The most absurd laws about sex

It turns out that the laws of the countries differ in the field of the relationship between the sexes. Therefore, tourists should be careful, respecting local customs. Sometimes the laws on sex seem absurd, only that punishment can be quite serious. Let’s talk about the 10 most unusual state rules about sex, existing in different countries.


The UK is extremely wary of casual relationships. A tourist who wants to lock up a random beauty in a pub should be careful in his flirting. After the proposal of an unfamiliar woman to have sex can result in a fine of up to 180 euros or even imprisonment for up to three months.


The US is famous for its absurd laws in various states. Some of them relate directly to sex. It turns out that condoms are being persecuted in many states. Legislators forgot about the danger of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the problem of unwanted pregnancies. The authorities in every possible way complicate the purchase of these rubber products. So, in Connecticut, they are generally forbidden to sell, and in Wisconsin they can be found “under the counter.” In some states, condoms are forbidden to advertise, as in California. However, the strangest law belongs to Louisiana – here products are allowed only for men. Violation of these rules threatens a serious monetary penalty.


If you are going to visit Ireland, do not forget to bring along the right amount of condoms. In the country itself, buying these contraceptives will be quite problematic. The fact is that Ireland is a country of strict Catholic morality, therefore, the use of condoms here is not in high esteem. According to local authorities, sex is needed solely for the continuation of the family. Naturally, there can be no talk of any free sale of condoms.


Many are attracted by the exotic Hawaii and local beauties. The sea, beaches, sand and girls are the object of erotic fantasies of men. Only here on the island itself is not recommended rushing headlong into the abyss of passion. The fact is that if a partner is less than 18 years old, then a serious punishment awaits … her parents! The authorities can sentence them for improper and frivolous upbringing of the daughter to three years of forced labor.


But the Hungarian capital became famous for the fact that partners are allowed to have sex only in the dark. The penalty threatens the inhabitants of Budapest, even if they make love in their own bedroom in the light. Even the light of candles or a fireplace does not satisfy legislators. It is not clear only one – who controls all this?


If you are going to rest in Italy, remember. What in Palermo on the beach is allowed in the nude to appear exclusively to women. The appearance of men in naked form is a crime. Perhaps this is due to the presence around the seductive beauties with a minimal amount of clothing. Local authorities believe that male anatomy can become vulgar even inadvertently. In the Italian town of Tropea, the law clearly defines who can be undressed on the beach, and who does not. The decision of the authorities prohibits undressing ugly, fat or ugly women. The right to be naked is enjoyed only by young women whose bodies are attractive enough and bring beauty to the figure. It remains only to sympathize with the police, who ensure the implementation of this law.


It would seem that Sweden is a country of sexual freedom, but there are restrictions too. So, local residents are forbidden to make their own photos in full growth in booths of fast photos. But to take a picture of the naked separately the upper and lower parts is not forbidden. Apparently fans of their own naked body have to glue together two halves of the photo.


In China, strict laws prohibit staring at the bare feet of a dressed woman. After all, this is considered a serious insult, for which you can even go to jail.But the sight of naked women, the appearance here is quite normal.


Recently, a curious law was passed in Israel. It is forbidden to watch porn films on cable or satellite TV. Therefore, if you find a channel of this kind in the hotel TV, you better switch to something else. Authorities promise up to three years in prison to fans of pornography.


An unusual law exists in the Estonian capital. In Tallinn it is forbidden to play chess during sexual intercourse. Few people understand this national peculiarity of “hot” Estonians, perhaps their sexual pace contributes to the attraction of table games.

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