The most common nightmares

In our dreams, in addition to pleasant pictures, emotions, adventures, flights and other interesting things, there are also, unfortunately, nightmares. They are an integral part of our nightlife. If pleasant dreams are based on dreams and desires, nightmares are reflections of the anxiety and stress present in real life.

In the dreams there is a lot of symbolic, including in nightmares. So do not take them too literally. After all, if you approach them with all sincerity, you can not see the insistent, but important signal of our subconscious. If we see a car accident or a natural disaster, this does not mean that it will happen soon.

Most often, such nightmares are transformed feelings in this way to some events in real life. And the pictures of night terrors are quite traditional for all people. Psychologists have compiled a list of the ten most popular nightmares, trying to decipher them. With its help, we can understand what this means for this or that nightmare, where its roots lie and how it can be combated in general.

Sleep about falling into a trap.

Although dreams are often difficult to analyze, this situation is very simple for psychologists. If we experience a sense of being lost or trapped in a dream in a dream, it means that people experience similar sensations in real life in a certain situation. This can happen if someone forces us to do something against our will or make uncomfortable decisions. Is there really no way out of this situation or a tangle of contradictions can still be unraveled? We must understand that such a dream is a direct warning to our subconscious that there are some internal problems. We need to think about what is going on in life and what can be changed, before it’s too late. Otherwise, nightmares can be more difficult to dream about, which will be discussed below.

A dream that a person is drowning or falling somewhere.

In everyday life, it often happens that the head literally bursts from the accumulated problems. At the same time, the awareness of the importance of a task or responsibility for something presses from above. It turns out that such feelings can give rise to a nightmare in which a person will fall or drown. In fact, visions in a dream, when we are constantly falling or drowning, say that we simply have some concern over some disturbing issue. And the emotions caused by this state can vary from rapture to loss of control in general. The way we react to such a nightmare is a reflection of our reaction to certain events in reality. In this case, you can try to correct a nightmare with the help of awareness of your dream. If there is a realization that a terrible picture is just a dream, you can solve the problem of falling, trying to take control of the nightmare in their hands. If you fall, you can try to take off, but if you drown – then swim. After all, this is our personal dream, in which you can do whatever you want.

Broken phone or computer.

Many people do not understand how a broken computer or a phone call can seem like a nightmare, to which no one is in a hurry to respond. In fact, for many people this may seem very important. It is believed that if a dream sees a breakdown of technological equipment, and even responsible for communication, then this has a fully understandable implication – a person simply can not reach someone intuitively. Probably, a close friend has disappeared somewhere, and maybe there is an understatement with a loved one. If such dreams occur often, then it’s time to analyze your relationship. This will make it clear what the roots of the nightmare are, and what needs to be repaired in real life.

A naked or poorly dressed person in a public place.

This nightmare occurs quite often, and in people of all ages. Such dreams can best serve as an indicator of a person’s self-esteem.In this situation, clothes perform functions of something that hides facts that I would like to keep silent about to the general public. If a person does not experience discomfort from his nakedness in a dream, then he is not afraid to show his feelings and deeds, he simply has nothing to hide. If the absence of clothing causes confusion, then it speaks of vulnerability, the presence of shame or profound guilt. If a person does not react at all to the absence of clothing, then this can mean that there is no self-consciousness at all. For those who hide something from others or are afraid that they are about to be brought to the surface, it is worthwhile to be ready to visit such a nightmare not with an erotic background.

A natural catastrophe or a global cataclysm caused by a person.

Even if such a picture is just a dream, not a reality, it will be pretty scary for anyone to be in the very center of such a catastrophe. Nightmarish dreams generally carry significant information, and if they talk about some kind of natural disaster, then this is a testimony about the current state of the dreamer. Usually, dream-catastrophes say that in real life a certain disaster is approaching. It happens that we start to rush about the fact that we can not cope with the problem. In the head as if a lot of fragments are formed, as after that very natural disaster in a dream. If such a nightmare came in a dream, then it is necessary to understand what real problem caused this. And then we should try to calmly and rationally solve it.

A dream in which there is no way to solve a problem or pass an exam.

It often happens that a school or university has long since been left behind. Already forgotten all the formulas, then, how abstracts are written, and what was the schedule of subjects. But sometimes all the same nightmares come to sleep, when a person can not pass the exam. Such anxiety in the dream about the inability to surrender an important subject is quite common. It is also important to take into account the resulting evaluation, as it is rather indicative. If the exam is ultimately failed, then in the head there are certain thoughts that some things in life are not quite right. Think, if it were possible to somehow go back and get another estimate for all the deeds done, would that change the outlook on life? If the answer is affirmative, and the dream in the exam has a feeling of underestimation, then such visions are direct evidence of the rejection of something already achieved in life.

Loss or damage to property or real estate.

For many who value and love their home, such a dream can be a nightmare. But you should not panic. In this dream there is nothing unusual. It is believed that in night visions, sleep is a symbol of the person himself. At the same time, its facade is what others think about you, and the interior is an expression of the inner self. If a house or other property is damaged in a dream, this may indicate that there is a sense of violation of some integrity in the soul. Theft of some things or their loss speaks about the same, this is evidence that there are some violent emotions in relation to yourself. If in a dream something important disappears from the house, the person in the soul feels that they can deceive him or that something valuable in his life is under threat.

Problems with the car.

For any car enthusiast, problems with his car – a nightmare in itself. But these troubles, which have come to sleep, suggest that problems are coming up in real life. And they are threatening to become more serious than simply replacing oils or tires. In a dream in the form of vehicles, we represent our physical shell or our emotional world. Similarly to the previous situation on real estate, the appearance of our car can talk about our perception of the world around us. But what is hidden under the hood of the car is a reflection of our inner feelings.It happens that in a dream you can see how as a result of a comfortable control of the car there are some kind of malfunctions, it ceases to work properly, control is lost. This situation can be applied to yourself. Sometimes, when driving a car, you feel that you are rushing straight into an accident or some kind of catastrophe. Such a nightmare says that somewhere inside is hidden impotence or lack of control over some real situation.

Suffering from illness, trauma or death.

Such dreams often lead to stress. But in this case, they should not be taken literally. Although the visions of death themselves may seem very painful, in the subconscious it is due to certain future changes or the beginning of something new in life. Death can also say that a certain stage has come to an end in life and it’s time to start a new one. But still it is impossible to talk about the positive nature of dreams with death. Sometimes such dreams, or associated with injury, illness, say that a person experiences emotional pain or fear to experience it also at the physical level. If in a dream we see how a person close to us is sick or dying, then this means that we are losing some of our particles that we see in it. Own death in a dream indicates that a person is no longer able to fight in the current situation, he needs help or advice from his friends.

To escape or hide from someone in a dream.

This popular nightmare is common in many people. At the same time, scenery and the attacker can change. But it is worthwhile to understand that such a dream is a direct signal of the body to the fact that he is either ready to directly meet the danger or quickly hide from it. And such a reaction is quite common for the human body, we all face a choice of how to behave, if there is a danger or fear. Such dreams were even considered by Sigmund Freud. He described them as “something that dreams a person who is in trouble.” Our anxieties can be related in fact to anything. This can be a serious problem, and a trifle. In a dream, such fears are transformed into persecution. And the way we react to it in a dream tells us how the body is ready to behave in a similar situation in real life.

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