The most evil scientists

Thanks to scientists, medicine, physics, chemistry and even alchemy have developed over the centuries with other, not completely traditional sciences. Many discoveries have given a tangible impetus to humanity, providing the basis for further progress in these areas. However, each coin has two sides.

In this case, it is worth talking about those brilliant scientists who, with their works, have brought harm to humanity more than good. Most often they were mistaken, believing that their work in the future would turn out to be a boon. This is what made these scientists truly evil geniuses. We will tell below about the most dangerous scientists in the history of civilization.

The most evil scientists

Paracelsus (1493-1541).

Contribution of Paracelsus to medicine, in particular toxicology, was quite significant. It’s amazing that the scientist relied on astronomy in many ways. Paracelsus was able to give society a lot of useful cutting-edge ideas. But the other side of his work is not so well known. It turns out that the scientist was confident that he could create homunculi. These creatures half a meter in height, similar to golems, according to Paracelsus’s plan would fulfill his orders. The scientist was so concerned about creating artificial assistants, that in his experiments he did not shy away from using human hair and sperm. It’s terrible to imagine what would happen if Paracelsus somehow achieved its own.

The most evil scientists

Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967).

This talented nuclear physicist stood at the head of the so-called Manhattan project. This group of scientists was developing an atomic bomb. Robert himself said that he is a member of almost all Communist organizations of America. In his opinion, he himself was associated with the “red” movement in this country. Oppenheimer was told that he was independent, not submitting to the head office. The scientist tried to be intellectually and even physically present when solving any problems. It could be found and the laboratory, but in the meeting room, where new ideas were generated. Oppenheimer himself did not make many proposals, but his presence was felt for any scientist. Robert was able to create a unique atmosphere of enthusiasm, which was present at all members of his team. Only now the result of Oppenheimer’s work was a horrible weapon. And his Communist views still allowed to create that technological monster that split the world into two camps – the Soviet and the Western. Alfred Nobel (1833-1897).

This person is known not only for his own name. It was Nobel who “gave” the world to dynamite, having thought up using nitroglycerin for its creation. Thus, the serial production of a deadly explosive began. At the same time, the development of a new substance entailed even the death of his brother Nobel, Emil, and several workers. This happened because of an accident at the plant – a strong explosion destroyed the building to the ground. Dynamite was planned to be used for peaceful purposes, while mining mines. But this tool was quickly adopted by the military. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people soon became victims of dynamite. The enterprises of Nobel and his invention brought him fabulous riches. Tormented by remorse, he created a prize that was to lead people to the path of peace. This was largely due to the obituary, mistakenly printed in the newspaper. Nobel read that he was called a “death merchant”.

The most evil scientists

Trofim Lysenko (1898-1976).

The work of this scientist did not cause a mass death of people, but he can be considered an evil genius of Soviet science. The fact is that the mistakes of Lysenka led to the fact that the USSR for decades has lagged behind in certain areas of research from Western competitors. Trofim Lysenko held the post of the Institute of Genetics, his main specialization was agricultural research. Personal qualities of the scientists were such that he was accustomed to report to the authorities only about the success of his work. The results of Lysenko’s studies were based on small data, inaccurate observations.The control group was not used at all. Lysenko, with the connivance of the authorities, abused science so much, as no one did. He himself said: “In order to get a certain result, you should want to get this result. If you want to get a specific result, you will get it. I need only those people who will receive the results that I need. “As a result, many talented scientists who disagreed with the erroneous Lysenko line simply disappeared in Stalin’s camps.

The most evil scientists

Jacob Kevorkian (1928-2011).

This scientist became famous for his public speeches for the possibility of legalizing euthanasia, Kevorkian himself claims that at least 130 people helped to lose his life, and in 1999, he was put in prison, where he served eight years.The reason for this was the murder of the second degree.Kevorkian found guilty of In issuing the verdict, the judge stated that Jacob had no right to practice at all, because his license expired 8 years ago, but Kevorkian had the courage to come to television and talk about his deed. The video of the murder was in general free access.And regardless of the views on euthanasia, any doctor gives an oath to save lives, but not to take them away. “The press dubbed Kevorkian’s” Doctor Death. ”

The most evil scientists

Studies of Tuskegee.

These secret studies were for a long time held back. As it turned out, from 1932 to 1972, for as long as 40 years, the US health organization conducted an experiment on living people. It was attended by 600 poor and illiterate black men from the town of Tuskegee, who had the last stages of syphilis. At the same time, many of them at the time of the beginning of the research did not suffer from this disease. The essence of the experiments was that the authorities collected information on the course of the disease, which is not treated at all. At the same time, the researchers knew that most of the information would come to them only after the autopsy. Therefore, significant efforts were made to ensure that the subjects nowhere else receive medical care. When in 1972 the public learned about the program, it was quickly covered up. It was tempting to write off such an attitude toward racism, but it did not make sense. After all, many of the scientists who participated in the research were also black. Johann Conrad Dippel (1673-1734).

This scientist was born in the castle of Frankenstein, they say that it was he who served as the prototype of the famous hero Dr. Shelley. This is hard to prove, but the fact that he practiced vivisection, or vividly, is a fact. Dippel conducted experiments with nitroglycerin, which caused the destruction of the whole tower. But along with this, the scientist was able to discover the healing properties of this dangerous substance. There were terrible rumors at the time that terrible experiments with human corpses were conducted in the tower. The details of those experiments on the transfer of the soul from one body to another have remained a veiled veil of time. It is curious that Dippel developed the main constituent element of the “Berlin glaze”. This blue dye could now be obtained quite cheaply. Even today, it is used by artists, but in fact earlier this paint was quite expensive.

The most evil scientists

Sigmund Rascher (1909-1945).

A scientist who collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War can not remain with an unblemished reputation. Rasher actively showed himself to work in the concentration camps of the fascists. It was this scientist who was engaged in the notorious experiments on hypothermia in the Dachau concentration camp. People were kept naked in the snow or dipped in icy water. Also, Rascher selected three hundred people and forcibly kept them in pressure chambers, in high-altitude conditions. Low pressure killed people or made them disabled. Prisoners were also specifically infected with malaria, they also conducted medical experiments. It was Rascher who became the man who developed capsules with cyanide.Having bitten them, accidentally or intentionally, it was possible to commit suicide. This is how Himmler, the friend and patron of the scientist, finally passed away.

The most evil scientists

Joseph Mengele (1911-1979).

This scientist received the nickname “Angel of Death”. Mengele was wounded on the Eastern Front and was found unfit for service in the army. His further work was connected with concentration camps. Menelė spent his inhumane experiments on prisoners, personally selecting them directly from the new arrivals. The doctor anatomized live babies, castrated men without the use of anesthesia, beat people with a current, studying their endurance. One day, Mengele sterilized a group of women by X-ray irradiation. The twins were especially interested in the doctor. In his experiments, only a tenth of the test pairs survived. The doctor tried to change the color of his eyes with chemical solutions, he amputated organs and sewed people together. Several times Mengele simply killed his subjects, then to study the corpses. Moved the German interest in science, but the methods to achieve the goals were the most brutal.

The most evil scientists

Shirou Ishii (1892-1959).

This microbiologist also held a high position as Lieutenant-General in the Japanese Army. Ishii commanded a secret 731 biological department. And the future villain studied medicine at the Imperial University in Kyoto. Already in 1932, Ishii began to develop biological weapons, this secret project was carried out by the Japanese army. In 1936, the notorious 731 division was born. For his work, Ishii created a whole complex on an area of ​​6 square kilometers, and he is located not far from the Chinese city of Harbin. In order to achieve scientific goals, Ishii alive cut people, including pregnant women, he amputated limbs and tried to engraft them to other parts of the body. Directly on the living person, the doctor froze parts of the body, then studying the flow of gangrene. With the help of people, new types of weapons, grenades and flamethrowers were tested. Under the guise of vaccinations, the Japanese infected people with various diseases. To study the course of sexually transmitted diseases, men and women were deliberately raped, infecting with gonorrhea and syphilis. Unfortunately Ishii was able to get immunity from Americans after the war. The brutal doctor never went to prison, dying on freedom from throat cancer at the age of 67.

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