The most famous ballerinas

The word “ballet” sounds magical. Closing your eyes, you immediately imagine burning lights, sifting music, rustle of packs and a light tapping of pointes on the parquet floor. This spectacle is inimitably beautiful, it can be safely called the great achievement of man in the pursuit of beauty.

The audience freezes, looking at the scene. Ballet divas amaze with their lightness and plasticity, apparently at ease performing complex “pas.”

The history of this art form is quite deep. Preconditions for the emergence of the ballet appeared in the 16th century. And already from the XIX century people saw the real masterpieces of this art. But what would the ballet be without the famous ballerinas who glorified him? About these most famous dancers and will be our story.

The most famous ballerinas

Marie Ramberg (1888-1982).

The future star was born in Poland, in a Jewish family. Her real name was Sivia Rambam, but it was later changed for political reasons. The girl from an early age fell in love with dancing, giving herself to her passion with a head. Marie takes lessons from dancers from the Parisian opera, and soon her talent is noticed by Diaghilev himself. In 1912-1913 the girl dances together with the Russian Ballet, taking part in the main productions. Since 1914, Marie moved to England, where she continued to study dance. In 1918, Marie married. She herself wrote that more for the sake of fun. However, the marriage was happy and lasted 41 years. Ramberg was only 22 years old when she opened her own ballet school in London, the first in the city. The success was so overwhelming that Maria organized first her own company (1926), and then the first permanent ballet troupe in the UK (1930). Her performances become a real sensation, because Ramberg attracts to work the most talented composers, artists, dancers. The ballerina took an active part in the creation of the national ballet in England. And the name of Marie Ramberg forever entered the history of art.

The most famous ballerinas

Anna Pavlova (1881-1931).

Anna was born in St. Petersburg, her father was a railway contractor, and her mother worked as a simple laundress. However, the girl was able to enter the theater school. Having graduated from it, in 1899 she entered the Mariinsky Theater. There she received lots in classical productions – “La Bayadère”, “Giselle”, “The Nutcracker”. Pavlova had excellent natural data, and she constantly honed her skills. In 1906 she was already the leading ballerina of the theater, but the real glory came to Anna in 1907, when she shines in miniature “The Dying Swan”. Pavlova was supposed to perform at a charity concert, but her partner fell ill. Literally for the night, choreographer Mikhail Fokin put a new miniature to the ballerina for the music of San-Saëns. Since 1910 Pavlova begins to tour. The ballerina acquires worldwide fame after participating in the Russian seasons in Paris. In 1913, she appeared for the last time in the walls of the Mariinsky Theater. Pavlova gathers her own troupe and moves to London. Together with her wards, Anna tours the world with the classical ballets of Glazunov and Tchaikovsky. The dancer became a legend during her lifetime, dying on tour in The Hague.

The most famous ballerinas

Matilda Kshesinskaya (1872-1971).

Despite his Polish name, a ballerina was born near St. Petersburg and was always considered a Russian dancer. She from the early childhood declared her desire to dance, no one of their relatives thought of hindering her in this desire. Matilda brilliantly graduated from the Imperial Theater School, having got into the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater. There she became famous for the brilliant performances of the parties “The Nutcracker”, “Mlada”, other performances. Kshesinskaya distinguished branded Russian plastic, which wedged the notes of the Italian school. It was Matilda who became the favorite of the choreographer Fokine, who used it in his works “Butterflies”, “Eros”, “Evnika”. The role of Esmeralda in the eponymous ballet in 1899 lit a new star on the stage. Since 1904, Kshessinskaya toured Europe.she is called the first ballerina of Russia, she is honored with the “Generalissimo of Russian Ballet”. They say that Kshesinskaya was the favorite of the Emperor Nicholas II himself. Historians argue that, in addition to talent, the ballerina possessed an iron character, a firm position. It is she who is credited with dismissing the director of the Imperial Theaters, Prince Volkonsky, in due time. The revolution seriously affected the ballerina, in 1920 she left the exhausted country. Kshesinskaya moved to Venice, but continued to do her favorite thing. At 64, she still performed in London’s Covent Garden. And the legendary ballerina in Paris is buried.

The most famous ballerinas

Agrippina Vaganova (1879-1951).

Agrippina’s father was a theatrical drummer in the Mariinsky Theater. However, he was able to identify only the youngest of his three daughters in the ballet school. Soon Jacob Vaganov died, the family had hope only for the future dancer. At school, Agrippina proved herself to be a mischievous person, constantly receiving bad marks for her behavior. After finishing her studies, Vaganova began her career as a ballerina. Third-tier roles in the theater gave her a lot, but they did not satisfy her. Solo parts bypassed the ballerina, and her appearance was not particularly attractive. Critics have written that they simply do not see it in the roles of fragile beauties. Did not help and makeup. The ballerina herself suffered greatly about this. But by hard work Vaganova achieved the roles of the second plan, she was occasionally written in the newspapers. Then Agrippina sharply turned her destiny. She got married, gave birth. Returning to the ballet, it seemed to rise in the eyes of the authorities. Although Vaganova continued to play the second part, in these variations she achieved mastery. The ballerina managed to re-reveal the images, which seemed already overwhelmed by generations of previous dancers. Only in 1911 Vaganova received the first solo part. At 36 years old, the ballerina was sent to retirement. She never became famous, but achieved a lot in view of her data. In 1921 in Leningrad, opened a school of choreography, where she was invited as one of the teachers Vaganov. The profession of the choreographer became its main one for the rest of his life. In 1934 Vaganova published the book “The Basics of Classical Dance”. The ballerina devoted the second half of her life to a choreographic school. Nowadays it is the Academy of Dance, named in her honor. Agrippina Vaganova did not become a great ballerina, but her name was forever included in the history of this art. Ivet Shovire (b. 1917).

This ballerina is the most sophisticated Parisian woman. Since 10 years, she began to seriously engage in dancing with the Grand Opera. Ivet’s talent and efficiency were noted by the directors. In 1941, it already became the prima of Opera Garnier. Debut performances brought her truly world fame. After that, Shovira began to receive invitations to perform in various theaters, including the Italian “La Scala”. Glorified the ballerina of her party Shadows in the allegory of Henri Soga, she performed many parties set by Serge Lifar. From classical performances, a role is highlighted in “Giselle”, which is considered the main one for Shovira. Ivet on the stage demonstrated true drama, without losing with this entire girlish tenderness. The ballerina literally lived the life of each of her heroines, expressing all the emotions on the stage. At the same time Shovira was very attentive to every little thing, rehearsing and rehearsing again. In the 1960s, the ballerina became the head of the school, where she once studied. And the last exit on the stage Ivet took place in 1972. At the same time, a prize was established for her name. The ballerina has often been on tour in the USSR, where she fell in love with the audience. her partner Rudolf Nureyev himself was repeatedly after his flight from our country. The merits of the ballerina in front of the country were rewarded with the Order of the Legion of Honor. Galina Ulanova (1910-1998).

This dancer was also born in St. Petersburg. At the age of 9 she became a student of a choreographic school, which she graduated in 1928. Immediately after the graduation performance, Ulanova joined the troupe of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Leningrad.The first performances of the young ballerina attracted the attention of connoisseurs of this art to her. Already at the age of 19, Ulanova danced the leading part in the “Swan Lake”. Until 1944, the ballerina dances at the Kirov Theater. Here she was glorified role in “Giselle”, “Nutcracker”, “Bakhchisarai fountain”. But the most famous was her party in Romeo and Juliet. From 1944 to 1960, Ulanova was the leading ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater. It is believed that the peak of her work was the scene of madness in “Giselle”. Ulanova visited in 1956 with the Bolshoi tour in London. It was said that such success was not from the time of Anna Pavlova. Ulanova’s stage activities officially ended in 1962. But for the rest of her life Galina worked as a ballet master at the Bolshoi Theater. For her work she received many awards – she became People’s Artist of the USSR, received the Lenin and Stalin Prize, became twice Hero of Socialist Labor and winner of numerous awards. The great ballerina died in Moscow, she was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery. her apartment became a museum, and in his native Peter Ulanova erected a monument. Alicia Alonso (born 1920).

This dancer was born in Havana, Cuba. She began to study dance at the age of 10 years. Then on the island there was only one private school of ballet, it was headed by a Russian specialist Nikolay Yavorsky. Then Alicia continued her studies in the USA. The debut on the big stage took place on Broadway in 1938 in musical comedies. Then Alonso works in the New York “Ballet Theater”. There she gets acquainted with the choreography of the world’s leading directors. Alicia and her partner Igor Yushkevich decided to develop a ballet in Cuba. In 1947 she dances there in “Swan Lake” and “Apollo Musagete”. However, in those days in Cuba there was no tradition of ballet, no stage. And the people did not understand this art. Therefore, the task of creating a National Ballet in the country was very difficult. In 1948 the first performance of “Ballet Alicia Alonso” took place. It was ruled by enthusiasts who put their numbers themselves. Two years later the ballerina opened her own ballet school. After the revolution of 1959, the authorities turned their attention to the ballet. The Alicia troupe has turned into the coveted National Ballet of Cuba. The ballerina performed a lot in theaters and even squares, went on tour, she was shown on television. One of the most striking image of Alonso is Carmen’s party in the ballet of the same name in 1967. The ballerina was so jealous of this role that she even forbade the ballet to be staged with other performers. Alonso traveled the world, receiving many awards. And in 1999 she received a medal from Pablo Picasso from UNESCO for her outstanding contribution to the art of dance.

The most famous ballerinas

Maya Plisetskaya (born 1925).

It is difficult to dispute the fact that she is the most famous Russian ballerina. Yes, and her career was a record long. Love for the ballet Maya absorbed in childhood, because her uncle and aunt were also famous dancers. At the age of 9, a talented girl entered the Moscow Ballet School, and in 1943 a young graduate entered the Bolshoi Theater. There, her teacher was the famous Agrippina Vaganova. In just a couple of years Plisetskaya went from corps de ballet to soloist. Sign for her was the production of “Cinderella” and the party fairy Autumn in 1945. Next were the classical productions of “Raymonda”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Don Quixote”, “Giselle”, “Humpbacked Horse”. Plisetskaya shone in the “Bakhchisarai fountain”, where she was able to demonstrate her rare gift – literally hang in a jump for a few moments. The ballerina took part in three performances of “Spartacus” Khachaturian, performing there parties of Aegina and Phrygia. In 1959, Plisetskaya became People’s Artist of the USSR. In the sixties, it was believed that it was Maya who was the first dancer of the Bolshoi Theater. The ballerina had enough roles, but creative dissatisfaction was accumulating. The output was “Carmen Suite”, one of the main milestones in the biography of a dancer.In 1971, Plisetskaya took place as a dramatic actress, playing in “Anna Karenina.” According to this novel was written the ballet, which premiered in 1972. Here, Maya tries herself in a new role – a choreographer, which becomes her new profession. Since 1983, Plisetskaya has worked at the Rome Opera, and since 1987 in Spain. There she leads troupes, puts her ballets. The last performance of Plisetskaya took place in 1990. The great ballerina is showered with many awards not only in her homeland, but also in Spain, France, Lithuania. In 1994 she organized an international competition, giving him her name. Now “Maya” gives an opportunity to break through to young talents.

The most famous ballerinas

Ulyana Lopatkina (b.1973).

A world-famous ballerina was born in Kerch. As a child, she did a lot of dancing as well as gymnastics. At the age of 10, on the advice of her mother, Ulyana entered the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in Leningrad. There her teacher was Natalia Dudinskaya. At 17, Lopatkina won the All-Russian competition named after Vaganova. In 1991, the ballerina graduated from the academy and was admitted to the Mariinsky Theater. Ulyana quickly achieved solo parts for herself. She danced in Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, Bakhchisarai Fountain, Swan Lake. The talent was so obvious that in 1995 Lopatkina became the prima of her theater. Each of its new roles raises enthusiasm for viewers and critics alike. At the same time, the ballerina is interested not only in classical roles, but also in the contemporary repertoire. So, one of the favorite roles of Ulyana is the party of Banu in the “Legend of Love” staged by Yuri Grigorovich. The ballerina is best suited for the role of mysterious heroines. Distinctive features of it are sharp movements, inherent only to her drama and high leap. The audience believes the dancer, because she is absolutely sincere on the stage. Lopatkina is a laureate of numerous domestic and international prizes. She is a People’s Artist of Russia.

The most famous ballerinas

Anastasia Volochkova (born 1976).

The ballerina recalls that she defined her future profession at the age of 5, which she told her mother about. Volochkova also graduated from the Vaganova Academy. her teacher was also Natalia Dudinskaya. Already in the last year of training Volochkova made her debut in the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi theaters. From 1994 to 1998, the leading roles in the repertoire of the ballerina in Giselle, Firebird, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, La Bayadere and other performances. With the troupe Mariinsky Volochkova traveled half the world. At the same ballerina is not afraid to perform solo, building a career parallel to the theater. In 1998, the ballerina receives an invitation to the Bolshoi Theater. There she brilliantly performs the role of the Princess-Swans in the new production of Vladimir Vasiliev “Swan Lake”. In the main theater of the country Anastasia receives the main parties in the “La Bayadere”, “Don Quixote”, “Raymond”, “Giselle”. Especially for her choreographer Dean creates a new party fairy Carabos in “Sleeping Beauty”. At the same time Volochkova is not afraid to perform modern repertoire. It is worth noting her role as Tsar-Maiden in the “Humpbacked Horse”. Since 1998 Volochkova has been actively touring the world. She receives the prize “Golden Lion”, as the most talented ballerina in Europe. Since 2000, Volochkova left the Bolshoi Theater. She begins performing in London, where she won the English. Volochkova returned to the Big for a little while. Despite the success and popularity, the theater administration refused to renew the contract for the usual year. Since 2005 Volochkova has been performing in her own dance projects. her name is constantly on hearing, she is the heroine of secular chronicles. A talented ballerina recently sang, and her popularity grew even more after Volochkova’s publication of her naked photos.

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