The most dangerous sects

The sect is called a religious group, which for some reason separated from the mainstream. The meaning of this word is currently negative. This effect has appeared due to frequent cases of negative influence of sects on the person.

There are numerous cases where people, saturated with religious teachings, gave organizations everything they had – apartments, cars. Families collapse, crimes are committed. People are afraid of sects, considering them terrible organizations. But among them there are several, with their activity gained worldwide fame.

The most dangerous sects

Temple of Nations.

This sect originated in Guyana. It was organized by preacher Jim Jones, who deprived his members of any freedom. Their subordination to the head of the organization reached constant threats, insults and beatings. The sect arose in the 50’s, initially it included a small number of representatives of national and racial minorities, drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people. In 1974, members of the organization created in the jungle of Guyana their settlement, called Johnstown, named after their leader. There he continued his activity. Eyewitnesses recall that the sermons of Jones were of a political connotation. Once he even threatened the American flag that was hanging in the room: “Wait, the nation of racists, fanatics, imperialists and Kuklusklans!” Soon the hour of reckoning will come for all the atrocities committed by you. I have a Bible in my hands, see? For almost two thousand years it has been diverting people from real work and preventing them from fighting injustice. I throw it on the floor and spit on it! “. In a single settlement, Jones tried to build socialism with elements of the cooperative. In its official documents, the commune was called the “Agricultural and Medical Cooperative” Temple of Nations. ” Every morning, for the wake-up from the speakers, the USSR national anthem was heard, and one of the streets even bore the name of Lenin. November 18, 1978 there was a tragedy. About 1,000 members of the sect, US citizens, committed suicide. Reliable information about the causes of the incident was never published. According to some assumptions, when trying to close the commune, all its members used cyanide potassium. But in the 90’s there were publications that it was a massacre, organized by the special services of America. The authorities did not like the activities of the political grouping, which zealously criticized the United States. In addition, the settlers were in close contact with Moscow, even preparing to move to the USSR. Since 1979, the sect has been recognized as destructive and officially banned in America. The consequences of the tragedy were a significant decrease in the reputation and various religious cults and interest in them.

The most dangerous sects

Aum Shinrikyo.

In 1987, Seko Asahara created his non-religious organization in Japan. The sect gained world fame in 1995, when its members committed a gas attack in sarin in the Tokyo metro. Then 12 people died. Initially, Aum Shinrikyo was an association of quiet people, interested in yoga and meditation. However, Asahara decided to radically change the image of his organization. The elite club became available for large masses. An extensive advertising campaign was carried out, which claimed numerous cases of healing with the help of yoga techniques, improving physical condition and intelligence. In rituals, hallucinogens were often used. Unable to go into big politics, the sect’s leaders declared an unofficial war on the country and its civil institutions. Although the teaching of Aum Shinrikyo is based on Buddhist texts, their interpretation is highly distorted. Sect by 1995 has made several acts of terrorism and murders. The most famous of them was the attack on the Tokyo Metro. Shoko Asahara was arrested, the trial lasted until 2004. The leader of the sect was sentenced to death. The sect changed its name to Aleph, removing aggressive motives from its doctrines. In many countries, Aum Shinrikyo’s activities are banned, and the organization itself is considered terrorist. Gates of Paradise.

The sect was created in 1975 in the US by Marshall Appletel and Bonnie Nattles. Fame came to the organization after Applewyte was able to persuade 39 of his followers to commit suicide in 1997, as the Earth would soon inevitably face the comet of Gale-Bopp. The leader promised his adherents that they would be able to leave their earthly bodies and then go on a journey on a spaceship. In preparation for this act, members of the sect wore hoods and gloves in order to protect themselves from sinful thoughts as much as possible. In the sect, thousands of rules were established, much time was given to the study of the Bible. Sometimes people could communicate there only with the help of writing. The family had to be forgotten once and for all. Every person in the sect had an observer, and everyone in turn was obliged to watch over someone. With the development of the Internet, even a sect site with the name “Paradise Gate” appeared. In the process of preparing for mass suicide, the members of the group ritually cleansed their bodies, constantly drinking lemon juice. The sect believed that the mass suicide of its members would lead to the popularization of the Internet. After all, many believers worked as web designers. March 26, 1997 at the ranch of Santa Fe, which is near San Diego, found the bodies of dead 39 people. All of them were equally dressed – black shirts, black pants and black shoes. 18 men and 21 women passed away with the help of phenobarbital mixed with fruit jelly and pudding. Lethal food people washed down with vodka. After that, they also pulled plastic bags over their heads, hoping to suffocate in their sleep. Before death, the “monks” neatly covered their face and upper body with a square veil of purple.

The most dangerous sects

Manson family.

In 1967, Charlie Manson, who had a bunch of offenses by then, met Mary Branner. It was she who became the first member of his sect “Family”. The career of the musician at Manson did not work out, but Scientology interested him. Charlie and Mary began to travel around California, involving more and more new members in their sect. “Children” were those whom society threw into the trash, as well as the leader of the family. Everyone got a new name and new siblings. The family lived a free life – people took drugs, engaged in group sex. Soon, Charlie, on the basis of his own interpretation of the “White Album”, the Beatles declared war between the black and white race. He called it Helter Skelter. The war was to clear the land, opening Charlie’s path to power over the whole world. August 8, 1969 Charlie decided to attack the house of the music producer, who rejected his music. So the leader wanted to show his followers how to kill. Victims were innocent people, including the pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski. The bloody slaughter continued the next day in another house. After the arrest of Manson, members of his group continued to commit murders and attacks. He himself was sentenced to death, replaced later by life imprisonment. Although many consider Manson a madman and a maniac, there are those who believe him. There is even a website on the Internet in support of the criminal. All his requests for early release were rejected. Manson enjoys the attention of the public – he often gives interviews, his songs began to perform avant-garde rock bands. Star Marilyn Manson took his pseudonym in honor of the bloody ringleader of the Family.

The most dangerous sects

Seventh-day Adventists.

The Adventist Church appeared as early as 1844 in the United States. In religious reference books, this organization is defined as a sect of American descent, adjacent to the Baptists and paying special attention to the Old Testament. It was founded by the most usual farmer, William Miller, who served as a Baptist priest. In his close study of the Bible, he once came to the conclusion that the end of the world is approaching soon. In 1818, Miller determined the year of the death of the whole world. This was to happen according to his calculations in 1843.Do not confuse the ancestor of the sect and the words of Christ that no one can accurately know the day and hour of his second coming. The terms of the end of the world eventually were constantly transferred, as a result, the students of Miller tried not to name the exact dates anymore. At the heart of the doctrine of Adventists lies the Holy Scripture and the observance of the commandments of the Decalogue. Here they believe in the spirit of prophecy and in the special role of the Sabbath, that very seventh day. In Russia, the first Adventist colonies appeared in 1886 together with German colonists. In 1993, a tragedy occurred in the Texas town of Waco. One of the Adventists, the leader of David’s Branch, David Koresh, arranged an act of mass suicide. The sect too believed in the end of the world. This time the prophecy must have come true. The failed messiah decided to translate his predictions, taking with himself and his flock. Koresh blew up his temple, about a hundred dead people were found under the ruins, including 25 children.

The most dangerous sects

The sect of Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh.

Rajneesh, better known as Osho, contemptuously treated humanity without hiding it. The newly-minted guru, with special cynicism, exposed all that was moving him – lust, greed, vanity and the desire for power. The Rajneesh cult has nothing to do with pseudo-Hindu new formations. This sect is an absolutely author’s creation, which was created in the spirit of the movement “New Age”. After graduating from the university in 1957, Rajneesh taught philosophy there until 1966. In the end, he decided to leave the works and began to preach his own teaching. It included in itself in an incredible way pieces of Tantrism, Jainism, Taoism, Sufism, Zen Buddhism, Nietzscheanism, psychoanalysis, psycho-spiritual therapies. The teachings of Krishna and Gurdjieff. In mystical traditions, Osho decided not to dedicate himself, changing everything in his own way and adapting to his needs. As a result, the main law of religion Osho says: “Love God and do whatever you want.” Rajneesh did not advocate self-denial, he, on the contrary, became known as a sex guru. Osho believes that we must absolutely satisfy all our desires, disregarding norms and traditions. Adherents of the cult were often injected into the state of nirvana with the help of drugs. Believers have lost their will. Destructive practices zombie people. The movement received international status, a special interest in it arose in the United States. It was there that in 1981 Osho moved. By 1984, the sect included about 350 thousand people with an average age of 34 years. Osho’s meditation centers are in 22 countries, including Russia. In 1984, Rajneesh was charged with poisoning hundreds of people in Dallas with the help of Salmonella bacteria. After deportation from the country, Osho could not find a haven for a long time, since many countries banned him from entering. Order of the Temple of the Sun.

This sect was founded in 1984 by the neo-Nazi, the Belgian Luke Jure. The teaching of the Temple of the Sun takes its origin from the mystical order of the Knights Templar and some branches of Rosicrucianism. The theory is implicated in mysticism, alchemy, astrology, yoga and Kabbalah. The theoretician was Michel Tabachnik. He proclaimed that our Earth is on the verge of an apocalypse. But death itself does not exist at all. This is just an illusion, after which there will certainly be a revival. In the Order, not all were accepted, but only the richest and most educated. Members of the sect had to make contributions to the cashier, and moved their vanity. Organizers themselves secretly engaged in financial fraud and even trade in arms. In 1993-1994, there were several cases of ritual murders and suicides by members of the sect. On October 5, 1994, 48 members of the sect were found burnt at once. But the most notorious case occurred on December 22, 1995. Then, not far from Grenoble, in the French Alps 16 adepts burned themselves on the forest edge. Among them there were three children. Some of the victims were previously shot in the head. It turned out that many members of the sect refused to commit suicide, then the leaders of the sect forcibly killed them.This forced the authorities to investigate the case more thoroughly. But, despite the arrests of leaders and their property, ritual self-immolations continued.

The most dangerous sects

“The Church of the Body of Christ” or “The Word of Life”.

In Russia this sect received many names – “The Church of Christ”, “The Church of the Covenant”, “The Chapel on Calvary,” “The Tree of Life”, “The Russian Christian Church.” According to her teaching, every Christian must be successful and prosper in the earthly life. This is the basis for the subsequent salvation. After all, God, as these believers believe, simply can not deny those whose faith has a solid material foundation. The organization has numerous cells that support each other, exchanging pastors. Each worship is accompanied by the glorification of Christ. At the same time, believers repeat monotonously for simple music the words “I sing you, Christ.” Adepts of the sect prefer to be in information isolation. After all, according to the teaching of the press, television and radio are demonic tools. Many believers leave their families, because people are taught that someone who does not accept the teachings is an instrument in the hands of Satan. Adherents are obliged to deduct the tithe from their incomes for the maintenance of the local community and its leadership. In this case, money is often collected for current needs. People are taken to collect mass, while healing sessions are held. Often the site of sermons becomes even stadiums, and the action is reminiscent of the performance of psychics or healers. In the sect, it is customary to abandon traditional medicines, which sometimes leads to the death of fanatically believing people.

The most dangerous sects


In 1973, the Frenchman Claude VoriĆ³n, a journalist and racing driver, allegedly met with aliens. Those for 6 days took him to his ship, where they told the truth about the origin of mankind. One of the aliens called himself Elohim, God. He said that life on this planet came about thanks to an unearthly life with the help of cloning and genetic engineering. Claude was released, having received the name of Rael, a “harbinger”. He immediately decided to organize an international movement of followers. His activity and the gift of persuasion helped to quickly gain a few hundred adherents. Rael promises eternal life to believers, the secret of which he is known. People believe that they originated from aliens who settled the Earth 25 thousand years ago. Voriyon himself also noted preaching about sexual freedom. Thanks to the Internet, there are already more than 55,000 people from 84 countries on Earth today. Converts sign a contract, which says that after their death, they need to extract a piece of skull from them. Thanks to this “third eye” resurrection will take place. Now the movement is headquartered in Geneva, and near Montreal a whole town is built, dedicated to UFOs. The Raelians strongly support the cloning projects. In 2003, one of the followers even declared that she was a clone. Scientists denied this statement. In his novel “Opportunity of the Island”, Michelle Welbeck described the activity of the Raelians.

The most dangerous sects


The name of this Japanese neobuddistskoy sect translates as “the teaching of the flower.” It was founded in 1987 by Hugen Fukunaga. The adepts believed that he possesses magical power and knows how to read the future and the past of people at their feet. At the time of its heyday, the sect included about 30 thousand people. The rulers of the organization, covering themselves with religious slogans, were engaged in routine extortion. People were diagnosed with cancer or other deadly diseases. Then, with the help of expensive cleaning sessions, the “sick” were cured. In 2000, Fukunaga resigned as a teacher. Authorities based on 31 statements found that the preacher earned more than a million dollars. Sect on the verdict, the court paid more than $ 3 million to the victims of its activities. However, the organization continued its activities, now under the name of Yorokobi Kazzuku no Va.

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