The most famous disappearances

The fact that thousands of people disappear every year without a trace is not a secret. Sometimes we have to talk about well-concealed murders, but most of these cases are just runaways.

Such actions are peculiar to teenagers, and adults sometimes decide to suddenly start a new life. The cause of disappearances may be suicide.

But in history there are several such disappearances of people that have remained unexplained and mysterious. These cases continue to be intriguing to this day. Let’s talk about the ten most mysterious disappearances of people.

Harold Holt.

It does not happen so often that the incumbent head of state disappeared without a trace. But that’s exactly what happened to the Prime Minister of Australia on the December morning of 1967. The official went to buy near Portsmouth, in the state of Victoria. More than a premiere, no one saw. Two days later he was found dead, and John McEwen took the post. Naturally, the search for Holt was abandoned all the forces of rescuers, the search operation has become one of the largest in the history of the country. As a result, even the body of the premier was not found. There were a lot of rumors about Holt’s disappearance. It was said that the minister committed suicide or staged his death in order to escape with his mistress. And Australia as a result of a large number of rumors about this incident, including the most outlandish. Is it possible to seriously believe that the Prime Minister of the country was kidnapped by a Chinese submarine or a UFO? Most likely, the reasons for the disappearance were quite natural – the 59-year-old Holt was not completely healthy, and these places are also famous for their strong and dangerous currents.

John Cabot.

What happened to the famous Italian explorer John Cabot, in 1498 also remained a big mystery. This Italian navigator and merchant in 1494 moved to England, having received the permission of King Henry VII to swim in the seas and discover new lands and countries. In 1497, during his expedition, he discovered the island of Newfoundland, as well as new fishing areas. A year later, Cabot led a re-expedition to the shores of North America. As part of the flotilla there were as many as five ships, the British were looking for a way from Europe to Asia. The fate of the expedition remained unclear. She returned back under the direction of John’s son, Sebastian Cabot. Then there were no such things as Coast Guard and GPS, so it’s no wonder that the fate of the ships for a long time was nothing clear. About the great discoveries of the English expedition of Cabot became known from Spanish sources, on their maps was a coastline with rivers and geographical names. The notes said that these data were discovered by the British. The disappearance of Cabot hardly became a sensation at the time. At his disposal were rather primitive wooden boats, an average of 30 meters in length. There was a high probability that they could suffer during a storm or the crews undergo an exotic illness. Today, the most popular version says that Cabot died early in the voyage.

Raoul Wallenberg.

Many people did not hear anything about Raoul Wallenberg. This is not surprising, because his exploits are little known outside of Sweden. During the Second World War, this courageous Swedish diplomat saved, as at least 20,000 Hungarian Jews are considered. This is 10 times more than the famous Oscar Schindler, who also acted during the Holocaust. However, capricious fame left the name of Raoul in oblivion. In 1944, Wallenberg was the first secretary of the Swedish mission in Budapest. He managed by threatening German generals to suspend their execution of orders to send Jews to the death camps. After the arrival of the Red Army in Budapest, the Ambassador’s tracks are lost. It is believed that he was arrested on charges of espionage and transferred to Moscow, where he was held in the Lubyanka. Another version says that Wallenberg was killed during street fighting back in March 1945, reported by the Hungarian radio Kossuth.All attempts by the Swedish authorities to learn anything about the whereabouts of their ambassador stumbled upon the silence of the Soviet authorities. Over time, hundreds of alleged evidence of Wallenberg’s presence in Soviet prisons appeared. In 1947 Prosecutor Vyshinsky officially announced that Wallenberg was not in the USSR, but after 10 years the USSR changed the point of view. It was said that the prisoner Swede died of a heart attack in 1947. Conducted in 2001, 10-year research in principle, confirmed this version. However, no convincing evidence was found and was not. Moreover, there are records of interrogation, presumably Raul, a few days after his “official” death. There are versions that Wallenberg was kept for a long time in prisons and psychiatric hospitals, until 1989, when his personal belongings were transferred to relatives. In any case, the Swedish diplomat remains a true hero for his actions. He is remembered in his native country, thousands of Jews around the world are grateful to him.

Joseph Force Crater.

The disappearance of this judge became a resonant event in New York in the 1930s. Joseph Carter was one of the most popular people in the city – beautiful, rich, with power. He knew how to be at the right time in the right place, there was not a day that his name was not in the press. In the evening of August 6, 1930, just four months after the appointment to his post, Carter disappeared. After dinner with friends in a restaurant in Manhattan, he took a taxi and was never seen again. Large-scale searches were organized in several states at once, years and millions of dollars were spent. Nearly 100 witnesses were interviewed, and the case materials were placed on 975 pages. The popular version says that the reason for the disappearance of Crater was his complicated relationship with the mafia, which was not surprising, considering the post of Joseph. Others believe that he simply fled with his mistress to start a new life, say, in Rio de Janeiro. The police found that the judge’s account, his safe were empty, and two personal suitcases also disappeared. Perhaps the cause of the murder of Crater was political disagreement with the Democratic Party. As a result, in 9 years it was officially announced that the judge is dead. The search was not helped by a reward of $ 5,000. As a result, the secret of the disappearance of Crater for 80 years forces us to propose more and more hypotheses, it is unlikely that it will be resolved in the near future. But with the help of this story there was a slang phrase “pull out Crater”, which means a mysterious disappearance of a person under suspicious circumstances.

Charles Nunessesse and Francois Coley.

1927 became very important in the history of aviation. It was marked by a race for the right to make the first flight across the Atlantic from America to Europe. In parallel, about a dozen pilots entered the rivalry to be the first, but soon most of them were eliminated, for mechanical reasons, or because of a lack of funding. Today, everyone knows that in the end, this historic flight was made by Charles Lindbergh. Two weeks after his flight, the French pilot Charles Nunessesse and his navigator Francois Coley decided also to repeat the flight, only in the opposite direction, flying from Paris to New York. Departure took place from the airport Le Bourget on a heavy single-engine biplane “White Bird” weighing 11 thousand pounds. The plane mysteriously disappeared, supposedly crashed into the sea. Although there are versions that it happened in Newfoundland or Maine, in the vast forests of these sparsely populated places. The wreckage confirming the catastrophe was never found. The disappearance of two brave French pilots remained a mystery.

Glenn Miller.

A popular American jazz musician and leader of his own band disappeared, following from England to France in 1944. Miller was going to play troops that had just released Paris. However, few people guessed the loss of the musician at the time.The fact is that on the same day the Germans began their last major offensive against the Allied forces, which was called the Battle of the Ardennes. It was news about these events that seized all the first pages of newspapers. What happened to the single-engine “Norsman C-64” 10 days before Christmas was still a mystery. On that day there was a thick fog, eyewitnesses said that even the birds sat down on the ground. The most logical version is the fall of the aircraft in the English Channel, but no evidence to prove this was found. There were rumors that the musician was captured by fascists, who tortured him for a long time. Versions that the plane was shot down by the Germans were not confirmed, as there were no sorties that day. In 1998, the German tabloid “Bild” published an investigation of his journalist Ulfkott, who argued that he possessed the facts of Miller’s death in the arms of a prostitute in a Parisian brothel on December 15. Allegedly the command decided to hide the fact of such a shameful death of an idol. Today, the most reliable is the hypothesis that the “Norsman” fell under the bombing of British bombers, who were getting rid of their lethal cargo over the Channel Channel after an unsuccessful departure. This is evidenced by the onboard magazine of one of the bombers. This document, by the way, was sold in 1999 to Sotheby’s. Military pilots saw “Norsman” below, as he suffered from explosions and dived into the sea. The death of Miller eventually became a huge loss for the entire American music scene.

Dan Cooper.

The history of the disappearance of this criminal is one of the strangest in both aviation and forensic science. November 24, 1971 a man who calls himself Dan Cooper, captured the “Boeing 727” our state Washington, collected a ransom of 200 thousand dollars and jumped with a parachute at an altitude of 3000 meters. Such an act is made as if on demand for fans of conspiracy theories, the scenario of crime and escape was so painfully exciting. Nobody has ever seen Cooper himself. This story gave rise to many theories and guesses – who was this mysterious person and what became of him? In 1980, the secret was ajar – on the bank of the Columbia River, one boy found a pack of old faded bills brought by the current. Checking their numbers confirmed that they were transferred in due time to Cooper. For many, this was proof that the hijacker died while jumping. But there was found a small part of the ransom, only about 5 thousand, but what about the rest of the money? The letter came to the Los Angeles Times three weeks after the theft. There someone explains that he is deadly sick, and he needed money to brighten up the rest of the days. The text was recognized as someone’s joke, but this did not help the investigation.

Percy Fawcett.

In 1925, this British archaeologist and explorer, along with his eldest son Jack and friend Raylem Reimel, went to the Amazon jungle in search of the hidden “golden” city. Who could imagine that everything can go not according to the planned plan? But the trips of this kind are fraught with surprises. Finally Fawcett left a note that if he disappeared, then he should not look for it, or even the next expedition could comprehend his fate. The last thing that was known about the triple travelers was that they crossed the tributary of the Amazon, the Shingu River. The fate of Fawcett is told only by unconfirmed observations and a lot of contradictory rumors. All this served as the basis for various theories explaining the loss of the scientist. In the course of subsequent years, more than 100 people disappeared in these places in 13 expeditions that searched for Fosset. The most reliable version is that the scientist was killed by the Indians, especially since his compass was found by their possessions in 1933. The hypothesis that Fossett became the head of the tribe of ogres sounds fantastically. In the jungle in 1951 and in 1998, remains were found that could belong to Percy.However, the heirs themselves were no longer profitable to learn the truth about the disappearance of the scientist – the story of his mysterious disappearance because it sold so well.

Jimmy Hoff.

The leader of trade unions is always in sight. It is believed that Jimmy Hoff, chairman of Timsters’ trade unions, did not share something with organized crime. As a result, July 30, 1975, Hoff disappeared from the parking lot near a restaurant near Detroit. I must say that this surprised no one, because among friends Jimmy were well-known mafiosi Anthony Gialkone and Anthony Provesano, with whom the meeting was supposed to take place. In addition, Hoff himself had already served time for attempted bribery. In 1982, the death of a trade union leader was officially recognized, but no one found his body. The most popular is the version that Hoffa is buried under a 10-percent mark at the stadium “Giants”. Well, a worthy place for the last rest for, perhaps, the most corrupt, but also effective trade union leader in the whole history of America. The image of the same Jimmy was repeatedly used in movies, which is only the phrase “you can wait as long as Hoff.”

Amelia Earhart.

Perhaps the most famous disappearance in history is what happened to the 39-year-old pilot and her co-driver Fred Noonan. Earhart was a model of an independent woman, she became one of the first female pilots. By 1937, Amelia had already become famous for a number of flights across the Atlantic and the Pacific. But her main dream was to carry out a round-the-world flight in order to prove that there would soon be no borders for aviation. The pilot planned that this would be her last record flight, and it was time to have children. From March to July, more than 22,000 miles were covered – 80% of the route. On July 2, 1937, Earhart and Noonan flew out of Lae on the Papua New Guinea coast, heading for Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. This stage was the most difficult, after all, it was necessary to find a small patch of land in the ocean after a day’s flight and land on it. But those who met did not wait for the heroic crew. It is most simple to assume that Erhart got lost and the plane ran out of fuel. The search was unprecedented – the pilot was looking for an aircraft carrier, a battleship, 66 aircraft. It was examined 220 thousand square miles. A year and a half later, the authorities officially announced the death of Amelia. Today, a single version of what happened with Earhart, did not appear. In addition, the political situation in the region was complicated – the Japanese hastily built secret facilities. Perhaps the pilot was taken prisoner and was destroyed, as an unwelcome witness. With the beginning of combat operations in 1941, there were vague evidence that on one of the islands the Japanese held a white woman and a man in captivity. Up until 1970, versions appeared that the pilot had survived and returned to America under an assumed name.

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