The morphology of knowledge

The law of epistemology (the theory of knowledge) according to the Grays.

One thing is important: what can we learn, already knowing everything.

Truth of Mark Twain.

People usually believe your words – except when you are telling the truth.

The second law of Clark.

The only way to reveal the limits of what is possible is to cross them into the impossible.

Aristotle’s dictum.

You should always give preference to a possible impossibility before an incredible opportunity.

The Democritus Rule.

There is nothing but atoms and empty space. All the rest is just an opinion.

Maxim Merkin.

If in doubt, predict that the trend will continue.

The theory of progress in Hawkins.

Progress is not to replace the wrong theory with the right one. It consists in replacing the wrong theory with one that is incorrect in a more subtle way.

Maxim Matz.

Conclusion is a place in thinking where you are already tired of thinking.

The law of life.

If you do what you would like to see already done, then you want to do something else.

Rule for bad forebodings.

You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary worry if you do not burn the bridges until you come to them.

Rule of cognition by Dishimoni.

Believing is to see.

Law of observation.

1. Nothing looks near as good as from afar.

2. Nothing looks from far away as well as near.

Jones Law.

Experience allows you to recognize an error when you do it again.

Borax axiom.

The opposite of deep truth may well be another deep truth.

Maxim Manley.

Logic is a systematic method that allows you to come to wrong conclusions with complete certainty.

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