The most famous cocktails

Alcoholic cocktail is a drink in which several ingredients are combined, one of which is alcohol. Mixing of liquids and adding spices and fruits to them and create a new drink. The composition of cocktails can vary greatly. Most of them use ice, which should be given special attention. For its preparation, either slightly mineralized water or simply pure water will do. It should not contain impurities and be transparent.

There are several versions of cocktail appearances. The most romantic refers to the year 1770. Then the owner of one bar under New York lost his favorite cock. The owner announced that he would give his daughter to the wife of someone who would find this bird. After a while, a military officer brought a rooster, but there was no tail for the bird. The owner was forced to announce to all regulars of the bar about the upcoming wedding. The daughter, who worked in the same institution, began to stir all the drinks with excitement. The novelty was so popular with visitors that it was nicknamed “cock tail” from the phrase “cock tail”.

Another legend dates back to the 15th century. It is said that wine and spirits were mixed in the French province of Charente. The resulting mixture was called coquetelle (koktel), which was then transformed into the word “cocktail”. The third story says that the first such drink appeared in England. And the very name of it came from the lexicon of the fan of races. So he called the non-thoroughbred horses, whose tails were sticking out like roosters. These mixed-blooded horses were nicknamed the cock tail.

They say that the cocktails were very revered by French officers who drank them right next to the colonial opponents. And it happened during the War of Independence of America. But the true glory of such drinks were in the 1920s in America. Cocktails were illegal, and therefore even more loved and appreciated alcoholic beverage. Cocktails resisted the dry law from 1919 to 1933. They were cooked to hide the taste of alcohol.

Be that as it may, today it is impossible to imagine a cocktail without some strong and unusual drink in its composition. It can be assumed that the genie was first used for these purposes. He then had a strong sweetish taste, which should be hidden in a mixture with other drinks. Recipes of those cocktails that have reached us, date back to the second half of the XIX century. They were Martini, Daiquiri and Manhattan. Classic drinks, which are popular today, were invented in the 1920s.

In Paris, appeared Bloody Mary and Side Car, and in Italy -Americano and Negroni. Then the cocktails were called American Drinks, as they were very popular among Americans looking for entertainment outside their country. Today, with the advent of new liqueurs, fragrances and exotic fruits, the fashion for cocktails is returning. We will tell below about the most famous beverages of this kind.

The most famous cocktails


This masculine word came from the Spanish Mojito. The cocktail is created on the basis of white rum with the addition of mint leaves. There are two types of mojito – non-alcoholic and low-alcohol. There was this drink in Cuba, but it was popular in America in the 1980s. There are several theories explaining its name. It is believed that the word could have come from the diminutive form of the Spanish Mojo. So in Cuba and the Caribbean Islands is called a sauce, which includes lemon juice, pepper, garlic, greens and vegetable oil. Another version says that Mojito is a modified “Mohadito”, which means “slightly moist”. The composition of the modern cocktail includes five ingredients – rum, lime, sugar, soda and mint. This combination of sweet and refreshing citrus with mint, along with rum masked the strength of alcohol, which can not leave indifferent. So the cocktail has become one of the most popular summer drinks. In some hotels in Havana, it also adds angostura. For the non-alcoholic version of mojito, instead of white rum, water is used with brown cane sugar.Prepare the cocktail as follows: add sugar to the lime juice, tear off the mint leaves and put it all in a tall glass. Then add ice, and from above pour rum and soda. It should be noted that Mojito, the most popular cocktail in the world, can have many options. Someone likes to add strawberries, and some people like fruit juices.

The most famous cocktails

Blue Lagoon Cocktail.

This drink gives the person who drinks it an outstanding personality and personality. After all, the cocktail itself is exactly that. First of all, its unique blue color is conspicuous. It’s interesting that this exotic cocktail was invented not at Hawaii, but at the other end of the world – in the bar of the club “Zanzibar” in London. This drink is full of flavors. It is mentioned as fresh, summer and dairy. The “Blue Lagoon” is served in a large glass with umbrellas and tubules. Thanks to the drink around, an atmosphere of exotics is created immediately. The preparation will require rum Bacardi, blue liqueur CuraƧao, pineapple and lemon juice, as well as sugar syrup with ice. To serve the cocktail used pieces of pineapple, mint leaves and a cocktail cherry. Liquids should be mixed with ice in a special serving bowl. Then the cocktail is decorated with the listed elements and a straw is added.

The most famous cocktails

Cosmopolitan cocktail.

This cosmopolitan cocktail corresponds to its name, because it is popular all over the world. He can often be seen in movies and TV shows, at parties. One of the legends of his creation says that the drink was invented specifically for vodka with a taste of lemon “Absolute Citron.” The cocktail was supposed to support a famous brand. Although they say that in fact it was invented by the barmaid Cheryl Cook from the town of South Beach in Florida. Although they talked about the popularity of “Cosmopolitan” in gay bars back in the 70’s, she herself claimed in her interviews that she had created such a cocktail in 1985. Cook said that she was impressed by the number of people who order martini only for the sake of showing off with a glass in their hands. That’s how the idea was born to create such a drink, which would be tasty, and visually attracted attention. In the original recipe for cocktail you need the very vodka “Absolut Citron”, orange liquor “Triple Sec”, a little lemon juice “Rose’s”, and to create a pink color, add a little cranberry. Another important personality in the history of the cocktail was Toby Cizzini from Manhattan. Based on the fuzzy descriptions of the recipe by Cheryl Cook, he prepared his version of “Cosmopolitan”. Only together orange liqueur Toby used Cointreau liqueur, as well as freshly squeezed lime juice. It was this version that became the generally accepted standard approved by the International Bar Association. Cocktail quickly became popular in gay clubs, it was considered a classic for sex minorities. But with the release of the television series “Sex and the City” in 1998, everything changed. In the movie “Cosmopolitan” appeared quite often, as a favorite drink of the main characters. This cocktail is served in large glasses, martins. For its decoration, a slice of lemon or lime is used.

The most famous cocktails

Pina Kolada.

They even compose songs about this burning, sexy cocktail. Sweet drink comes from the Caribbean islands. Its name literally means “filtered pineapple”. A long time ago so called fresh pineapple juice, which was served filtered (colada). Over time, sugar and rum were added to the juice. As a result, in the middle of the XX century in one of the bars in Puerto Rico appeared the recipe of the cocktail of Pina Colada. Drink so quickly all fell in love that he became famous, and they became proud of the whole country. Today, the main ingredients of this cocktail are rum, pineapple juice and coconut liquor. Blender mixes these ingredients, add ice and pour into a glass. They are topped with whipped cream and decorated with fruits. Some bartenders add to Pina Kolada also Baileys liquor, which only adds exotics.

The most famous cocktails

Cocktail “Daiquiri”.

At the present time a whole group of cocktails are hidden under this name, only the original recipe exists only one. A classic drink was created in the town of Daikiri at the beginning of the last century. There, in the east of Cuba, the engineer Pagliuchi decided to drink something unusual. However, his friend Jennings Cox found only rum, lime, sugar and ice. Mixing these ingredients in the shaker, the men received a new pleasant cocktail. They decided to name it in honor of the place of manufacture – Daikiri. For one serving, 40 ml of white rum, 20 ml of lime juice and 7 ml of sugar syrup are sufficient.

The most famous cocktails

Cocktail “Margarita”.

This famous cocktail often flashes in the movies. Prepare “Margarita” based on tequila, this is one of the best summer cocktails. As it usually happens with new cocktails, it has several stories of creations. In general, for the right to be called the birthplace of the drink, almost half of the towns in South and Central America are fighting. One of the legends says that “Marguerite” was first prepared in 1938 by barman Carlos Herrera for the young actress Margarita King in one of the bars of Tijuana. The visitor was so impressed with her beauty that for her sake the barman decided to create something unusual. Another version says that in 1948 Tommy Hilton, the owner of the chain of the same name hotels, became the first who tried an amazing cocktail at the villa in Acapulco. The mistress of the house was Margarita Seims. Guests at her home at the reception were given a drink based on tequila. The cocktail was so well liked by Tommy that soon he was already in the menu of every bar in his hotels. The third legend tells of the love of the hotel manager “Crespo”, Danny Negrete, to the girl Margarita. She visited her chosen one at night. It was for her that he came up with a new drink, mixing tequila, lemon juice and cointre. In the classical recipe, these components should be used in proportions of 2: 2: 1, respectively. Cocktail is prepared in a shaker with crushed ice or in a blender with a lot of frozen water. Serve “Margarita” should be in a wide special glass. This drink can be flavored with salt or sugar.

The most famous cocktails

Cocktail “B52”.

This cocktail is unusual, because it consists of three layers of liqueur. If the drink is cooked correctly, then the coffee liqueur (as an example, Kahlua), the Beilis and Marie Brizard Grand Orange liqueurs do not mix, and the border between them is clearly visible. And in this case there are several stories about the origin of such a cocktail. They say that it was first created in the bar “Alice”, that in Malibu. The new drink got its name in honor of the American bomber “Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.” Another legend attributes the honor of creating a cocktail to the “Keg steakhouse” bar in Calgary. However, from these versions, the one that has a direct bearing on the military aircraft looks more logical. The fact is that it was at this time that this ultra-long-range strategic bomber-missile carrier was established, which has been in combat since 1955. And a simple look at a glass of a really professionally prepared cocktail gives an association with an exploded nuclear bomb. But it was for its transportation that the bomber “B-52” was designed. To make the liqueur in the form of uniform and not torn layers, it is first necessary to pour one part of the coffee liquor into the shot-shot, then slowly and gently cream on the back side of the spoon. Just gently over pour orange liqueur (for this role will suit Cointreau). If everything is done correctly, a three-layer cocktail “B-52” is formed. Often it, already ready, is also set on fire. In this case, the cocktail “B-52” must be drunk very quickly through the tube until it has had time to melt. The taste of the drink in this case is no different from the classic recipe, but it looks all the more spectacular, drawing the attention of others. “Pilot” begins to drink cocktail cold from the bottom, gradually the liquid becomes warmer, and at the very end is generally hot. This is how the effect of rapid takeoff and bending is achieved.Cocktail is good because its reasonable use guarantees a “soft landing”. In just a few minutes you can look again at the surrounding world with sober eyes. There is also a cocktail option in which the layers are mixed and fed with ice. Cocktail “Long Island”.

This easy-to-prepare and strong cocktail was coined at the time of the Dry Law in America. In the bars quickly became popular Long Island Ice-tea Cocktail, because outwardly it looked like a peaceful glass with a cold tea. It was hard for outsiders to understand that a tea with a lemon-like drink is in fact an explosive heady mixture, and even so delicious! As it happens with other cocktails, the exact date of the appearance of the drink and its history is not known, gathering legends. According to one of them, it was invented not at the time of the Dry Law, but it happened in the late 1970s. He came up with the cocktail of the barman Rosebad Butt. In any case, the cocktail is not a trivial mixture of vodka and cola, but much more complex, but from this no less than a strong drink. Although the canons of barmen art in the cocktail should be no more than five components, “Long Island” is the only recognized exception. The composition includes equal proportions of 14 ml triple sec, white rum, gin, tequila vodka, 28 ml of tea, as well as cola and a slice of lemon. Strong liquids must be mixed in a Collins or Hayboll glass and add ice. Then stir the resulting and add cola. It is worth ordering such a cocktail on a cold evening and then the bar can be stuck for a long time. A cocktail is also celebrated with its considerable volume, which only prolongs the pleasure. Cocktail “Sex on the beach.”

This popular cocktail, with its one name, makes dreams of rest, sea, love. The composition of the drink includes vodka, peach liqueur (schnapps), cranberry and orange juice. This cocktail is officially recognized by the International Bar Association (IBA). For preparation take on 2 parts of vodka, both juices and one part of peach liquor. All this is mixed in a shaker and poured into a glass highball, filled with ice. After that, the cocktail is decorated with a slice of orange. Drink this drink through a straw. Sometimes in “Sex on the beach” add more and pineapple juice. It happens that the cocktail is not poured into a highball glass, but in a hurricane. The drink is sometimes decorated with cherries and a lime slice.

The most famous cocktails

Cocktail “Cuba Libre”.

This Cuban cocktail has already conquered the whole world. It appeared during the Spanish-American War. One day a group of American soldiers entered one of the bars in Havana, who at that time were on leave. One of them, missing the house, ordered a rum with cola, ice and a slice of lemon. This cocktail he liked so much that it aroused keen interest among his colleagues. Soldiers asked the barman to cook for them the same drink. Then began the fun, in the midst of which one of the soldiers said a toast in honor of the island’s freedom: “Por Cuba Libre!”. The crowd answered him “Kubra Libra!”. To make a cocktail, squeeze lime juice into the Collins glass and add ice, then add rum and cola and mix.

The most famous cocktails

Cocktail “Bloody Mary”.

This drink is the most famous among cocktails, consistently ranked first in the popularity ratings. Meanwhile, around the “Bloody Mary” is a lot of myths and mysteries. It is said that this cocktail was loved by such famous personalities as Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald. And the glory of the “Bloody Mary” came to New York, glorified her bartender Fernand Petio, who worked in the hotel St.. Regis. In 1920, he decided to experiment, adding the sauce “Tabasco” in a spirit drink. According to the legend, Fernand came up with the name “Red Lucian” for the new drink, calling it after the fish. However, one of the visitors renamed the cocktail in his own way, calling it “Bloody Mary”. The successful title quickly stuck to the drink.According to another legend, on the contrary, Petio originally called his cocktail “Bloody Mary”, but the administration of the “King Col” bar tried to name it in honor of the fish, “Red Lucian”. There is another version of the name of the drink. It is said that in Chicago there was a bar “Bucket of Blood”, where a beautiful girl Mary came to visit, in honor of which they named a cocktail. Initially, the drink was extremely primitive, it included vodka and tomato juice. But 15 years after the invention in the “Bloody Mary” began to add seasonings and spices. Vodka should be 2 times less than tomato juice. All this is poured into a highball and added with ice, and then mixed. Salt and pepper can be added to taste. For those who love drinks more sharply, you can even add a hot red pepper. There is another version of “Bloody Mary”, where vodka is used together with tequila. It is mixed with horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, lemon and tomato juice. If desired, you can also add Dijon mustard, sherry and shellfish. First in highball put ice, and then liquid ingredients. From above all this is poured by tomato juice. The cocktail is mixed by transfusion from one glass to another. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there is a kind of “Bloody Mary” in general without vodka. At the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the legendary cocktail in 2008, a toast in his honor was pronounced by the granddaughter of the creator. In New York, December 1, even declared the day “Bloody Mary.” In honor of the anniversary cocktail in the city bars offered a cocktail at a price of 1933 – 99 cents.

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