The most famous boxers

There is no doubt that everyone decides in boxing. Of course, sometimes it happens that the main actors are not in the ring, but in the shadow of the spotlights. Until now, promoters in the offices decide the fate of duels. Nevertheless, there is a series of champions in the box who entered the history of this sport.

These are real personalities who have conducted legendary fights and achieved their glory in battles with really strong rivals. Today, beginning boxers are equal to these idols, dreaming to win at least a fraction of their fame.

The most famous boxers

Joe Frazier.

This American was born in 1944 in South Carolina. Boxing proved to be in Joe’s life by accident, his first hobby was gymnastics. However, taking up a new sport for himself, Fraser managed to become one of the best heavyweights in America. On the way Joe for a long time there was no one who could beat him. Only Buster Matis managed to do this. That victory gave him the right to go to the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. But the injury to the hand prevented Matis, as a result, the United States represented Frazier. He became the Olympic champion, having won the German Huber in the final.

Since 1965, Fraser has acted as a professional. His boxing style is rather stiff, the crown hook is considered a crown blow. In the first 11 battles, Fraser won, but in September 1966, on his way stood the uncompromising Oscar Bonavena. During the round, this Argentinian twice sent Fraser a knockdown, but he managed to reverse the course of the fight and win. By the end of 1967, Fraser had an impressive 19 victories in 19 fights.

The most famous boxers

When Mohammed Ali was stripped of his title, the WBA came chaos with the determination of the champion. As a result, a special tournament was held in the State of New York. Fraser was able to knock out his old friend Matis and take his prestigious title. In 1968-1970, Joe repeatedly defended his status, and in 1970 became the absolute champion of the world. When in the summer of the same year, with Mohammed Ali was removed from the disqualification, it became unclear who was to be number one in boxing? By the end of that year, Ali had won several battles and secured the right to fight Fraser for the title of absolute champion. That fight caused great excitement. Each boxer was promised 2.5 million dollars for participation.

A battle of 15 rounds was held on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden. In that fight Joe Frazier managed to inflict the first defeat in his career to Mohammed Ali. This decision was taken by the judges unanimously. A year and a half later, Fraser in Jamaica is defeated by George Foreman and his career begins its decline. Attempts to return the champion title with success did not come to an end, in 1976 Fraser left the box. By the time he managed to lose Ali twice and again to Foreman. Fraser tried to return to the ring in 1981, but it ended in failure. In 2011, the legendary boxer died of liver cancer.

The most famous boxers

Muhammad Ali.

The future legendary champion was born in 1942, then his name was Cassius Clay. Career 16-year-old Ali began with a call to the famous trainer Angelo Dundee. Young Cassius said that it is worth taking him into custody, then he can become an Olympic champion and just the best boxer in the world. The coach decided to work with the promising young man and did not lose. He was a boxer by nature.

Muhammad Ali possessed the ideal physique of an athlete, he had a flexible mind and excellent intuition. But it was preceded by hard work. The younger brother threw stones at Cassius, honing his reaction. The timid young man then began to train with police officer Joe Martin. For the sake of sports, the athlete ignored the problems with his pressure. In 1959, the promising boxer was easily selected to the US Olympic team.

The most famous boxers

Olympics 1960 Cassius Clay easily won, speaking at light heavyweight. From 1964 to 1974, Ali was a repeated world heavyweight boxing champion. For 20 years he was the king of the ring. With a growth of 192 cm, the boxer weighed about 97 kg, he was very mobile.It’s no coincidence Ali says the phrase: “I’m fluttering like a butterfly, I’m stinging like a bee.” In total, the legend held 25 title or selection fights, which is inferior only to the figure of Joe Louis. All in the ring, Ali suffered five defeats, the first of which in the championship fight with Joe Fraser in 1971.

One of the greatest battles of Muhammad Ali was held on October 30, 1974 in Kinshasa. He was opposed by the current champion George Foreman. Muhammad Ali led the whole fight, and in the 8th round he struck the opponent. Powerful champion fell to the platform. But it was a legendary fighter who managed to beat many strong rivals and achieve the title of champion! You can imagine the power of Muhammad Ali.

In the early 80’s, the great boxer finished his career, losing 3 of 4 of his last fights. In total, he spent 56 fights in the professional ring, won of which 51, 37 by knockout. Unfortunately, in the incomplete 40 years the athlete was struck by Parkinson’s disease. Throughout his life, the boxer also fought for the rights of the blacks and for peace, protested against the war in Vietnam.

The most famous boxers

Rocky Marciano.

This boxer was born in 1923 in Massachusetts in the family of an Italian disabled. From the very childhood, Rocky grew up as a brave boy. But to earn a living he had to work from a young age. He cleared streets of snow, washed dishes, laid pipes, dug the ground.

A well-developed teenager was noticed by boxing trainer Jean Caggiano. But in 1943, Rokki was drafted into the army. Serving in the Navy, in layoffs, he fought for money in pubs, developing his fist art. Marciano was adroit, sharp and determined. His punches were accurate and strong. It was like a bulldog who was ready to fight to the last drop of blood.

Both in his personal and everyday life, Rocky Marciano was fairly modest. He avoided luxury, spending a lot of time family. But for these people hid with incredible strength of will. In total in the professional field, Rocky spent 49 fights, not losing not one. The debut took place in 1947.

The most famous boxers

In 1951, Marciano met with the legendary Joe Louis. The old champion has resigned his powers to a young, assertive competitor. In 1952, Marciano in a fight against another champion, Jersey Joe Walcott, first went down, but was able to climb and in the 13th round knock out the opponent.

Victories were given to Marciano hard, often he left the ring with a bloody and disfigured face. But 83% of his fights ended early, by knockout. Rocky was one of the first who began to work out his blows in the water. Preparation for the battle at Marciano was conducted at the highest level of professionalism. The last fight of the undefeated champion took place in 1956, the career was over because of problems with the back.

And in 1969, Rocky Marciano tragically died in a plane crash. It is believed that it was he who served as the prototype for Rocky Balboa, the protagonist of the series of films “Rocky”, glorified Sylvester Stallone.

The most famous boxers

George Foreman.

This legendary boxer had a long and glorious career, for which he conducted 81 fights, losing only 5 of them. The future champion was born in 1949 in Texas. Foreman started boxing at school for difficult teenagers. At the age of 19, Foreman successfully performed at the Olympics, winning gold there. The road to the professionals was open.

In 1969, in just six months of performances, Foreman managed to win 13 wins. He had a tall growth of 195 cm and strong hands, which made him a tough fighter. The rising star meets January 2, 1973 with champion Joe Frazier. He was able to hold out only 4.5 minutes, during this time 7 times after being knocked down. His title Fraser gave only on October 30, 1974, when he lost to Muhammad Ali.

The most famous boxers

After that duel George felt a connection with God. The second call sounded after the defeat in 1977 from Jimmy Young. Foreman left a big sport and became a preacher. He built a church, collected donations. 10 years outside of boxing changed the athlete, but in 1987 he declared that he dreamed of returning. Foreman is going to again become a champion.After a year of training, the boxer regained his form. Foreman won 24 fights in a row, all by knockout.

In April 1991, he lost to Evander Holyfield only on points, and not becoming an absolute champion. But soon, Foreman received the WBA belt for the victory over Michael Moorer in 1994. Finally, the boxer left the sport in 1997. Currently, Foreman returned to his former activities – he reads sermons and helps the underprivileged.

The most famous boxers

Joe Louis.

Boxer was born into a poor family in 1914. His father collected cotton in Alabama, but in 1924 the family moved to Detroit. Then the future sportsman got settled with his father at the Ford plant. Mother loved Joe very much and collected money for music. But he took all the savings to the boxing club. What guided Joe – it is not clear, because he was not a fighter.

Against the newcomer in the club released an experienced high fighter. He began to beat Luis, but suddenly Joe with a counter blow sent his offender to the floor. Soon equal to a young boxer in a rather big Detroit was not. On the promising athlete drew the attention of coach Jack Blackburn, who promised to pull Luis out of the ghetto and make him a professional. At 22, Joe began a career in the big ring. He literally burst into the elite.

The most famous boxers

Louis, known as the “Brown Corporal” won his first 27 fights, out of them 24 by KO. The coach picked his rivals, gradually increasing their level. However, Louis swept away from the ring and experienced boxers, and ex-champions. Before the Second World War, Joe defended his title of the absolute champion 25 times. Equal rivals did not appear, and the fees for battles with a decided outcome were getting smaller. In 1948, Louis decided to quit the sport.

A year later the undefeated champion was returned to the ring – a new generation of fighters has grown up. Louis lost the first battle to Ezzard Charles, and the brutal defeat of Marciano in 1951 finally put an end to. At that time, the state of the great boxer was a fantastic $ 4.5 million. But that capital, Louis quickly squandered. At the end of his life, the former boxer worked as a gatekeeper in a casino in Las Vegas. In this city the legendary sportsman also died in 1981.

Various boxing organizations and polls call Joe Louis the best puncher in history. He spent 27 fights for the championship, 11 years holding the title of the most powerful boxer in the world. Out of 70 of his fights, Luis won 66. Mike Tyson.

Tyson was born in 1966 in New York. His father had by that time parted with his mother. In the future, Mike took the name exactly the mother. The family lived in Brooklyn, in a poor neighborhood. The young man grew tall and tough, but his voice was at first high and lisping. Mike had to fight a lot to teach his abusers.

Soon in Brownsville everyone already knew this uncompromising black guy. When he was in a rage, his adult man could also be knocked down with his blows. Over time, Mike became involved in many dubious stories – theft, assault, robbery. To fix a difficult teenager, the authorities sent him to a school for boys on the outskirts of the state.

Tyson had a happy meeting with coach Bobby Stewart. He himself was once a professional and was able to teach a young guy the basics of boxing. At that time, Michael was only 13 years old, and he weighed 90 kg and was very strong. Tyson wrung out a 100 kg barbell. Stuart agreed with Mike about the training. Tyson quickly realized that he would not be able to get a degree, and he began to give all time and energy to boxing.

The most famous boxers

In 1980, Stewart brought his ward to New York to show that manager D’Amato. The coach entered the ring with his team, and it soon became clear to everyone that Tyson would be the new world champion. On the professional ring Michael first appeared on March 5, 1985. In total that year the boxer has lead 15 fights, in all having won by a knockout. Tyson managed to become the youngest world champion, having won this title in 20 years.At 21, Michael managed to become the youngest absolute world champion. Failures in his personal life inevitably affected the career of “Iron Michael”.

He is arrested for assault and rape, in 1992 Tyson was imprisoned. Return to the ring in 1995 triumphant was not. In addition, in the match against Holyfield, the boxer also managed to throw a scandal, biting off his opponent a piece of ear. The last battle of the champion took place in 2005, after the defeat of the little-known Kevin McBride Tyson decided not to disgrace himself and leave the sport. Today, Tyson is in the movies, he has 3 convictions, 3 marriages and 8 children. The talented boxer quickly climbed to the top of success, but also quickly and squandered his gift. Max Shmelling.

This boxer has lived a glorious and long life. He was born in 1905 in Germany. The first fight in the professional ring Schmelling committed at 19 years old. At the age of 21 he became the champion of Germany in lightweight, in 1927 he won the continent’s championship, and the following year Max was not equal in his country at heavyweight.

In 1930, Shmelling defeated the American Sharkey in New York, winning the world title. Soon the title was lost because of the questionable decision of the judges. But in 1936 the German again became champions, defeating the young talent of Joe Louis. But the stakes for the American victory were 10 against 1. At that moment the Aryan sportsman became the pride of Nazi propaganda. His name is the perfect German, the white man defeated the black man. The rematch with Lewis in 1938 in New York, Hitler considered as an opportunity to prove to the whole world the superiority of his nation.

The most famous boxers

70 thousand spectators gathered at the stadium, Max himself was perceived only as a Nazi, insulting and throwing garbage into it. Schmeling shattered in the first round, for millions that victory became a symbol of the defeat of fascism. The name of the former favorite was not tried in Germany. Angry Hitler, learning that the boxer still supports the Jews, sent his former pet to the front.

Schmelling managed to survive in the meat grinder of World War II. After it, he took up business and even helped financially his former rival Louis. All life let boxer was a model of decency, respect for rivals. Compatriots loved Schmelling for his beautiful victories in the ring. In total Max spent 70 fights, of which he won 56, and the boxer died at the age of 99 years.

The most famous boxers

Lennox Lewis.

The athlete was born in London, in 1965. At the age of twelve, Lennox and his family moved to Canada. Lewis already in the childhood grew very sports, playing football, volleyball, basketball and doing boxing. He had suggestions to continue to play for college in gaming disciplines, but Lennox chose amateur boxing.

Already in 17 years he managed to become the world champion among juniors. At 18, the young boxer performed at the Olympics in Los Angeles, representing Canada. Experience he was not enough, and Lewis reached only the quarter-finals. Already then a promising soldier began to be called into professionals. But Lewis dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion, which he managed in 4 years. In the finals in the second round, American Riddick Bowie was knocked out.

Since 1989, Lewis has started his professional career. He becomes the heavyweight champion of England, then wins the European championship. October 31, 1992 in London, Lewis in just 2 rounds is dealt with dangerous Razor Rudokom, and after 2 months the Briton is already becoming the world champion according to the WBC version. In September 1994, Lennox lost his title, but in early 1997 he managed to regain his title, becoming the first Briton to succeed.

The most famous boxers

Then there were impressive victories over Andrew Golota, Shannon Briggs, Zeyko Mavrovik. In 1999, there was an interesting duel with Evander Holyfield for the title of champion immediately in three versions. 150 million viewers watched the battle.Then a draw was fixed, a re-bout brought the title of absolute champion to Lennox Lewis.

Then there were the victories over Hasim Rahman, Michael Tyson, Vitali Klitschko. After a dubious victory over the Ukrainian, the Englishman announced the end of his career. In total, Lewis had 44 fights, winning in 41 of them. The boxer entered the elite club of those heavyweight champions, who sooner or later won all their rivals. The Englishman went undefeated, owning the champion title.

The most famous boxers

Sugar Ray Robinson.

This American athlete was born in 1921 in the town of Eily, Georgia, under the name Walker Smith Jr.. In the family, the boy was the third child, his father had to work hard and hard. After the parents divorce, Walker was with his mother in New York, and the Harlem area.

Studying at school did not work out, and the teenager decided to devote all his strength to boxing. The young fighter was named somehow his trainer sweet, like sugar. So the first part of his nickname appeared. And to take part in clandestine battles, he borrowed the name and a card of his friend Ray Robinson. So the young boxer received his nickname, which will soon become famous.

In featherweight, the athlete won all his 90 fights, having received the Golden Gloves award. Since 1940, Sugar Ray Robinson turns to professionals. He literally blew up the boxing world with his appearance. In 1946, the young athlete became the world champion in the second welterweight. In 1951, he won the title already in middleweight. In the title of champion Robinson retired from the sport in 1952, losing only 3 bouts. However, boxing did not let him go so easily.

The most famous boxers

Return to the sport took place in 1955 and turned triumphal. Sugar Ray Robinson became the first boxer who managed to return the champion’s title after the official termination of his career. In 1958, the boxer again became a middleweight champion. However, in 1960 the belt was lost to Paul Pender.

Sugar Ray Robinson is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. He stood out from the crowd with his perfect appearance. The boxer’s face without scars and grins, the hair is carefully pomaded. The speed and precision of Robinson’s attacks, the rapid transition from defense to attack, knocked the adversary to confusion. At the end of his career, the great boxer tried to prove himself in the entertainment industry and in business. But nowhere outside the ring athlete has not succeeded. His last years Robinson suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, having died in poverty in 1989.

The most famous boxers

Henry Armstrong.

The legend of world boxing was born in 1912 in Columbus, Mississippi. At birth, he received the surname Jackson. In the history of world boxing he entered, as the owner of three titles of the champion in different weight categories at the same time. Since 17 years, Armstrong began to participate in amateur fights, and the transition to professionals took place in 1933. At that time, the boxer won 58 of his 62 fights.

In 1937, Armstrong became the featherweight champion by knocking Sarron out. A year later, defeated multiple champion Barney Ross in the second welterweight. Ten weeks after that victory, Lou Ambers won the lightweight belt. In 1937-1938, Armstrong won 46 battles in a row, 7 of them title.

The most famous boxers

Managers boxers agreed to fight with any opponents, saying that the bets on Armstrong at that time were the most faithful. At that time, boxing fame belonged entirely to Joe Louis, which is why Armstrong and his managers decided to collect in their hands simultaneously three titles.

According to the rules of the American boxing association, the athlete was to release the title if he became a champion in another weight. Therefore, Armstrong gave his titles without a fight. In total for professional career the boxer has lead 174 duel, having gained 145 victories. He was nicknamed the “perpetuum mobile” and “Californian comet” for swiftness and strength.

“Hank-hurricane” was a machine that struck nonstop, more rhythmically than purposefully. In 1945 Armstrong left the sport, deciding to become a preacher. Since 1951, the athlete became a Baptist priest, beginning to work with the poor. The illustrious champion died in 1988.

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