The most absurd inventions

To name the inventions that gave mankind a qualitative leap easily – the wheel, electricity, metal processing … Many inventors remained in the history of nameless personalities, while some still managed to patented their discoveries, receiving considerable dividends from it. A striking example is Thomas Edison, who was able to prove his right to more than 1000 inventions and make good money on it. However, among the many patents granted, there are also very absurd ones, from which it seems that humanity will be of little use. However, the inventors do not bother, so the deodorizer for gases, devices for simulating “give five”, devices for avoiding collisions with pedestrians and the like appear. We will tell below about the most unusual patented inventions, perhaps, mankind will have to use them.

A toy for an animal.

It is enough to look at the image of this invention to understand that this is a regular stick. In addition, it is made of wood, but the creator patented his invention in 1999 under that name. Probably, the inventor played in the park with his dog, and saw how the dog happily runs after the abandoned branch. “Eureka!” – exclaimed the man, running in the park with his find. Perhaps he thought that until that moment no one had imagined playing with the dog that way. Now we should expect from the “inventor” a series of lawsuits against dog breeders for using his invention.

The device for kicks under the rear.

There is a reasonable question – who will need an invention that will beat its creator on the buttocks. The answer will be difficult to find, but the description of such a device – please. Its creator believes that from such an invention there is a benefit – you can entertain yourself by rotating the handle and getting a kick. Probably, this discovery will allow someone to “come down from heaven to earth,” or allow lazy parents to establish the procedure for punishing their children. Although the description of the principle is understandable and a little, it is clear only that such a machine is useful only to those who painfully long thought, what to occupy the free angle.

The device for imitation “Give five”.

Even the name of the inventor is known – Albert Cohen. He long tried to invent something that would glorify him for all ages. He realized that in the course of sports competitions it is the “give five” gesture that is usually used by fans to express their joy and delight from the successes of their beloved team. But only for such an action is needed two people. And what remains for the poor creatures who are watching the match on TV? How can they express admiration? This is where the patented wonder invention comes to the rescue. Just do not tell the creator that for a long time there are sports bars in which you can watch your favorite match with the same lonely fan.

Technique of swing swings.

Everyone likes to ride on a swing as a child – you can easily remember how to push one chain, and then another, holding on a tree branch. This method and patented another “great” inventor – Stephen Olson. He did not come up with new swings, just attributing himself to authorship of the idea of ​​swing. So, trying the next time on the swing to make the sun, think about the fact that this method can also be patented.

Technique of training a cat.

This invention allows you to entertain, at the same time and practice, a cat. With the help of a laser pointer, the beam is aimed at the walls or floor, so that the animal becomes interested in it. Simple, but not an invention?

Magnetic bracket fastening.

Inventors decided to come to the aid of the holders of glasses, whose arches bring great inconvenience. Even on the head can remain unpleasant traces! But repairing glasses or picking up quality ones is too easy an exit. So inventor David Pechel decided to give part of his life to solve this global problem. Judging by the design of the invention, this system will require surgical intervention – the ears will have to be moved a little so that magnetic rings can stand on this place.Are the glasses so inconvenient to decide on such radical methods?

Jet board for surfing.

Actually, this invention is not as useless as it seems at first glance. What should surfers do in the ocean if they are attacked by a shark? An ordinary board will not help, but reactive … The only question remains – where to buy it. Fortunately, surfing on the ocean at a reactive speed is never seen, otherwise such an invention would kill hundreds of people simply because of a collision with others.

Ear pads for animals.

Do you have a dog with long ears? You must have experienced problems feeding her. This is not surprising, because the food sticks to the long ears. The present invention also makes it possible to overcome such a problem. So hurry to purchase this patented product in the nearest veterinary organization.

A device for detecting collisions with pedestrians.

If you are periodically tormented by doubts about what exactly your car collided with, then this invention is for you. The patent turned out to be a device with sensors placed in the bumper. It will certainly inform the driver if he suddenly moves the pedestrian. It sounds almost attractive. It remains only to advise the inventors in the new model to provide for the possibility of avoiding such an unpleasant incident for both sides.

Gas neutralizer.

In April 2000, an invention was patented that could change the world for the better. The public was presented with a deodorizer, which reveals in the underwear of a man a pillow catching the emitted unpleasant gases. The invention can save someone from an embarrassing situation in the crowd, when everyone suddenly starts sniffing and looking for who has spoiled the air. People with increased gas production are already wholeheartedly grateful to the inventor for such an option to solve their problems.

Electrical soap.

One eccentric puzzled for a long time, how would it be more effective to use ordinary soap? The solution was found such – it is necessary to build in a bar an electromechanical device that will vibrate. Such an effect will significantly increase the effectiveness of soap. The invention received a loud name – Personal Hygienic Massage Piece. Actually behind it lies a simple piece of soap and a built-in electronic device with batteries and a motor. Before you start soaping, you need to turn it on and only have time to catch an advanced soap and lean against yourself. Further actions the patented means will incur.

Jumping cups in the bar.

One inventor decided to ease the hard work of bartenders, who are forced with sniper accuracy to send glasses to their visitors to the other end of the rack. An improved bar will solve this problem – just press the button and the glass will move itself at the right time, not forgetting then to go back. How exactly this is implemented is not entirely clear, but grateful bartenders are counting on an early revolution in their business.

Rotating ice cream.

At first glance incomprehensible – why this is invented. But just think – just just stick your tongue out. You only need to close your eyes with anticipation, and the ice cream ball will start to rotate itself like a plate, delivering a layer of ice cream into your mouth. They say that the taste itself improves significantly, and the appearance of such a device will undoubtedly attract the fans of this sweetness. Everyone can spin the horn, in the given case high technologies come to the rescue.

Watch for animals.

It seems a slightly insane idea to adapt our watch to animals. However, a special device has been created that allows us to translate our time into a format that is understandable to cats and dogs. So, if the dog is 1 year old, then the clock will show “seven”. This is what allows people to know the “human” age of their pets. It remains only to understand why this is necessary.

Refueling bed.

But this invention will definitely find its fans among lazy people and busy people.After all, they just did not have enough autosuper of their beds. It turns out that such a simple daily action takes as a result several months of life! But now there is the Bed AutoCorner, which consists of many hinges, levers and rollers. It is enough to connect it to the network and the bed will almost instantly be refilled. Only have to watch to ensure that the unit did not start its useful activity at night, when the owner is still sleeping sweetly.

Portable cage for animals.

Many people love their hamsters so much that they are ready not to part with them even on long trips. The invented design, similar to a transparent tubular labyrinth, will help to solve the problem. In the rooms provided, a small traveler can eat and go to the toilet. Everything is simple, but tasteful. It remains only to improve the design for larger animals – suddenly someone can not part with a cat or St. Bernard.

Maternity armchair in a centrifuge.

The patent to this amazing invention states: “A device for achieving the birth of a child using centrifugal force, to reduce stress in the parturient woman and to facilitate the process of childbirth.” Only now can a pregnant woman get rid of stress? Childbirth itself can cause panic, but what will a woman feel if she is tied to an incomprehensible chair with a lot of mechanical devices, and then another and untwist? The description of the devices is full of original thoughts: “In the case of a woman giving birth to a primitive human species, she has a well developed whole delivery system, nature has already provided her with everything necessary for childbirth.” But more civilized ladies have weaker muscles and help them it is possible with the help of just such special equipment. “

Lock on the lid of the toilet bowl

This invention was patented more than 40 years ago.In the description it is told how the latch for the lid of a toilet bowl that prevents unauthorized people from opening In order to understand the need for such a device, it will be necessary to connect the fantasy.It may be appropriate to use the lock on the toilet in the hostel so that the toilet is not used by outsiders. The guardian of the treasured key can be successfully performed by a watchman.

Portable hat. the invention is a good replacement for women’s handbags, because in such a cap you can easily place keys and cosmetics, as well as a bunch of other things you need for a lady. And the main advantage of the product is warm ears, which will save from freezing in winter. The spectacle must be amazing – a girl in a warm hat with ears, with keys hanging on the sides and striking bubbles with makeup. At such beauty of lacks in admirers will not be exact!

The rifle is a salmon.

If you want to look terrible, and you do not have permission to carry a weapon, then such an invention will help. If there is a danger ahead, then it’s enough to throw up the rifle, carefully aim and drink a glass, invisible with a careful hand directed to the mouth. For some hunters, this process is already quite common.

Electronic snore suppressor.

Snoring is the most undesirable companion of sleep. If someone snores, it interferes with others. If the source of the sound is you, then the neighbor will certainly push your elbow to the side to eliminate snoring. For a quiet universal sleep, an electronic snore suppressor was created. Electronics catches the first snoring breath, generating a high-voltage pulse and hitting the sleeping person. He is guaranteed to stop snoring! True, there are nuances – from such an impact a person can not only wake up, but also scream, jump, hit or break something. But the inventors do not bother. After all, the main thing is that a serious opponent is found.

Portable seat.

Today in the forest you can often meet a tourist with a portable seat. It turns out that it also has a patent. Issued in England and called “pendel”. Around the waist turns into an elastic band, on which the expanded polystyrene is fixed.Are you tired and want to sit down in the forest? Now do not think about litter!

Shield for kissing.

Wishing to modernize such an intimate process, the inventors created such a mysterious device. It includes a flexible membrane, sealed on three sides, and its holder. Wishing someone to kiss, we must place the device in the face so that the nose got into a special depression, and the film, stretched out, took the form of a face. After that, you can, apparently, be safe to kiss as much as you like. Only will the desire remain?

Identifier of Santa Claus.

All of us believe in New Year’s fairy tales. But if our Santa Claus goes slowly into the house, giving presents to children and drinking with his parents, then everything is different in the West. There Santa Claus climbs into the tube and puts presents to children in socks, quickly hiding while doing so. Children complain that they simply do not have time to notice Santa, waiting for him all night and falling asleep. But the help comes Santa’s determinant, which will help children catch an elusive wizard. It is only Santa putting gifts and going to fly away, as will electrified sock, which will give a signal. It remains only to block the chimney and prevent the good wizard from flying away. Here such here strange care of children.

Shortstop hiccup.

Hiccups are a known attack, from which many methods are known, but the universal has not yet been found. The inventors claim that their breaker can help in this case. Now you can forget about fright or a glass of water – there is a simpler way. The sufferer from hiccups attaches a device, similar to a glass of water, to the face. Bending it, water starts to flow into the mouth, all this is accompanied by a current blow. The inventors say that the nerves are irritated in the mouth, after which the hiccups pass. Is not it, a simple and reliable way?

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