The most famous criminal groups

If you believe Hollywood, then all members of criminal groups are extremely kind and nice people, whom evil fate threw in this Wednesday. Gangster seems to us a taciturn handsome Italian in a suit from Armani, with a cigar in his mouth.

The most famous criminal groups

In fact, in each country there are syndicates of organized crime. At the same time, with the increase in their numbers, the methods of influence also coarsen. Probably, there are few countries in the world that would not suffer from organized crime.

If at a shallow level it is a question of racketeering and extortion, then at the international level we have to talk about drug trafficking. Let’s talk about the 10 most famous criminal groups in the world, indicating not only the place of their actions, but also the sphere of specialization, as well as the name of the alleged leader.

Five families.

This grouping is based in the United States. The sphere of its activity is bookmaking and gambling, racketeering, drugs and usury. The names of the leaders are also known: Vincent Basciano, Nicholas Corozzo, Carmine Persico, Daniel Leo, Vittorio Amuso. The grouping united five Mafia families, which were mainly based in New York. The clans included Bonnano, Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese and Colombo. These mafia structures control virtually all criminal activity in the country since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The FBI and the New York City Attorney’s office are trying in every possible way to destroy the criminal syndicate, but all they succeeded in is to reduce its influence a little. Among the five families, the most influential and numerous is the Genovese clan. The progenitor of the American “goat nostr” is considered to be the scandalous Laki Luciano, who in the mid-1920s came to the US from Italy. In addition to luggage, he also brought the methods of exposure of the Italian mafia.

“United bamboo”.

The grouping is located in Taiwan. Her main occupation is contract killings and knocking out of debts, bribery and gambling. Who manages the syndicate is still unclear, it is only known that there is not one person, since there is a complex horizontal hierarchy. This is the largest criminal grouping of Taiwan, it includes about 10 thousand members. “United bamboo” professes rather old-fashioned principles: members of the triad most appreciate unity and harmony with people. “United bamboo” is suspected of drug trafficking, it is believed that criminals are associated with politicians (in particular, with the ruling Taiwanese party KMT). The leaders of the grouping themselves, which naturally denies such connections. Bamboo operates not only throughout Asia and the Pacific, but also in Europe and the Americas.

The Tijuana cartel.

This mafia group operates in the northwest of Mexico in the Tijuana and Bach regions. The main field of activity is drug trafficking, banditry, bribery and contract killings. The leader of the group is Eduardo Arellano Felix. In South America, until the 90s, the Colombian cartels reigned, but with their collapse a vacuum was formed, which was appropriately filled by three Mexican cartels – Sinaloa with Johin Gusman at the head, Juarez with Vicente Fuentes and the already mentioned Tijuana cartel. He is also called the organization of Arellano Felix and is considered the most aggressive and cruel in this troika. It is quite natural that between the cartels for the spheres the influence is constantly being waged a war in which dozens of people die every year. According to rumors, in order to stay afloat by the cartel every week, only a million dollars are paid only by bribes.

Tai Huen Tea.

This gang operates in China. She has no clearly defined leader, but she is the largest and most influential in the country. Literally the name of the group is translated as “Big-Guys”, but they are engaged in all the same drugs, extortion, prostitution, usury and even human trafficking. The unification was an unexpected fruit of the cultural revolution of the great helmsman of Mao Zedong.After his death, most of the Hunwenbin soldiers, representing the Red Guard, were sent to re-education camps, where they were subjected to cruel tortures and monstrous humiliations. Is it any wonder that they came out of the camps even more embittered and cruel than they were? So this gang was born. Its difference from other criminal syndicates is that there is no specific organizational structure. Often the members of the group are compared to strangers who once suddenly decided to play basketball together. Between themselves criminals are practically unfamiliar, but the glory of them rattles throughout Asia, reaching even Australia and America.

The Sicilian Mafia.

This organization is based on the Italian island of Sicily. The Mafia deals not only with drugs and arms trafficking, but also with murders, arson, corruption and counterfeit money. The leader of the group is Matteo Messina Denaro. The community was originally organized on a territorial basis, it includes about 100 criminal families. This mafia arose in the middle of the XIX century, but its influence and organization it acquired only at the beginning of the XX century. With the export of Lucky Luciano’s mafia in the United States in the 1930s, the number of its members began to grow rapidly. Some experts believe that only in America the number of members of this group exceeds 2500 people. In Sicily, the mafia was able to seize power thanks to its control over construction contracts. After receiving the first tangible fruits in the form of influence and means, the group began to sell weapons and drugs. The ensuing series of arrests did not change the situation – the mafia retained its influence not only in Sicily, but throughout Italy. In the mid-90s, the group was again spoken of-the murders of two members of the Italian magistrate were organized.


This triad is based in Hong Kong, it is believed that it is there it is the strongest, large and ruthless. She is engaged in extortion, contract killings, kidnappings, prostitution, drugs and counterfeiting money. The leader of the group is not known. In the 1990s, 14K was considered to be the largest criminal community in the world, while in Portugal there was no trial of one of the leaders of numerous cells. This slightly shook the power of the group. The region of its influence now extends to the whole of Asia, with 14K cells in practically all major American cities. The triad has no special moral principles – it uses any means of earning, the grouping is accused of virtually all violations provided by law.

“Battalion D”.

This structure is located in India and the United Arab Emirates. Criminals do not abhor the trade in drugs and weapons, extortion, contract killings and counterfeiting money. The leader of the gang is Daud Ibrahim, who has long been on the international wanted list. Leading gangster group of India is also accused of links with Islamic terrorists, in particular with Al-Qaida and the Taliban and the fulfillment of their instructions on the territory of the country. It was the “Battalion D” that was credited with a series of terrorist acts in Bombay in 1993, when 257 people were victims, and more than 700 were injured. Ibrahim in India is well known, they say even that he has his professional interests in Bollywood. American intelligence has information that the leader of the gang is now hiding in Pakistan, while he has already managed to perform a number of plastic surgeries to change his appearance.


A grouping with such a hard-to-pronounce name is based in Calabria, in the south of Italy. The main areas of activity are the same: drug trafficking, extortion and contract killings. There is no clearly expressed leader here, the principles of the horizontal hierarchy are used. Ndrangetta unlike other criminal organizations, which are forced to narrow the sphere of influence, expand their controlled territories. The authorities are complicated by the task of combating criminals by the fact that among the Calabrians there are practically no cases of betrayal.Today there are more than 10 thousand people in the Ndrangetta, the annual income of the family is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. It is this grouping that is the largest supplier of cocaine in Europe, but the path to power and big money began with a network of fast food restaurants.


The grouping is based in Kobe, Japan. Bandits are engaged in gambling, extortion, selling weapons and drugs, prostitution and buying stolen goods. The leader of the gang is Kenichi Shinoda, also known as Shinobu Tsukasa. Yamaguchi-gumi is the largest clan of the Japanese yakuza, founded back in 1915. His own status of the most influential and cruel clan was obtained thanks to the leader Kazuo Taoke. “Yamaguchi-gumi” almost disintegrated. Now in the grouping of 40 thousand people. Since 2005, Shinobu Tsukasa has come to power, more diplomatic than the famous Taoke, but no less cruel. This criminal is now serving a prison term for carrying firearms, but he is in charge of the gang from prison, trying to expand its sphere of influence to the north of the country.

Solntseva’s brotherhood.

The legendary Russian group is based in Moscow. The sphere of activity of “brothers” is wide: extortion and murder, trade in drugs, weapons and stolen, car theft and money laundering, oil. Prostitution and even trade in nuclear materials. The head of the gang is Sergei Mikhailov. Assessing the Russian mafia, the former special agent of the FBI Bob Levinson called her the most dangerous of the criminal groups on the planet. Such a statement inspires respect and horror, especially if one considers that according to the most conservative estimates, there are about 300,000 people in the criminal association. To “brotherhood” generally refers 450 groups, the most famous of which is precisely Solntsevskaya. This syndicate stands out for its special cruelty. Its leader is rumored Sergey Mikhailov, nicknamed Mikhas. A small stay in the camp gave him a connection with many criminal authorities, including Semen Mogilevich, who is known all over the world. The small disparate gangs of racketeers of the late 1980s were combined, the American model was used as a basis rather than the Italian one. Introduced was the Russian flavor. Bandits practiced a lot in gyms, they were prohibited from drugs and alcohol abuse. The fortress of faith and family relations was welcomed.

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