The most expensive lots on eBay

The auction eBay attracts by the fact that you can buy anything you want. In this case, the sellers themselves have all the chances to get in the course of the auction an amount much higher than the nominal value of their goods. It seems that there is no ceiling.

And taking into account the fact that sometimes rare and rare lots are put up for auction, the value of transactions can be hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. On the most expensive things on eBay, and will be discussed below.

The most expensive lots on eBay

F / A-18A Hornet fighter.

A former pilot and now a broker, Mike Landa bought a decommissioned plane from the US Army. He still sought to sell in parts. In 2004, the fighter was put up for auction with a starting price of 1 million dollars. However, the FBI intervened, which obliged Mike to sell the plane only to a US resident. At the same time, the buyer was not allowed to leave the country’s airspace on the plane. It should be noted that the 2-3 hour flight on this fighter costs about 40 thousand dollars because of the high cost of special fuel and other preparatory measures. The auction ended, and the lot never found its buyer.

The most expensive lots on eBay

Life of Jan Asher.

In 2008, English parachutist Jan Asher sold for $ 309,000 an amazing lot – his life. At the same time, a house with three rooms, parachutes, an old Mazda, an assistant shop assistant in the store and other life-related men of charm entered there. Four years later, Jan told the Daily Mail in an interview that he did not regret his decision at all. After all, the money he received helped him to buy a small island in the Caribbean, and there to meet a local girl – the dream of a gray life. Baseball bat “Barefoot Joe”.

Sports fans buy up any attributes associated with their idols. Especially on eBay are valued baseball bats. In 2011, a similar inventory, owned by the legendary Joe Jackson, was sold for 577.61 thousand dollars. This is the highest price paid ever for a baseball bat. But it will be gladly accepted by any sports museum.

The most expensive lots on eBay

Car Ferrari Enzo.

The Ferrari Enzo supercar series consists of 399 units. One of these cars was auctioned in 2004. As a result, it was bought by an unknown buyer for a million dollars. However, not so long ago the car appeared in the field of view of the media – it was arrested by the Dubai police, as the supercar stood for 20 whole months in the wrong place. Only fines Ferrari scored at 27 thousand dollars. Now the police are preparing to again put up an elite car for sale, now the starting price will be higher – 1.6 million. Baseball card of Gonus Wagner.

The most expensive lots on eBay

What can I buy for 1.2 million dollars? It can be your own island, a chic house or a collection of cars. But the collector Bryan Seigel did not spare the amount to buy a card from baseball player Gonus Wagner on eBay. It cost 1,1 million, and another 15% of the amount received the seller as a commission. And the size of the expensive lot is only 2.5 by 1.5 inches. The card was issued in 1909 by American Tobacco. Before the sale at auction, it was also owned by a sports collector, Michael Gidwidz.

The most expensive lots on eBay

City of Bridgeville, California.

It turns out that on eBay you can buy not only things, but the whole city. Surprisingly, Bridgeville, with a population of 30 people, was exhibited several times. As a result, the city found its new master. The owner received 83 acres of land, 8 houses, a cafe and a post office. For all this mortgage broker Bruce Kroll in 2004 paid $ 1.77 million. True, over time Bridgewell was resold to a 25-year-old student for 1.25 million. The end of the story was rather tragic. Soon after the transaction, the new owner committed suicide. The military base of ballistic missiles Atlas F, Kansas.

This military base was auctioned in 2002.The former place of basing of ballistic missiles was acquired by a certain married couple for 2.1 million dollars. The military object was built during the Cold War. The base is considered absolutely protected from direct hit of the nuclear weapon. Here there is a whole complex of specific structures, including a runway and a fence of 3 meters, enclosing the perimeter. Breakfast with the Oracle from Omaha.

Breakfast with celebrities is often popular. When can he eat next to the star and chat freely with her about that, about this? In 2010, an anonymous buyer on eBay purchased for 2.6 million the right to have breakfast with Warren Buffett. The head of Berkshire Hathaway is now considered the third largest capital on the planet. A total of 12 auctions for the right to feast with the guru of business were put up. They brought the Glide Memorial Church 9 million dollars. A charitable organization from San Francisco will launch these funds to fight hunger.

The most expensive lots on eBay

The most famous window in the world.

After the transaction amount was 3 million, the most famous window became also the most expensive. And bought this rarity an anonymous buyer from Holland. This unusual lot was sold on eBay along with all the necessary documentation. It was said there was indeed this frame with glasses on the sixth floor of the textbooks in Dallas. The window became famous when it became known that it was from it that Oswald shot President Kennedy. Now the building has turned into a museum of political murders. A window for a long time was stored in a family that owned a repository of textbooks in Dallas. For 10 years it was part of an exhibition dedicated to those fatal shots. However, the hosts eventually took the window out of the museum and put up for auction. Private jet Gulfstream II.

In 2001, this transaction was the most record for eBay. A luxury airliner of business class for 12 passengers was purchased by a charter African company for $ 49 million. That year, at auction, a special section “Aviation”, which offers aircraft that were in use at stars such as Travolta and John F. Kennedy, Jr., appeared.

The most expensive lots on eBay

Super yacht.

This deal of $ 140 million threatens to become a record for a long time. One anonymous buyer using eBay bought himself a ten-deck yacht. In it there is even a runway and a garage for a helicopter. In addition to 8 lounges, there is a reception room and even a cinema. And the length of the vessel, built by Mulder Design, is 405 feet.

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