The most famous chefs

For most of us, a restaurant is a place where you can eat deliciously, even at a reasonable price. However, many gourmets go to such places to enjoy the skill of the chef. After all, these wizards of the kitchen can turn an occasional visitor into a constant and loyal client. The most famous chefs are ordinary cooks, these masters are conducting television shows and they are shooting movies.

Who said that the cook’s profession has exhausted itself? Talented and endlessly devoted to their work, people are really doing miracles. Eating such dishes, you begin to doubt the source of inspiration – whether it is from God or from the devil?

Cooks have taught a person to taste new sensations, their masterpieces can become an ornament of any festival. However, customers pay for such skill generously. And who said that cooking is a woman’s occupation? In the ranking of the best chefs, the vast majority are just men. Let’s talk about the most famous men-cooks in the world, for the sake of whose creations it is not a sin to gain a couple of extra pounds of weight.

The most famous chefs

Alain Ducasse, France.

This Frenchman came to the gastronomy of an inexperienced provincial youth. At the age of 16 he was lucky enough to work with such masters as Roger Virge and Michel Gerard. Then there was only work and work. In the end, diligence, imagination and some recklessness allowed Ducasse to overcome all the steps on the road to success. For example, his patronage in the restaurant Le Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, otherwise, as an adventure can not be called. However, after 33 months of hard work, the cook, with the help of bloody corns on the hands of his subordinates, created a brilliant menu. There the classic Provençal recipes were played with an elegant script. As a reward for this Ducasse to his 33 year of birth received three Michelin stars. But in the 1980s, the future star of gastronomy fell into a plane crash, becoming the only survivor. For three years Alain lay without moving, that’s why every day of his life he seeks to use to the fullest. Today, the chef is engaged in three restaurants, each with three Michelin stars. Its empire includes 11 thematic concept restaurants, a couple of top-class cafe-bistros and even a fast-food chain “BE”. Ducasse finds time to manage the school of cookery, a network of hotels, he heads a publishing house and a consulting firm. It is no coincidence that he received from the President’s hand the Order of the Legion of Honor. The culinary genius specializes in rare and forgotten recipes, all gastronomic trends are tracked and immediately introduced in its many establishments. Gordon Ramsey, United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, this Englishman wanted to connect his life with football. However, the meniscus injury prevented the implementation of these plans. Examination balls were not enough to enter the service in the police or the fleet, as a result, the man decided to try cooking. Among the teachers of Ramzi are such cult figures as Mark Pierre Wyre, Guy Savoy, Albert Rui Joel Robuchon. In 1998, the prospective chef opened his own institution Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, which gave rise to his growing empire. Today it has 9 restaurants, 6 of which have at least one Michelin star. Yes, and abroad the cook is known – he owns a couple of pubs and 12 restaurants outside of England. Ramsey became a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, the first Scotsman to receive three Michelin stars. His skill is divided into 14 books. And the world fame came to him thanks to television – the chef leads a specialized and rating TV show “Ramzi’s Kitchen Nightmares”, “Word on F”, “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Boiling Point”. Ramsey is a rather eccentric person, distinguished by constant perfectionism. Audience he wins thanks to his rudeness, pressure and use, including, and profanity. He can airily humiliate the participant, calling his culinary creations just “shit.”

The most famous chefs

Wolfgang Park, Austria.

The master of culinary skills this chef studied with his own mother, who worked as a pastry chef. Then there was an internship in France, where the teacher of the young master was Raymond Tyulieu. Wolfgang worked in Monaco and Paris, and in 1973 a 25-year-old man moved to the United States. There he in 1982 opened his own restaurant “Spago”, and a year earlier released a book about modern French cooking in American cuisine. This brought him fame. Today, the chef created an entire company, which has served a gala dinner for more than ten years, completing the Oscar ceremony. But this is more than 1600 guests. The chef arranges banquets for the film premiere, fashion shows, corporate events. His company owns a whole chain of restaurants in the US, Japan and Canada. Wolfgang Pak himself acted in films and serials, wrote six books and cookery, and produced their own line of kitchen equipment and semi-finished products. The column of Wolfgang Pak is published in more than 30 prints of America.

The most famous chefs

Ferran Adria, Spain.

This story once again demonstrates that it is possible to become a culinary thanks to the occasion. Ferran Adria was a regular military man, during his next vacation, he decided not only to relax on the beach, but also earn extra money. The co-worker advised him to turn to the El Bulli restaurant, which is on the Costa Bravo. There Ferran liked the owners so much that they invited him to return here in a year, at the end of the service. During this time, the Spaniard realized that he wanted to be a cook. Starting to work, after three years unexpectedly Adria received the post of chef. Becoming a real master of his kitchen, he began to create new tastes and develop fundamentally new technologies for cooking. Today Adria is the real guru in the avant-garde genre – molecular cuisine. He himself says that he is preparing food for a new, next generation. In Spain, cooks are adored, considering his talent comparable to Dali, Gaudi or Picasso. The cook was able to move away from the classic kitchen formula “garnish-sauce”, Adria broke the barrier between sweet and unsweetened. The cook was able to connect these seemingly incompatible poles. The restaurant El Bulli is the only one in the world that does not work from autumn to spring. After all, the famous Catalan chef needs time to create his new masterpieces, in his head he constantly has new recipes turning food into something new. The restaurant El Bulli was called the best in the world in 2006-2009, while Ferran Adria himself is considered the most influential chef in the world. Mario Batali, USA.

In fact, this chef is only half Italian. Nevertheless, he is one of the most famous masters of the cuisine of the Apennines. But after all, he started from the very bottom – Mario worked as a dishwasher in the restaurant “Stuff Yer Face”, despite the received higher education. However, thanks to diligence, Batali quickly made a career – in a few months he began to work as a cook. For a while, he helped Maar Pierre White in the kitchen of the Six Bells public house restaurant in Chelsea, then had internships in Parisian restaurants. In 1985, Mario moved to San Francisco, where he became a su-chef in a sushi bar, then he moved to work at the restaurant “La Marina” in Santa Barbara. Gradually, the talented cook began to speak throughout the country, he was invited to prestigious institutions, luring high fees. However, Mario Batali did unexpectedly – in 1989 he went to a small Italian village to learn the culinary secrets of his second homeland there. Since 1993, the chef has opened several restaurants, first it was Ro (sold in 2000), and then other establishments: Lupa, Esca, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Casa Mono, Bar Jamon , “Bistro Du Vent”, “Del Posto”, “Enoteca San Marco”, “B & B Ristorante”. Currently, Mario Batali is an acknowledged specialist in Italian cuisine, he has written several books and conducts several culinary programs on television.The annual income of the famous chef is estimated at millions of dollars. Nobuyuki Nobu Matsuhisa, USA.

This chef has gained worldwide fame thanks to the fusion cuisine. It surprisingly combines classic Japanese dishes and ingredients from South America, representing mainly Peruvian and Argentinean cuisine. The future restaurateur was born in 1949. First, he worked as a student chef in the sushi bars of the capital of Japan. The fate of the young man changed when he was unexpectedly invited to work in Peru. Then there was a career period in Buenos Aires, a return to Japan and a final move to Los Angeles. There in 1987, Nobu opened his first restaurant, Mutsuhisa. The establishment quickly became popular and in the same year the Japanese chef was included in the top ten in the country. He was called the rising star of cooking. Today, restaurant guides write about him that Nobu creates dishes that have no equal in style. Partly they have Peruvian roots, and parts are invented by the chef himself. In 1994, a Japanese man, along with Robert De Niro and restaurant Drew Niporentom, opened his Nobu restaurant in New York. Design in the style of the Japanese village is made of natural materials. Today, 17 sushi restaurants of this network are already open all over the world. The chef himself issued two books, starred in a pair of films. His establishment is loved by the stars of Hollywood and show business. Nobu himself generously shares his secrets, believing that it is possible to copy recipes, but the heart is not.

The most famous chefs

Jamie Oliver, England.

This cook spent his childhood in the kitchen of his parents’ pub. This predetermined his life choice – in 16 years, Jamie abandoned school and began to learn from the cook. Here his career went along the traditional path already, among the internships there was also a trip to France. However, the fame came to Oliver not because of his restaurants or dishes, but thanks to television. His cycle of television programs “Naked Chef” has become very popular. The culinary expert did not promote exhibitionism at all, he just managed to convince people that quality and delicious foods are good in themselves and do not need additional “clothes” from cooks. Jamie Oliver managed to realize an important and complex project – to remake the outdated school feeding system in England. That is why the youngest of the British super-cooks is already a Knight of the Knightly Order of the British Kingdom. Creates his culinary masterpieces Jamie Oliver in his own restaurant “Fifteen”, which has 4 branches in other countries. The cook and TV star has already starred in dozens of seasons of various TV shows, published 10 books. Oliver himself is an immediate and cheerful person, very fond of his profession. Looking at this cute Englishman, you realize that before you is a classic example of how a professional enjoys his work.

The most famous chefs

Bobby Fly, USA.

Although Robert William Fly appeared in 1964 in New York City, he is a hereditary Irishman. At age 17, he was expelled from school. The guy had no choice but to look for work. Bobby began to help in the kitchen in the pizzeria, and then began to work in the diner “Baskin Robbins”. However, the talented Irishman was paid attention when he started working at John Allen’s restaurant. Fly noted the creation of new delicious and elegant salads. John Allen sent his pupil to France, where he graduated from the Culinary Institute at the age of only 20 years. A talented chef was hired by Jonathan Waxman, making him a chef and giving the opportunity to improve his skills at various courses and seminars. The very same Bobby pleased customers with new and unusual dishes. Fly became so popular that they began talking about him and inviting him to prestigious restaurants. But the talented culinary expert opened his own restaurant chain. She began to appear on television, teaching in France, at the Culinary Institute. “Iron Cook” America in their show reveals the secrets of specialties.Americans like the food offered in the restaurants of Flay, because it is not only delicious, but also unusual. Tom Coliccio, USA.

An American was born in 1962 in New York. About him formed the legend that Tom is a self-taught cook. Allegedly, Colicchio was able to master the skill of cooking with the help of books for housewives. Did he ever think that he would write like this in the course of time? Tom is the chief of the classical type, he prefers Italian cuisine. It’s a culinary expert who will not mix two exotic tastes in search of a third. Tom will work better with potatoes, but will make her taste perfect. Coliccio won the James Beard Award five times for achievements in cooking. He founded his own network restaurant “Craft” and the restaurant “Gramercy” in New York, which owned by Tom, is one of the most popular in the city. Tom Coliccio for his institution does not hesitate to deliver products straight from California, by plane from the farm market of Santa Monica. Snacks here can cost 50-60 dollars, because fresh vegetables are delivered to the kitchen by courier service. It is this man who leads the jury on the television show “Top Chief”, where every year they choose the best chef of America. Fulvio Pieranjelini, Italy.

Fans are not shy about compliments to this chef. He is called the chief ambassador of Italian cuisine, a flying chef. Yesterday he could coordinate the creation of a new menu for the resort in Sicily, today he feeds the famous ravioli from the herring of the magnate in his Swiss chalet, and tomorrow the tuna soup from Pierangellini will be the highlight of the corporate event in Venice. Culinary critics from Figaro and Reataurant magazine invariably call the superstar Italian chef among the best in the world. His two Michelin cooks received in Tuscany, the award was given to his own restaurant “Red Cancer”. However, many years later, the senor Fulvio left everything and moved to Sicily. Then he gets up at 6 am and goes personally to talk with local cheesemakers and fishermen. The cook personally selects shrimp and fish, tomatoes, greens for salad plucking with his own hands. Pieranjelini dreams of creating a real theater culinary show. And the choice of Sicily as a place of permanent residence is not accidental. The cook believes that only personal communication with local residents will make it possible to understand the depth of the local cuisine. And for the Michelin awards the chef can now just spit, which he frankly and says. Senor Pieranjelini created his philosophy of cuisine, which provides for freedom, simplicity and sensuality. Recipes for the success of the master – master classes around the world, a passion for ripe Sicilian citrus, fresh shrimp, cheese, tomatoes, grapes and olives. Glory and Michelin stars maestro received for his pasta with tomato sauce. It was named after the opera Bellini – Pasta alla Norma. And the famous salad of fennel and shrimp in orange sauce does not hesitate to copy the whole color of the culinary profession. Fulvio is the main consultant for Rocco Forte Hotels restaurants, which are located in the best hotels in Rome, Florence, London and Berlin. And people go to Sicily to the hotel “Verdura Golf & Spa Resort” specially to enjoy the creations of the famous chef.

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