The most expensive parts of the body

It has long become commonplace to insure against accidents. But there is a special group of people who fear for certain parts of their body. This applies to their profession or just aesthetic considerations. After all, the feet of a dancer or an athlete, the face of an actress and the hands of a musician can not compare with anything. It’s in the West that the leading sports and show business representatives began to insure exactly those parts of the body whose condition is decisive for success.

History with insurance not only the whole body, but its parts began back in the 1920s. Today, the number of insurance for their parts has become so much that even on the famous London insurance market Lloyd’s appeared an agent who is engaged in this particular direction – Jonathan Thomas. Insurance companies, of course, are completely confidential about the property of their clients, but the sly journalists were able to learn about the 20 most expensive parts of the body.

Feet of Mariah Carey.

American singer considered that the main means of its production and income is not the voice, but her legs! In 2006, she signed an advertising contract with the firm “Vest”, where she presented the project “Feet of the Goddess.” Such extraordinarily attractive parts of the singer’s body were insured for $ 1 billion!

David Beckham’s body.

This football player has long been famous not for his exploits on the field, but for his secular life. Not surprisingly, in 2006, David insured his entire body for an impressive $ 200 million. This policy has become the most expensive in the history of sports. The insurance covers all injuries that Beckham can get on the football field, aesthetic injuries and of course serious illnesses. This same insurance partially reimbursed the costs of the Madrid “Real” (at the time the player played in this club), if something happens to the star. As a result, the amount of the insurance sum was so great that it had to be divided among several giant companies. Pepsi and Motorola took part in covering the risks associated with the participation in their actions of David Beckham.

Feet of Michael Flatley.

For this dancer, the legs are his main working tool. The Irishman, tapping, insured his unique limbs in the amount of 50 million dollars. Himself Flatley was in the Guinness Book of Records, as the owner of the fastest legs in the world. The dancer claims that he is able to perform up to 27 movements per second.

Organs of the smell of Angela Mount.

Not for everyone physical bodies – arms, legs are important … For someone other parts of the body are important. Not so long ago, the supermarket chain Somerfiled insured its chief wine taster Angela Mount for $ 20 million. Insurance protects the employee from the loss of his main tool of labor – the sense of smell. Today, Mount does not work for anyone, representing only his own interests. Among its customers are the famous English chefs Anthony Worrell Thompson and Gordon Ramsey.

Smile of America Ferrer.

In America, the television series “Durnushka Betty” is popular (in Russia it became “Do not be born beautiful”) and his star America Ferrera decided to insure her smile for as much as $ 10 million! And in this case, the initiator was the advertising sponsors – the company-manufacturer of toothpaste Aquafresh White Trays. The action was carried out within the company to raise funds for free dental care for unemployed women.

Ken Dodd’s teeth.

English comic actor decided to specify the insured part of the body. Ken Dodd became popular due to his unusual appearance – disheveled hair and horse teeth. But his fame was brought to him, of course, by his anecdotes, told in a machine-gun manner. Comedian decided to donate his main drawback – his teeth, insuring them for 8 million. After all, his unusual bite (teeth sticking out forward) causes a smile even before the speeches of the actor. The policy stipulates that the owner must follow the teeth responsibly – clean them 3 times a day, do not eat candy and do not drive on a motorcycle.

Nose of Ilya Gort.

Another person, whose sense of smell, as well as the sense of taste, cost millions. Ilya is the owner of the company Chateau de la Garde in Bordeaux. He decided to insure his nose from any damage – both from physical and from loss of smell. The amount of insurance is 7.8 million dollars. The decision was made after Gort learned that damage to the nose could entail a loss of valuable for the winemaker’s gift. The insurance contract is concluded with the company Lloyd’s, according to it the customer has no right to ride a motorcycle, assist knife throwers and take part in boxing competitions.

Bruce Springsteen’s voice.

If someone defends their scent, the American singer decided to protect himself from losing his voice. In the 80s, it was the singer’s story about America’s small towns and the raging passions that made him one of the symbols of the country. Springsteen eventually insured his precious for many votes for $ 6 million.

The smell of professional perfume smellers.

Professionals who have dedicated themselves to this work, insure their sense of smell for amounts up to $ 4 million. Elite producers of perfumes are chasing the sniffers, because they determine in the end, how the fragrance of the Channel or Calvin Clein will smell.

Feet of Heidi Klum.

The insurance appraiser was made by the London auction house Phillips De Pury and Company, which is known for selling jewelry. It was these gentlemen who decided that the feet of the famous German model cost $ 2 million. At the same meticulous experts evaluated the length of the legs, their shape, uniqueness and of course the commercial potential. It should be noted that the left leg of Heidi is slightly cheaper – after all, the insurers found on it a small scar. So the scrupulousness of appraisers is manifested not only when working with real estate or a car. The German company Brown, who decided to insure the models of the face of its advertising campaign for the new epilator, asked the top-model to assess the legs. Is it appropriate to use the word “person” in this case?

Keith Richards’ fingers.

The guitarist of the legendary group “Rolling Stones” was very unhealthy, which did not prevent him from shining on the stage, creating the brightest performances in the history of world rock’n’roll. Perhaps, taking into account his reckless behavior, Richards decided to insure Lloyd’s own fingers for $ 2 million, following the example of other music stars.

Legs of Betty Grable.

In the middle of the 20th century, this actress became famous also as a “girl with feet for a million dollars.” At one time, Betty’s bosses at the 20th Century Fox studio appealed to the same Lloyd’s company and insured against damage the most recognizable parts of the body of their star – legs. The amount of payments could be huge for that time money – 1 million dollars.

Feet of Jimmy Lee Curtis.

And again the legs, which this time took part in the advertising stocking. The beautiful limbs of the actress were insured for $ 2 million. Obviously, foot insurance has become very popular among actresses and singers. Similar policies have acquired and singer Rihanna, actress Marlene Dietrich …

Dolly Parton’s breast.

Many believe that Dolly is the most beautiful voice in the history of the country and in general all of Western music. However, truly world fame became possible due to the physical data of the singer. In the 70’s it became known that Parton insured her breasts for 600 thousand dollars, for fear, apparently, the loss of her beautiful form. In the 80 years the singer has significantly lost weight, and in 2002 she even performed a plastic surgery, wishing to return the subject of insurance to the former form.

Egon Roneaus’ taste organs.

Some professionals earn with their own taste. So, one British journalist Egon Ronay, who writes a lot on culinary topics, insured his taste buds for the sum of half a million.Insurers from Lloyd’s have established that within three months they will pay Ronay the amount specified in the contract if he can prove that his taste sensations, and with them the professional level, have decreased for any reason.

The mustache of Mervi Hughes.

Professional cricketer Mervi Huis thanks to his magnificent mustache became easily recognizable and famous. Who will refuse this? So the athlete insured his vegetation on the face for as much as 400 thousand dollars. However, if Hewes decides to shave off his mustache, then his insurance is immediately canceled, and he himself will receive nothing.

Hands involved in advertising.

There are many women whose hands are beautiful by nature. They can be envied, because with the help of advertising you can earn a fortune. Naturally, for the period of filming and active careers, the hands are insured for amounts up to 200 thousand dollars. Alas, the career can not be long – with the appearance of the first signs of skin aging, it immediately ends.

Nose of Jimmy Durante.

In the history of American show business, Jimmy Durante remained one of the most expressive and recognizable characters. The basis of fame was his nose, which the owner himself called no other than “shnobel.” Durante even insured his treasure for an impressive 50 thousand dollars.

Ben Turpin’s eyes.

If you decide to start a career in show business, do not be afraid that strabismus will become an insurmountable obstacle. This proved the star of silent movies, comedian Ben Turpin. He always believed that his strabismus was nothing but the key to fame. As a result, it was Terpin who became the first star to insure his body from Lloyd’s. The policy guaranteed a payment of 25 thousand dollars, if the vision of the star suddenly improves to a normal state.

Thalia Bette Davis.

Today, such insurance is hardly possible. After all, the whole world was engulfed by the problem of obesity and overeating, and the fast food industry rules everything. All this constantly threatens the weight of celebrities, hardly anyone will dare to insure their waist. But in the 30s this was still possible – movie star Bette Davis insured for 28 thousand dollars the volume of his figure.

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