The most depraved countries

Sex occupies an important place in the life of any person. Statistics say that 53% of Americans do this at least once a week, but the British have this figure above – 55%, even more passionate “cold” Canadians – 59%. But the universally recognized lovers, the French, have an indicator of only 46%. On the general background, the Russian indicator is rather unexpected – 61%, if our compatriots did not lie.

The most depraved countries

But there are other polls. So, the company Durex revealed that the Russians in passion in sex occupy the penultimate place, overtaking only the Poles. So if our compatriots do this often, the quality of the speech does not go. But the best thing about the art of love is known in Brazil, on the other pole Japan, which in this issue was worse than Russia.

The first sexual experience in our country happens on average at 14 years, which is comparable to the realities in Greece. But even here we were circumvented by Japan, Austria and Mexico, where intimate relationships have been occurring since the age of 12.

If there is an opportunity to make a sexual journey, you should know about the most depraved countries in the world, where even the state itself treats free sexual relations very loyal.


If you want a beautiful and uninhibited woman, you should visit this country. After all, here the weak sex loves to take care of your body, as no one even has ever been obsessed with in this Europe. Yes, and men in Brazil to match women. Sultry handsome men take care of themselves no less than the weaker sex. The inhabitants of Brazil have so many bloodlines that it is difficult to understand whose ancestor was brought from far africa, and who has an originally South American origin. Both sexes have perfect facial features and an excellent physique. It was in Brazil that fervent sex inventors invented thong panties. And love is easy to find here. In Rio there is the Lapa district, where young people constantly hang out. Local girls are ready and with a stranger to swirl in a love dance. But young people better look at the beach, but it’s worth being ready, that they will be the first to pay attention to the bored lady. Yes, and sex minorities in this country feel free. It is in Brazil that the brightest gay parades take place. And since 2007, the government of the country has legalized the right to a free sex change operation.


In 2008, the government of this country took a very generous step – 700 thousand sex benefits were distributed to all comers. The authorities decided that it was time for the population to find out how best to engage in intimate relationships and be protected from undesirable consequences in the form of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. This scientific work the Mexicans took very benevolently. Although prostitution is officially banned in the country, it’s no secret that in the Tijuana area you can “take off” the charming lady for a small amount. As a reward, she will fulfill any whim. And on the beaches of Cancun and do not have to pay, it’s enough just to support the conversation and sex-acquaintance will take place. Only here it is necessary to be afraid of American tourists, who are more clamped and will then annoy their letters and calls. Tourists know where to look for love in Mexico. With girls you can meet at big resorts, like the same Cancun, at discos or bars. So, about the Thai Bar or the Baby Lobster Bar they say that it’s easy to get acquainted with the passionate ready for all Mexican. If possible, it is worth visiting Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarto, where you can also find pleasure.


The fact that the burning Spanish men are the best lovers in the world is already a recognized fact. I must say that the local macho carefully maintains this reputation. One of the ways of masturbation is even called “Spanish.” Statistics say that it is the Latin macho who can sexually satisfy their partner longer than other Europeans. Yes, and “Spanish fly” (Spanish fly) is from this country. Only here in the Pyrenees these aphrodisiacs are not used.This simply does not make sense, because the average sexual intercourse lasts 24 minutes. In Russia, for example, this figure is half that. And let the Spanish women in the bulk of them are unattractive and clamped, but men will certainly ignite the fire of passion. Any woman dreams of such a strong and developed body of a partner. And to look for love follows in Barcelona, ​​after all this city is considered and the most cheerful, and most dissolved in Spain. Yes, and in Ibiza sex – a common thing, only this applies to young people under 30 years. Older people will look out of place among the crowd of bright, smart young people.


Few people can assume that the calm and even puritanical Switzerland in fact turns out to be a very dissolute country. It turns out that the local population in terms of sex is very advanced. In Switzerland, on priorities, sex should be just for money and even overtake cheese. Yes, the order is exactly that. It must be said that the local residents come to the decision of all issues in detail. Such an imprint should be imposed by the ability to handle money, which implies a great responsibility. The women will have a liking in Switzerland – after all, prostitution is officially permitted here. The statistics says that annually 350 thousand citizens of the country visit women of the ancient profession. But this is even more than in Holland, with its famous neighborhoods of Red Lanterns. And to look for love adventures is best in Zurich, because there it is easy to find places where hilarious companies hang out. Blondes there will be very pliable.


This country has laid most of the sexual traditions. And most of the countries on the planet were not, but in Greece they were already making love, taught it and wrote about it. It is believed that it was here that invented homosexuality. In those days, experienced soldiers gave their skills to young boys, not only with the help of persistent training, but also joint night adventures in bed. And it was not considered forbidden at all. On the contrary, if the boy did not sleep with his teacher, then he was considered flawed. In a similar way, the knowledge and famous ancient Greek philosophers passed on. Yes, and the famous island of Lesbos refers specifically to Greece. Today the girls behave here rather modestly, but the young men are not averse to delighting the charming tourists. So the island is a Mediterranean paradise in fact only for vacationing ladies. And love in Greece is hiding everywhere. You can find intimate adventures even in Athens. After all, here in the old town, quite a lot of amusing taverns and cafes, where dating is easy. The island of Corfu has long been famous for the place where people go in search of a sex partner. Do not forget about the island of Mykonos, because this is where Paradise Beach is located. It seems that there the clothing itself disappears from the tanned bodies.


At first glance, an uninitiated observer may decide that Malaysia is a fairly conservative country. So, in due time Beyonce’s concert was forbidden – local authorities decided that the seductive mulatto is too depraved on the stage and can shatter the feelings of the younger generation better. Also in Malaysia, a long discussion was held about the need to introduce in the upper grades a discipline such as “sexual education”. As a result, it was decided to abandon it. Meanwhile, the Malays are engaged in sex, quite often and a lot. In this country the Chinese treatise “Peach branch” is quite popular, which, in its frankness, will plug even the Indian Kamasutra into the waistband. In 2008, Malaysia was shocked by a sex scandal – on the Internet there were records of the prime minister’s home porn. And you can search for sex entertainment in any club or bar in Kuala Lumpur. A good place for dating can become beaches. Only the altruist girls in the country are hard to find – they are given tourists solely for the money. But quality sex is guaranteed – your fee will be paid to the Malaysian penny.


It was in this country that the well-known psychoanalysts Freud and Jung worked, who concluded that all nervous diseases occur solely from sexual dissatisfaction. Maybe the work of these scientists predetermined a free attitude to sex in Austria? There are various museums dedicated to the art of love – from the sex museum to the torture museum. And most recently in the country the real School of sex has opened. For the right to study in it you have to pay one and a half thousand euros, but here you will teach all the wisdom of love. At least the organizers promise to do it. Do not forget about the active participation of the Austrians in the porn industry. Although it is believed that the best films in this genre are shot in Germany, it turns out that almost all the actors here are by nationality Austrians. And with the size they are all right. And love adventures are best found in Vienna’s nightclubs. A pretty girl just enough to sit in a coffee house with a book in her hand and take a thoughtful look. In this case, you must pay attention. In the summer, you can go to the city of Salzburg – here on the birthday of Mozart come thousands of high-intellectual fans of the great composer. And why do not they have fun with sex?


Do I need to comment on why the country is considered one of the most advanced in terms of sex? It’s full of sex museums, coffee shops, and what’s the red light district! So there will not be any problems in the search for a partner, the truth for these services will have to pay, and a lot. Until the 15th century, the authorities of Amsterdam tried to protect the power of the townspeople from the presence of prostitutes, simply not allowing the general to enter the city. But after some time for the priestess of love, even allocated a special area De Wallen, where from the fourteenth century the sailors were walking with might and main. In the Netherlands today there are as many as three red light district. De Wallen – the largest of them and popular with tourists. It stretches a few blocks near the ancient church of Ude Kirk, representing hundreds of shop windows. There their clients expect prostitutes. Next to Lijnbaan Steeg there is the Singelgebid district, and Rausdalkade is located near Sarfatipark.


Speaking of sex tourism, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of this country. If in Europe the palm is dominated by Germany and Holland with their brothels, in Asia it is Thailand. At the same time people of different sexes and ages come here. Even ladies of Balzac’s age can experience a stormy and non-binding romance. Men are attracted here by the consumer attitude towards women and low prices. In the country, a whole industry flourished to provide intimate services. Sex tourists should visit the most famous resort of Pattaya. Actually at night it turns into one big and cheap brothel. In Bangkok, everything is much more modest, there is only one small street of red lanterns. But then any employee or taxi driver will tell you where to find a lousy place with sex services. After all, the Thai have a percentage of each guest. Only in Thailand there are plenty of transvestites, so communication with an attractive girl can turn into embarrassment.


The socialist system of this state does not encourage sex with rich tourists, but that’s where the passionate ladies who want to earn money in a poor country go. They give themselves literally for food to the first person they meet. Hungry for foreigners ladies in Havana are found everywhere, especially a lot of them in the area of ​​the Malecon waterfront. Only light clothing on the body does not say that a woman is a professional in the field of sex. Perhaps this predatory extortionist wants to simply get money and not give anything in return. And almost any woman is ready to earn money with her body, because salaries simply are not enough. And at the same time, there are only a few words for communication, foreigners are already loved here because they are from another country.Only here on professional skills of women it is not necessary to count – it is saved that the Latin temperament. Recently, they loved to go to Cuba and women – at any disco you can choose young slender and trouble-free body.

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