The most common IT offenses

As you know, ignorance of laws does not absolve from responsibility. That’s right, by chance, many people step over the very line that separates the usual action from crime.

The most common IT offenses

люди With the arrival of computers and mobile technologies in everyday life, people appeared and cyber criminals, respectively, and the number of those who thoughtlessly violated the law, also increased. Let’s talk about the twelve most common crimes now associated with information technology.

Viewing pornography on a mobile phone screen.

Cameras and screens of mobile phones allow you to shoot or just watch porn anywhere. Recently, the number of hooligans associated with the image of the genitals has increased. So, there was a movement “seksting”, which is characterized by the fact that people take pictures of their sex organs and send these frames to everyone in a row using MMS. In a number of American states, such actions are already illegal – not so long ago in Pennsylvania several teenagers were sent, sending out obscene pictures.


Many people have little to say to the people around them in the face – after all, you can at least lose an interlocutor or a friend, and as a maximum – get physical rebuff. And the authorities are pursuing foul language and gossip. But in online, these actions are much easier. Most of the statements have nothing to do with reality. The Internet is full of rumors and gossip about the world of show business and politicians, but the law protects private individuals more strictly.

Talking on the phone while driving.

Frequent chatter on the phone in a restaurant or on a train can irritate other people. Many people take the opportunity to make a call while driving their vehicle. In many places, such actions are prohibited. So, in five states of America to keep the phone at the ear is forbidden (no one, however, does not interfere with the use of handsfree sets), and ten states are also forbidden to dial SMS while driving. This, by the way, is even more dangerous for the driver and others. Such a ban entered into force in Ukraine.

Network piracy.

This misfortune brings to the rightholders millions of millions of losses. Few people know, but songs, photos or downloadable video files are most often protected by copyright law. True, this rule has its own exception. So, there is a joint license (Creative Commons license), which delineates the levels of copyright ownership. This makes it possible to use some materials for non-commercial purposes. In addition, many multimedia materials are now protected by DRM technology, which helps to comply with copyrights.

Downloading TV commercials from Yuotube.

This action is also a violation of copyright. So, by downloading a TV show from a resource, you can break the law in the event that the owner of YouTube, Google, does not have an appropriate licensing agreement with the rightholder company. Despite the fact that many TV companies themselves have already uploaded their materials to the Internet, copyright protection on YouTube is still working.

Breach of the DRM protection mechanism.

In this case, DRM is understood as any technology designed to stop creating illegal copies, for example, DVD. There will always be a curious person who can bypass protection. However, it is worth remembering that this act is prosecuted by law.

Creating sequels.

Today’s series are very popular. Fans are often dissatisfied with the ending or lack of continuation. Here are born the idea to remove your version of the favorite movie. However, the publication of such a video on the Internet may entail claims from the studio, which will severely demand the destruction of the created creativity with love. The fact is that copyright extends not only to the plot, but also to the characters, other details. In general, any elements of the plot are under the protection of the law.It is quite logical that authors usually forbid the use of their heroes for extraneous stories. True, there are also those who do not wish to complicate their lives with squabbling and allow the use of loved characters.


There is such a document as the “Act on the Protection of Consumers from Kibeskvottning”. According to him, owners of unique brands can protect their trademarks. To do this, they are given the opportunity to register the appropriate URL based on their name. Of course, we must first prove that this is done for the development of business, and not for forgery for an already existing company with a worldwide reputation. So far, parody sites with errors in names, like, still exist, but large organizations go with this phenomenon a serious struggle.

Acquisition of medicines on the Internet.

Many people who do not have the opportunity to legally buy the necessary medicine in the pharmacy pay their attention to the Internet. However, most likely, this can not be done. In fact all the same it is necessary to meet the real person who also will write down the prescription on the desired forbidden medicine. In the US, not so long ago, a law was passed that allowed pharmacies to sell prescription drugs only if they had a prescription from a real doctor after a patient’s examination. So, filling in a virtual form in the online pharmacy will not give you the opportunity to get, for example, Vicodin.

Work of the paparazzi.

In fact, you can not photograph anyone horrible, for security it’s better to ask the object if you can do it, having warned that the work may be sold. Of course, the fact of leaving the home already means the loss of a part of personal freedom. But in the picture for the personal album of a group of tourists facing the Colosseum, or their girl on the beach there is nothing prejudicial. But a large picture of someone else’s child or couples, for the purpose of subsequent sale, should be accompanied by a written permission, otherwise there may be trouble with the law.

Use of pirated software.

Many believe that the purchase of a disk in the store with the program already means the fact of buying it herself. In fact, you get at best a license to use it for certain purposes. At a minimum, such a program can not be copied for other people. In some countries for these acts are rather severe penalties – in the US you can go to jail for 5 years and pay a fine of up to 250 thousand dollars, while in Malaysia and Singapore in general, the death penalty is envisaged as the maximum penalty. However, there is no need to be scared, quite a lot of illegal software is used in business, it is there that huge fines are born. So using the home of an illegal copy of Windows will hardly lead to the emergence of special services and subsequent arrest.

Sharing Internet access.

This is usually not a legal action, but it can cause trouble with the provider. Usually, the user purchases an Internet access service with a broad unlimited channel and is implied (and agreed by the contract) that he does it personally for himself. But the provision of access to the channel through a wired or Wi-Fi connection to neighbors already violates the conditions for using the Internet. Prove this action is possible only in the case of mass and collective use of torrent trackers, in other cases it is difficult to prove.

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