The most famous flash mobs

Modern society has acquired such an unusual phenomenon as flash mob. This is the name of a pre-planned action, in which a large number of people take part. They appear in a certain place and all together carry out the specified actions. And the organization of flash mobs today is carried out through the Internet.

It is believed that the very first such action was held in July 2003 by the editor of Harper’s magazine Bill Washick. In his social experiment, 130 people took part, who did not know each other. On the orders of Wasick, they all went to the same Macy’s store and crowded around the expensive carpet. Each participant had to explain to the seller that he lives in the doss house, but together with his neighbors he is looking for a good carpet for love joys.

This idea appealed to the public. Today, tens and hundreds of flash mobs are held in the world every year. In this case, even their own terms appeared within this phenomenon. So, the Russian participants call the “beacon” of the one who gives the signal about the beginning of the action. An accidental witness is called “kuzmich”, and “penguin” is a person who knew about flashmob, but refused to participate in it, just came to see. It can no doubt be argued that flash mobs have become part of modern culture. We will tell below about the most massive and original such actions. Flashmob for Oprah.

It turns out that on the spot of random witnesses there may even be really world-sized stars. When well-known TV presenter Oprah Winfrey appeared on the stage of a concert in Chicago on the occasion of the opening of the 24th season of her show, she did not know what awaited her. And the star managed to become a witness to one of the most numerous flash mobs in history. For the participants of the flash mob live the music of the band Black Eyed Peas. It is interesting that the musicians did not even suspect that they were participating in a pre-planned campaign. At performance of hit I Gotta Feeling spectators behaved, as usually. Only the girl in the first row stood out, jumping and waving her hands. However, gradually, other people began to join her. They became more and more towards the middle of the song, the whole crowd of spectators, who were about 21 thousand, seemed to become a single organism. Oprah Winfrey was delighted with such attention to her person. She even took pictures of what was happening on the camera of her phone. Later, she confessed her love for the people of Chicago and said that nothing better than this, she had never seen in her life. And prepared such a surprise for star choreographer Michael Gracie. A few months before that, he had organized another impressive dancing flash mob. Then, at the London station Liverpool Street in a joint action involved 13,500 people.

The most famous flash mobs

Invisible dogs in Brooklyn.

The New York group “Improve Everywhere” has been engaged in flash mobs since the very beginning of this phenomenon. But the most famous of their actions took place on September 27, 2009. Then on the streets of Brooklyn there were about 2 thousand people who walked the invisible dogs. The idea of ​​the action appeared when a friend of one of the organizers found in a neglected toy factory a bunch of still produced in the 70s, and so many unsold leashes for invisible dogs. A rigid base was attached to the collars, which allowed them to hang in the air, keeping on a leash. Mobbers gathered at the same factory. Wishing to participate in an unusual action was so much that the building barely all of them contained. Each person has invented a name and even a character for his invisible pet. As a result, some dogs peacefully walked next to their masters, and there were those who rummaged in the pile of garbage or even chased bicyclists. Flashmob found a response from employees of the Brooklyn Cafe. They even gave the unusual dogs the corners in which they put bowls with water and food. But the owners of pet stores after the action were unhappy. After all, they were hit by a barrage of applications for the purchase of an invisible pet.

The most famous flash mobs

Mass death of people in Switzerland.

This frightening flashmob moved the unwitting viewers into a horror film. And they organized it as a protest against the development of nuclear equipment. This flash mob is the work of the Swiss branch of Greenpeace. The action was to show what exactly nuclear power is threatening a person. Participation in this flash mob took several hundred people. They met at bus stops, in underground passages and at playgrounds. Then these people continued to lead the most usual activities – someone was talking to each other, someone was riding a swing or just walking on their own business. And suddenly all these people suddenly fell dead. Similar were so shocked that few people found the strength to quickly rush to help or call for medical help. Ordinary passers-by became victims of this cruel flash mob – they clutched at the heart, cried, fell into a stupor or even fled. The effect was great, as there were also old people and children among the participants in the action. Yes, the organizers of this flash mob really could draw public attention to nuclear problems. But how ethical was this step? Memories of mass death will forever remain in the memory of witnesses, while negative emotions will be associated not only with nuclear power plants, but also with the activities of Greenpeace. Singing airport.

Flashmobs are used by large companies as a marketing tool. English branch of the international cellular company T-Mobile successfully uses this tool with success. Agents usually surprised casual spectators with their mass dances. And on October 27, 2010 the participants of the action also sang. The fifth terminal for Heathrow Airport was chosen as a huge field for the flashmob. To participate in the action, the organizers invited professional singers and bit-boxers who met all new passengers with their vocal performances. At the airport, excerpts from the songs of Michael Jackson, Mark Morrison, Iggy Pop, Aretha Franklin, Thin Lizzy and others were heard. Most of all, this flashmob made an impression not on residents of London, who returned to the capital, and not on flight attendants, but on those who first arrived in the capital of England. In addition to the hundreds of mobbers, there were also dozens of hidden cameras in the crowd. That action was agreed in advance with the management of the airport, and over time, based on the material shot, we had to get an ad. He was also installed in a record time of 36 hours. Soon, already 86 TV channels showed this commercial, as a result, every sixth inhabitant of Great Britain saw this flash mob.

The most famous flash mobs

Calls to multiply.

In flash mobs, not only young people are actively involved, but also their grandparents. But if abroad they usually just dance to the songs of their youth, in Russia the public organization “The Older Generation” decided to change the established template. Older people tackled the demographic problem in the country. It happened on May 18, 2011. More than three hundred elderly people in cloaks with the inscription “Something is wrong? Give birth!” literally occupied the train of the ring line in the Moscow metro. In small groups the participants of the action went into carriages and sat down along the aisle. Passengers were perplexed by such an invasion of the elderly, some gave way to reluctance, and some even had to be driven off the seats. However, all the same, the flashmob participants turned out to be so many that some of them still could not find a seat. At the same time, pensioners distributed leaflets, explaining that it’s time to think about creating a family and children. After all, every year in the city and in the subway will become more and more old people and fewer children. From this action, the mobbers themselves received great pleasure. After all, they had the opportunity to somehow influence the youth, communicate with it and with each other. The pensioners laughed and joked, recalled their youth. And in one of the trains the participants of the flash mob even dragged out the song “Why do you, girls, love the beautiful?”.Pensioners took part in the flash mob not only from Moscow, but also from the Moscow region.

The most famous flash mobs

Hundred of “Lonely Girls”.

This flashmob took place on the morning of April 20, 2099 in London. As usual, the townspeople hurried to their work on their business. Suddenly, over the Piccadilly Circus, chords of the Beyonce hit “Single Ladies” were heard. On the square, several dozens of girls ran out in tight tights. They all started performing the famous dance from Beyonce’s music video. From the crowd of onlookers, more and more new dancers emerged, who dumped their cloaks and joined the action. A total of one hundred girls took part in the flash mob. I must say that this action paralyzed not only the passenger, but also the traffic in the district. After all, drivers could not deny themselves the pleasure of observing the beautiful dances of half-dressed girls. And this flashmob took place in honor of the world tour of Beyonce, during which she decided to give a free concert in London. And you could win a ticket to it by registering a promo code on the site with the packaging of chewing gum Trident. This famous brand belongs to the confectionery company Cadbury. It was she who supported the holding of this flashmob on Piccadilly Circus. Although such an action had a clearly commercial basis, the mobbers around the world consider it exemplary. After all, the organization and execution of the plan were at the highest level and this despite the fact that the girls were given only 24 hours to rehearse the dance.

The most famous flash mobs

Eco-flash mob.

This flash mob was designed to draw public attention to the problem of recycling plastic waste. An event was held in one of the shopping centers in Quebec, Canada. It all started with the fact that the most ordinary man sat next to the urn, allegedly for tying his shoelaces. At the same time, he left a plastic bottle on the floor. Visitors to the shopping center passed by, someone did not see the garbage on the floor, and someone preferred to pretend that he did not notice it. In the end, there was a young blonde in a business suit, who decided to spend a few seconds and throw the bottle in the urn. And she received the reward of applause from dozens of people. All of them jumped from their seats in the courtyard of the restaurant, put on orange caps and surrounded the heroine of the episode. At the same time, those who did not know anything about this flash mob joined the ovation. Immediately, the television cameras also appeared, because the action was conducted by the TV show “Experiences over People”, which was broadcast on the TVA channel. The organizers provided data on which in Quebec alone the necessary processing is avoided by more than 400 million plastic bottles and containers. Let the statistics of 91% of city residents and says that trying to protect the surrounding nature, in practice, not at once found someone who in practice has proved his words.

The most famous flash mobs

Dance of the zombies.

The famous singer inspires tens and hundreds of mobbers around the world. Usually they parody the movements of the King of Pop, copy his movements and accessories, which have long been an integral part of the image. It’s gloves with sparkles, and a black hat and mirror glasses. Some of the most active fans even impose a make-up on themselves to be more like their idol. Jackson-mobs are usually held under the immortal hits of Mile. This is “Bad”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal”. But the brightest flashmob in honor of the singer went to the sound of the hit “Thriller”. The clip for this song inspired the residents of Mexico City, who organized the most massive flash mob in honor of Michael Jackson. August 29, 2009 in the streets of the year passed 14 thousand people who were dressed in costumes zombies – living dead. At the head of this colorful procession was a singer’s double. Participants of the action even applied to the Guinness Book of Records, but they were disappointed. After all, it turned out that to fix the record it was necessary to prove that each participant of the flashmob performed the dance from beginning to end. I must say that “jackson-mobs” were held in Russia.So, similar dance performances, albeit not as massive, once passed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Yaroslavl, Novorossiysk and Irkutsk.

The most famous flash mobs

Chelyabinsk is smiling at the world.

September 14, 2008 entered the history of Chelyabinsk, as the most positive day. After all, more than 9 thousand townspeople and visitors came to the Revolution Square. Their goal was to smile at each other, and at the same time the whole world. Participants put on bright yellow capes and caps. People have built in the form of a huge smile-smiley. Its diameter was more than 75 meters. This figure was visible even from outer space, which captured the American satellite QuickBird. He takes photos for Google’s electronic maps. I must say that the organizers of the flash mob took their invention seriously enough. Automobile traffic was blocked around the city, and rain clouds were dispersed over the city. The same participants were guarded by a special reinforced police detachment. The places of the eyes and mouth of the smile took three small black scenes. They are cheerleaders and KVN-chechiki, encouraging participants. In the same place was and organizer flashmob, guiding the actions of people. The truth that day was pretty cool. That’s why with the official end of the action people quickly left the square. It is interesting that the residents of Chelyabinsk, in addition to the desire to be mentioned on the Internet and in the Guinness Book of Records, congratulated President Dmitry Medvedev on his birthday in such an unusual way.

The most famous flash mobs

Bullying children.

American comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who celebrated one of Emmy’s ceremonies, came up with a special story for the parents of the Christmas flash mob. In his evening show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The comedian suggested the parent allow their children another week before Christmas to open one gift. True, it was assumed that there would be something under the packaging that children obviously would not like. And the reaction of the disappointed baby was suggested to be shot on video. This proposal was widely supported by the Americans. Children were given solemnly any nonsense – canned goods, frozen vegetables, toilet paper, finger batteries, sponges for washing cars … Girls were given cars, and boys were given dolls. Children reacted to this very emotionally – some just sobbed, there were those who rolled on the floor, smashed gifts on the wall and scolded Santa Claus. Many videos were later uploaded to YouTube. I must say that such an educational action for Jimmy Kimmel is not a novelty. Previously, he had already asked his parents to pretend that they ate all the sweets the child had collected for Halloween. Also, the comedian suggested that adults raise children cry “You’ll be late for school!”.

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