remove this program from his site, but the beginning was laid – more than 500 other sites began to distribute such applications. Eric founded the famous magazine “2600”, which popularizes and protects hackers. Now he lives in New York, speaking periodically on radio and television.

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